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The Crucible Review.

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1 The Crucible Review

2 1. Who is a sensible man who recognizes hypocrisy?

3 Who lost seven babies at birth?

4 Who is the minister who comes to Salem from Beverly?

5 Who is the slave that conjures up spirits?

6 Who is the person accused who is always accused when something goes wrong?

7 Who cannot eat or talk and is under a spell?

8 Who is currently a servant in the Proctor household?

9 Who is involved in a land war
Who is involved in a land war? Hint: others resented his rise in social status and his successful children.

10 In Act I, why is Parris angry with Abigail?

11 When Parris’ daughter goes into a trance, why doesn’t he want to admit it’s witchcraft?
When Hale has been summoned, what does Rebecca Nurse express? Before her arrest, Elizabeth Proctor thinks her husband feels what toward Abigail? Ezekiel Cheever thinks Elizabeth Proctor is a witch when…? Why does Parris summon reverend Hale? Why did Proctor have his youngest son baptized? In The Crucible, Miller was drawing a parrallel between the Salem Witch Trials and what? (Hint- it occurred in the early 1950s)

12 Acts III and IV Does Mary Warren testify against Abigail and the other girls? Why did Deputy Governor Danforth want John Proctor’s deposition? What does Mary Warren do when the girls turn on her? How does Rev. Hale respond to Elizabeth, John and everyone else being tried and eventually hung? Why does Rev. Parris beg Danforth to postpone the executions of John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse? Did Elizabeth plead with John to confess and save his life? Did any of the people who were accused in Salem actually confess? Did Elizabeth admit to her husband committing adultery? Why was Elizabeth Proctor not hung? What does Giles Corey accuse Thomas Putnam of?

13 Act II and IV continued Why does Danforth tell Proctor there is no need for him to present his evidence about Elizabeth? Why does Rev. Hale return to the Salem jail? What is the central theme of the Crucible? A. Sacredness of the Constitution and due process of the law, B. individual freedom vs. inflexible authoritarian rule? C. the danger of religious freedom D. man’s inhumanity to man Why does Danforth want Proctor to confess to witchcraft? Why does Proctor refuse to give Danforth his signed confession? Parris at the end admits that Abigail did what?

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