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Vietnam War/ JFK Era Test Good luck!!!. Question A Military tactic that uses hit and runs, and ambushes.

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1 Vietnam War/ JFK Era Test Good luck!!!

2 Question A Military tactic that uses hit and runs, and ambushes

3 Question Founded the Indochinese Communist Party

4 Question Authorized President Johnson to “take all necessary measures” against North Vietnam

5 Question _________________ had overthrown the Batista government in 1959 and was closely allied with the Soviet Union in the 1960’s

6 Question The commanding U.S General in Vietnam

7 Question Vietnam was divided at _____________ based on the Geneva Accords

8 Question The man who assassinated JFK

9 Question This prevented exodus of East Germans to the west and became iconic symbol of the Cold War

10 Question The idea that If Vietnam fell to communism, other surrounding nations would follow

11 Question Vietminh victory at _______________ forces France to withdraw from Indochina

12 Question An anti-war protest in which students left class for discussions on the Vietnam War

13 Question The first President of South Vietnam whom the U.S supported and who was later executed

14 Question How the Vietcong delivered supplies and soldiers into South Vietnam

15 Question JFK’s domestic initiatives came to be known as the ____________________

16 Question The man who killed JFK’s assassin

17 Question The New Frontier’s greatest accomplishment was…

18 Multiple Choice The New Frontier’s greatest accomplishment was…

19 Multiple Choice What were the 3 things that made the Bay of Pigs a failure

20 Multiple Choice The most iconic symbol of the cold war in Europe was the _________________

21 Multiple Choice The compromise reached during the Cuban Missile Crisis between the U.S and the USSR was…

22 Multiple Choice President Johnson’s vision of a better America for all citizens was called

23 Multiple Choice How did JFK react to nuclear missiles in Cuba?

24 Multiple Choice What did the Geneva Accords state?

25 Multiple Choice Ho Chi Minh forms guerilla army __________________ to unify North Vietnam and attack South Vietnam

26 Multiple Choice The event which causes the U.S to send the military into Vietnam was the ________________

27 Multiple Choice Operation ___________________ was a massive bombing campaign against North Vietnam and it’s capital Hanoi

28 Multiple Choice U.S soldiers would go on ___________________ missions to locate Vietcong

29 Multiple Choice How did the U.S try to stop the Ho Chi Minn Trail?

30 Multiple Choice After the American public has been told for years that we are winning the war, a ______________develops between government accounts of war and public perception

31 Multiple Choice During ______________ the Viet Kong and and North Vietnamese Army launch surprise attackson U.S bases and South Vietnamese cities

32 Multiple Choice The 2 groups that the U.S population divides into regarding the Vietnam War are the

33 Multiple Choice Nixon’s policy of the Vietnam War which assumed a greater role for South Vietnam in the war was called ________________

34 Multiple Choice What happened at My Lai?

35 Multiple Choice What happened at Kent State?

36 Multiple Choice What happened after the U.S left Vietnam?

37 Multiple Choice The avenue by which the Viet Kong got into South Vietnam and moved weapons into the country was the _______________

38 Short Answer What are the 3 positives and the 3 negatives of the “Great Society”?

39 Essay Choose one of the following controversial topics from the Vietnam War. Make an argument (Pro or Con) for that argument. Make sure to use evidence from the Vietnam War and be as convincing as possible. (15 Sentences) 1. U.S. Gov’t response to military crimes 2. U.S. Gov’t response to American Protesters at Kent State 3. Use of Napalm, Agent Orange, and other chemicals in war 4. Military Draft during Vietnam 5. “Containment” in Vietnam in the early 1960’s

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