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The Gilded Age Chapter 6 Section 3.

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1 The Gilded Age Chapter 6 Section 3

2 The Gilded Age Phrase coined by Mark Twain

3 Individualism Belief that anyone could be a great success if they worked hard enough Horatio Alger

4 Darwinism Theory of evolution
The strong survive and reproduce, the weak do not Natural Selection

5 Opponents Christians opposed Darwinism Why?

6 Social Darwinism Survival of the fittest
Herbert Spencer Combined Darwin’s theories and the Protestant Ethic

7 Gospel of Wealth Carnegie’s philosophy of giving back
Philanthropy to help the poor better themselves

8 Realism Artists and Writers tried to portray the world realistically

9 “The Gross Clinic” By Thomas Eakins Why do you think this painting was controversial? (Collins writing: Type 1-three lines)

10 Mark Twain Realist author

11 From The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
“’Say, who is you? Whar is you? Dog my cats ef I didn’ hear sumf’n. Well, I know what I’s gwyne to do: I’s gwyne to set down here and listen tell I hears it agin.’” So he set down on the ground betwixt me and Tom. He leaned his back up against a tree, and stretched his legs out till one of the most touched one of mine. My nose begun to itch. It itched till the tears come into my eyes. But I dasn’t scratch. Then it begun to itch on the inside. Next I got to itching underneath. I didn’t know how I was going to set still. This miserableness went on as much as six or seven minutes; but it seemed a sight longer than that.”

12 Do Now Answer the following in complete sentences.
Why do you think some people are opposed to tariffs (taxes on imports)? Why do some people support tariffs? Collins Writing Type 2

13 Popular Culture People had more disposable income
Began to spend it on recreation and entertainment

14 The Saloon Free toilets, newspapers, water for horses
Drinks, free lunch Served as political centers

15 Sports Baseball Football

16 Most Popular Spectator Sports

17 Vaudeville Entertainment with animal shows, skits and dancers
Vaudeville act

18 Ragtime Music that started in cities’ red light districts Scott Joplin
Maple Leaf Rag

19 Patronage giving government jobs to people who help a candidate get elected Spoils System-winning candidates deserved the spoils of victory

20 Civil Service system to replace the Spoils System
jobs would be given to people based on merit

21 Rutherford B. Hayes Republican who Became President 1876
Wanted to do away with Spoils System Received no support from Congress

22 Republican Party Splits
Stalwarts: want to keep Spoils System Halfbreeds: want reform, stay loyal to party Mugwumps: Republicans who leave to support reformers

23 James A. Garfield Republican elected in 1880
Wanted reform, gave patronage jobs to reformers Chester A. Arthur V.P. (Stalwart)

24 Garfield Assassinated
July 2, 1881-Garfield shot in D.C. train station Charles Guiteau-assassin, Garfield turned him down for a job

25 Pendleton Act Arthur turned reformer, passed Pendleton Act in 1883

26 Grover Cleveland Democrat elected President in 1884
Pushed by Mugwumps to protect more jobs with civil service

27 Interstate Commerce Act
Cleveland signed in 1887 Regulated Railroads and set up the Interstate Commerce Commission Rebates Long haul vs. short haul

28 Tariffs People wanted to lower tariffs to lower prices
Cleveland lowered them some, but Republicans blocked most change

29 Benjamin Harrison Republican elected in 1888
Received money from industrialists who liked tariffs

30 McKinley Tariff Raised tariffs to their highest level ever
Angered Americans Harrison lost in 1892

31 Sherman Anti-trust Act
Passed in 1890 Tried to break up trusts, but was too weak and vaguely worded Mostly used against unions

32 Challenging Social Darwinism
Henry George author Said Laissez faire was making society worse

33 Lester Frank Ward Wrote Dynamic Sociology 1883
Reform Darwinism: people had become successful because of cooperation not competition

34 Edward Bellamy Wrote Looking Backward A book about socialism

35 Naturalism A new form of literature that challenged Social Darwinism
Some people failed because of the circumstances in their lives

36 The Social Gospel People can be saved through service to the poor
Led to churches providing many community services

37 The Salvation Army Gave practical aid and religious counseling to the poor

38 YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association
Bible studies, citizenship training, and group activities Also gave men a place to live

39 The Settlement House Movement
Community centers in poor neighborhoods Medical care, kindergartens, English classes Hull House Opened in Chicago by Jane Addams in 1889

40 Public Education More educated workers were needed
Schools Americanized children

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