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Looking at Student Work Facilitator Training Session October 22, 2007 Judith Zorfass, EDC.

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1 Looking at Student Work Facilitator Training Session October 22, 2007 Judith Zorfass, EDC

2 Agenda Welcome and Introductions Introduction to Leading in Deed Preparing for LASW Running a LASW Meeting Additional Support Materials Next Steps

3 Introductions What is your role in the school? How did you become the facilitator for LASW? What has been your past experience with LASW? What is your school’s goal in using LASW? How does it fit in with other school/district initiatives? (Appendix E)

4 Leading inDeed

5 What’s in Leading inDeed? Guidelines for Facilitators: See pages 101- 116 Appendices: See page 117 for TOC –Tools –Tons of Additional Support Materials

6 Preparing for LASW

7 Plan Strategies Implement Plans with Students Reflect on Strategies Tried Examine Student Work The Big Picture

8 Logistics Who is on your team? How often will you be meeting? When? Where? For how long? What will happen in between meetings?

9 LASW Tools Appendix S (Blank) and Appendix D (Samples) Protocol Set the Context Tool LASW Record Sheet Apply Strategies Tool Reflect on Results Tool



12 Student #1: Typical Student Rachel Carson (1907-1964) Rachel Carson was born in Pennsylvania. She went to a women’s colege and studied science. Rachel Carson became a writer, scientist, and ecologist. She got her MA in 1932. A shy woman who loved nature. She challenged the role of women by working in the sciences, which was mostly men. Her book, The Sea Around Us, topped the best seller list for 86 weeks. Rachel Carson wrote books to help people learn to protect the environment. She wrote about the heedless pesticide poisoning of our river and soils. Her book Silent Spring was controversial. Atacked for her views by chemical companies and some people in government.

13 Student #2: Struggling Student Jane Addams Jane Addams was born in 1860. She had a spine defect and was not a strong person. She was one of the first American woman to go to college. Then, she started to study medecine but stopped because she had poor health. When she went to London at age 27. She found what was most important for her to do and she became a social worker and started a settlement house in America. She help poor people that live in cities. Addams spoke and wrote about poor people lives and her settlement house and more settlement houses were started. Jane Addams was a feminist and a pacifist. She did not get married. She thought women should be able to do more things to make the world a better place to live. During World War I, she said that America should not join the war. The newspapers atacked her and some people were afraid she was dangurous but later she was got the Nobel Peace Prize. She died in 1935.





18 Running a LASW Meeting

19 Before the Meeting Send out reminders to participants Make sure the presenting teacher is ready –Filled out Set the Context Tools –Has student work copied (with names crossed out Have needed tools ready Review Appendix C: Training Script [Arrange for refreshments?]

20 During the Meeting See Appendix R Welcome, set the context (see Appendix P), set goals for meeting Ask for volunteers: timekeeper and recorder Presenting teacher begins Follow the protocol; timekeeper helps Notetaker takes notes Hand out Apply Strategies Tool at the end Make sure there is a next presenting teacher

21 After the Meeting Copy notes and distribute Make sure the next presenting teacher is ready Keep the cycle going—distribute Reflect on Results Tools

22 Additional Support Materials in Leading in Deed

23 Important Appendices Training Script Set of Filled out Tools Step-by-Step Directions for LASW Blank Set of Tools Tips for Facilitators Keeping the Conversation Fresh Appendix C Appendix D Appendix R Appendix S Appendix V Appendix U

24 Next Steps

25 Plan for First Meeting Appendix Y Set goals Review materials in Leading inDeed Select materials to use Plan logistics Make sure there is a presenting teacher

26 Helpful Resources CITEd http://cited.org STAR Tech and, in particular, acilitate.html#directions acilitate.html#directions Tech matrix Literacy Matters

27 Feel Free to Contact Your Site Coordinator Bethany – Judy Zorfass 800-225-4276 x 2426 MNVA – Heidi Silver-Pacuilla 202-403-5218 Northampton – Grace Meo 781-245-2212 Thomasville – Boo Murray 781-245-2212 Wolsey-Wessington – Susan Skipper 202-403-5193

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