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Scunthorpe - New Futures with Digital Learning. Project Partners.

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1 Scunthorpe - New Futures with Digital Learning

2 Project Partners

3 Overview of the Project ACLF policy context –Total fund of £2.25 million –59 projects approved from 2,414 applications (2.5%) –Successful projects both innovative and practical/realistic –IACL is under threat (part of the £210 million Adult Safeguarded Learning budget) –ACLF will provide evidence to support future funding

4 Overview of the Project Project Summary; Utilising a mobile IT resource, and a network of community stakeholders, the project will engage community members by providing both informal learning opportunities and formal progression routes. The project will also establish peer supported community learning groups, and community based learning champions.

5 Overview of the Project Project Themes; Connecting non-formal learning opportunities with formal learning Involvement and enhancement of both volunteers and the engagement of voluntary organisations Opportunities for individuals and communities to develop social and economic independence Using adult learning as a tool to contribute to the achievement of government’s wider social policy goals Widening access to digital and other important skills

6 Overview of the Project Target learners; –Family and intergenerational groups –Gender-specific groups –Older learners –Non-traditional learners Settings; –Community venues –In particularly deprived areas –Workplaces –College facilities

7 Overview of the Project What will they learn?; –Digital learning, IT and computing –Employment, self-employment and social enterprise –Financial learning –Literacy, language and numeracy –Volunteering –Vocational subjects

8 Overview of the Project Project Objectives; 1.Deliver informal learning events and activities to 360 disadvantaged learners in the workplace and local communities, with a mobile learning facility and tutor. 2.Identify a number of learners who are capable of progression to more formal accredited IT learning and vocational courses and facilitate these routes, along with learners in need of help with basic skills (36 enrolments). 3.Work with community groups and voluntary organisations to establish 3 new community learning groups. 4.Work with employers, community groups and voluntary organisations to identify and appoint 6 community learning champions.

9 Exit Strategy and Sustainability Progression learning - social and financial independence Strengthen and build capacity within community and voluntary organisations Inspire learners to help other disadvantaged and disaffected people through volunteering Better planning of learning and self-development 3 community learning groups 6 community learning champions to promote and sustain learning activities Post-project action plan to provide peer-supported guidance to those starting their learning journeys Aiming for a self-sustaining community learning agenda New partnerships and ways of working

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