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Linking for E-literacy Project 2012. Debbie Whitehead.

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1 Linking for E-literacy Project 2012. Debbie Whitehead.

2 Developing your portfolio for an RPL assessment takes some time and careful planning. It is helpful if you already have a career portfolio that you can copy documents from

3 1. Decide on which units you are going to apply for recognition for. 2. Make sure you have a copy of the standards that apply to the unit you’re applying for. 3. Decide on what evidence you have to prove that you have the skills and knowledge to the standard expected. 4. Mark each piece of evidence with an appendices number and file in a logical order in the portfolio.

4 CHCCOM302C - Communicate appropriately with clients and colleagues Element 1 -Exercise effective communication techniques 1.1 Reflect an understanding and respect for individual differences and needs in all forms of communication with clients and colleagues 1.2Introduce oneself appropriately 1.3Ensure communication is clear and relevant to situation/activities undertaken 1.4Use touch and other non-verbal means of communication as appropriate 1.5Seek, obtain and implement advice about communication difficulties with clients or colleagues from supervisor or appropriate person How can you prove that you have the knowledge and skills that match these standards?

5  Write a detailed explanation about all of the ways in which you have/are communicating in the workplace which directly relates to these standards.  Produce a letter from a third party which describes how and what you do in the workplace which meets these standards.  Provide some certificates of participation (or other documentation) in a range of workshops or classes.  Any other ideas?

6  Detailed explanation about your experience. This may be done on your mapping document against the standards.  Job description and/or resume. Mark this with appendix #1  Third Party letter to verify your workplace skills & knowledge. Mark this with appendix #2  Certificates of participation (or other documentation) in PD. Mark this with appendix #3  Sample of work. Mark this with appendix #4

7 The key to good quality evidence is:  Current - The evidence you supply is up to date and applicable to today's workplace  Valid - The evidence is directly relevant to the competency standard stated.  Authentic - It must be able be authenticated as your own work, skill or knowledge (not plagiarised, forged or someone else's work  Sufficient - One source of evidence is not sufficient, in most cases a range of sources of evidence will be necessary. This is necessary for the assessor to see the full range of your skills.

8 A poorly presented portfolio may not be able to prove that you have met the standards.

9 If you have taken care to develop a very detailed application (and portfolio), your assessor will be able to easily see the level and range of your skills.

10 If you would like to review information presented here, you can view information at: http://linking4eliteracy4students.coonarahouse.o

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