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Standards Related to PIM Data Types and ponderings on future directions Paul B. Hill.

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1 Standards Related to PIM Data Types and ponderings on future directions Paul B. Hill

2 This is not my dog. (SAM RIP November 2005)

3 Data Types Under Consideration Email Protocols Contacts / Address Books Calendaring and Scheduling Task lists Instant Messaging Financial Data Credential Management Subscriptions Library information Notebooks

4 Email POP3 and IMAP have displaced many proprietary systems Exchange, RIM and other proprietary systems continue to flourish P-IMAP - maes-lemonade-p-imap/ maes-lemonade-p-imap/ Undergrads appear content with web access to email How will powerful PIM applications influence the future?

5 Contacts and Address Books vCard SyncML syncml/syncmlindex.html syncml/syncmlindex.html CardDav carddav/ carddav/ PIMs must also support enterprise discovery (using LDAP)

6 Contacts and Address Books Observations Most PDAs and cell phones come with support to import and export contact data from Outlook Early generations of SIP softphones and wireless VoIP phones are not shipping with this feature. It ’ s easy to pull enterprise contact data into private PIM storage. Is anyone supporting data flowing in the opposite direction?

7 Calendaring and Scheduling data iCalendar - Calsify effort - charter.html charter.html CalDAV -

8 Calendaring and Scheduling data, related efforts Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium - International Air Transport Association (IATA) Schedules Information Standards Committee - Hospitality Industry Technology Integration Standards (HITIS) - /centralreservation.htm /centralreservation.htm

9 Calendaring and Scheduling data, related efforts (2) IATA Reservations Committee (RESCOM) - tions.htm tions.htm

10 C&S and Event Publication Many groups creating XML schemas to represent published events SkiCAL – Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Extension for Event State Publication, RFC 3903 -

11 Task Lists See iCalendar, SyncML, …

12 Instant Messaging: text Many proprietary systems: AIM, MSN, Yahoo, … XMPP/Jabber - SMS - m#SMS m#SMS

13 Instant Messaging: voice Skype does not use open standards SIP Jabber Foundation has published their VoIP signaling and media encoding specs. – –

14 Instant Messaging: video H.323 – nce nce –

15 Financial Data Open Financial Exchange (OFX) - –consumer and small business banking –consumer and small business bill payment –bill presentment –investments tracking, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and 401(k) account details –1098, 1099 and W2 tax form download capabilities

16 Credential Management As soon as you have created a PGP key pair, you may want to create a blank revocation certificate, so that you will be able to revoke your key in the event that it is compromised, or that you lose the private key (disk crash) or forget the passphrase. Be sure to store the revocation certificate in a safe place, preferably separate from the private key. Printing it out and keeping it in a safe is a good idea.

17 Credential Management (2) PassKeeper and similar applications – wpass.html wpass.html

18 Subscriptions Mail lists Bookmarks RSS Magazine subscriptions – at least one company offering a server based solution which hosts your personal information -

19 Library information NCIP, the National Circulation Interchange Protocol These applications are: –Direct Consortial Borrowing (DCB) –Circulation/Interlibrary Loan (C/ILL) –Self-Service Circulation (SSC) NCIP adoption increases, additional application areas will be identified and added to the standard.

20 Notebooks “ will prove to be one of the most exciting innovations for science and engineering since paper notebooks began to be used by scientists centuries ago ” - The Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association (CENSA)Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association “ Single user, Personal Electronic Notebook Systems (PENS), and multi-user, Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems (CENS) are coming available now. ” - ks.html ks.html

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