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The NHS Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2) NHS North, Central and South Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups Facilitators: Hilda Bertie, Equality and.

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1 The NHS Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2) NHS North, Central and South Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups Facilitators: Hilda Bertie, Equality and Diversity Manager, North West Commissioning Support Unit Val Bayliss-Brideaux, Senior Engagement, NHS North, Central and South Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups

2 Objectives At the end of this briefing you will have a better understanding of: The Equality Act 2010 Public Sector Equality Duty Equality Delivery System 2 How to grade Your role in this process

3 Equality Act 2010 Replaces previous Equality Legislation Introduces a new Public Sector Equality Duty General and Specific Duties

4 General Duty – all public sector bodies must show “due regard” to the needs of people from the 9 protected characteristics Specific Duty – some public bodies have to prepare an annual public statement about Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, as it applies to their services and workforce

5 Whose included? Protected Characteristics

6 Important Communities of Interest People who are: Carers Homeless Living in poverty Long-term unemployed In stigmatised occupations (such as women and men involved in prostitution) Misusing drugs Isolated and have limited access to family or social networks Who are geographically isolated Military Veterans

7 What is the Equality Delivery System 2? Making sure that we commission services as fairly as possible, to ensure that the health and access needs of all communities are met Performance Management Tool to assess Equality, Diversity and Human Rights across NHS organisations A way of reviewing services and working practices Supports keeping Equality and Diversity high on the agenda 4 overarching Goals 18 Outcomes

8 4 Goals The are 4 goals: Goal 1 – Better health outcomes Goal 2 – Improved patient access and experience Goal 3 – A representative and supported workforce Goal 4 – Inclusive leadership

9 18 Outcomes Each outcome supports one of the 4 goals Each goal is spilt into a number of “outcomes” e.g. Goal 4 is spilt into two outcomes Each “outcome” is graded, based on evidence and case studies An overall grade is given for each goal

10 Our journey so far… Established a group of managers to support this process (Task and Finish Group) Gathered evidence and case studies across the 4 goals and 18 outcomes An internal self-assessment is taking place – to demonstrate the grades that we think we are at


12 Equality Delivery System – Case Study Template EDS 2 GOAL (S): OUTCOME Number(s): Case Study Title: Service: Case study overview Please provide a short summary of the work being described in the case study. Please identify what protected characteristics this case study relates to? The Key Issue(s) What are the main issues that lead the project/pilot/work to take place? How we responded What action took place in response to the issue(s)? Who was involved? How was it resourced? What engagement took place? Who did you engage with, identify which protected groups? How and where did engagement take place? How did this help your project/pilot/work? – What feedback was gained from the engagement? What difference has it made? What was the impact made because of this work? How has it made a positive difference to local patient’s lives? What would have happened if the work hadn’t taken place? Additional Information Please add any additional information that you think would be relevant and useful to include in the context of supporting your case study. ContactPlease insert main contacts – name, job title, email, contact telephone number, service area and location

13 Internal self-assessment A group of Managers will meet and decide on the grading for each Outcome and Goal. These grading's will be open for discussion at the external grading session on 4 th November 2014.

14 How you can support and work with us Using your experience and knowledge, tell us how we’re doing in relation to protected groups Grade us from red/amber/green/purple The grade you give us will be made public It’s your grade that counts Tell us what we still need to do

15 Your involvement and what is expected Read evidence and case studies on our progress Evidence will be presented in various formats Grade each outcome If you disagree with our grading, we want your views as to why

16 Your grading and what we would like you to consider Have we shown that we have thought about all the protected characteristics in Goals 1 and 2? In Goal 3 have we shown that our staff feel empowered, engaged and well supported across the protected characteristics? In Goal 4 have we shown how our leaders know their responsibilities and have taken Equality and diversity into account when making decisions? If not, have we shown that we have plans to improve?

17 What does each grade mean? Excelling – Purple Achieving – Green Developing – Amber Undeveloped – Red

18 How do you decide which grade to give us We need you to consider the following question: How well do people from protected groups fare compared with people overall? Your grade will depend on the outcome of the above: Underdeveloped – majority of evidence for 2 or less protected groups fare well Developing – majority of people in 3 to 5 protected groups fare well Achieving – majority of people in 6 – 8 protected groups fare well Excelling – majority in all 9 protected groups fare well

19 And finally… This is your opportunity to share with us any questions and queries. Are you still interested in taking part in the external stakeholder assessment on the 4 th November? Refreshments and lunch will be available on the 4 th, so please inform us of any specific dietary needs.

20 Thank You

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