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Delivering Your Potential Employability. OUR VISION Work with partners to develop and launch a leading programme that accelerates individual change Enables.

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1 Delivering Your Potential Employability

2 OUR VISION Work with partners to develop and launch a leading programme that accelerates individual change Enables people to take personal responsibility to transition into the world of employment Focuses on equipping individuals with the mindset and skills to succeed Equips JCP colleagues with the knowledge and skills they need to support their clients Creates a sustainable approach working in collaboration with all government and community parties Cradle to grave learning framework enabling viable progression choices

3 Our Mission – to provide a different approach A partnership with all relevant stakeholders to deliver the economic growth of UK plc and Big Society ethos Focus on changing the individual’s mindset to take personal responsibility to succeed.....forever Integrated within their job seekers package especially to create no additional burden or cost wherever possible Utilise existing resource and equip the Job Centres to make the changes Leave the competence and culture in the Job Centres to make sustainable changes Resource the individual's to find the information they need Engage “volunteers “ to support the programme’s success Provide technical skills such as CV writing and interview techniques to better equip those in the employment market We understand the tight budgetary constraints of individual JCP sites – we aim to help spend budgets more wisely, although wherever possible we will source funding from SFA etc.

4 A Whole System Approach Government linking into the overall employability strategy Job Centre Plus/DWP Sponsorship or programme enhancements Employment Advisors To change mind-set, provide knowledge and skills Individuals Multi tiered programme drop-down selection from workshops, seminars and coaching Community support organisations Identification of additional resource available Job Centres, Employers and Education Providers Support of realistic work placement and vocational opportunities

5 A Whole Systems Approach An objectives driven framework supporting on 4 dimensions of skills, knowledge, confidence and motivation

6 The Learning Journey Creating the environment for everyone to flourish

7 What we deliver A connected series interventions enabling individuals to take ownership and responsibility for increasing their employability. Aim: Whole system approach engaging all stakeholders Creating in partnership the environment to flourish Targeted focus on personal action plans specific to individual needs for the duration of the programme Targeted learning for under represented groups Diagnostic tools to clarify personal needs and establish achievable milestones Building competence and confidence through a stepped approach, encompassing personal and practical techniques for employability Empowering on-going structured sustainability and resilience To create powerful realistic role models

8 Our Product Offering The product will be Branded and accredited and quality assured Delivered by experienced facilitators/role models Flexible offering tailored to the JCP?DWP needs and budgets Responsive to emerging needs Delivered using a variety of methods that focus on developing Knowledge/Skills/Confidence and Motivation Coaching Mentoring Peer to Peer interventions Workshops Work Placements Work Shadowing Volunteering Key Note speakers Lectures/Seminars/Open evenings Classroom exercises/activities Internet based activities

9 Employment Advisor offering CPD Options offered through group activity through workshops/coaching programmes/key note speakers Example topics: Understanding the employment market Effective work placements Creating positive mind-set Knowledge based interventions

10 Individual Offering Options offered through JCP/DWP – Developing self belief and esteem –Understanding the careers pathways –Effective CV writing/ Interview techniques –Creating positive mind-set/brand image Options offered to individuals direct Wiser decision making Coaching and mentoring on the above subjects Knowledge based interventions Options offered through local employers – Job readiness Work experience Work shadowing Options offered through volunteering groups – Personal responsibility Work experience Work shadowing Peer to Peer interventions

11 Programme Framework Phase 1– Initial diagnostic with JCP/DWP Managers Outcome : Identification of the interventions needed Phase 2 – Develop Project Plan with JCP/DWP managers Outcome: Milestones and measures of success in place Phase 3 – Engagement of Stakeholders, Employers/External bodies Outcome : understanding and buy in from all parties Phase 4 – Roll out

12 Contact Us Karen Powell, DYP Associates Ltd – Cheryl Simons, Clouds Associates Ltd –

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