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Weed, Pot, Reefer, Cannabis Anybody want to get a pizza? Biology/Psychology 3506.

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1 Weed, Pot, Reefer, Cannabis Anybody want to get a pizza? Biology/Psychology 3506

2 Introduction Cannabis sativia –May also be other species (C. Indica) –One type is actually very low in THC and quite useful for cloth, rope, paper, etc. Speaking of THC, it is the active ingredient in pot –Delta-9-Tetrahdrocannabinol –Also Delta-8- Tetrahdrocannabinol –Delta 9 is the biggie though


4 Administration You can: –Eat it Cookies, brownies –Smoke it Joints, bongs, onehits Hash and hah oil/weed oil –Drink it Tea

5 ‘Roll Your Own’ Recently some synthetics have been developed Don’t work as well as taking a hit off a Doobie –synhexyl –nabilone Used in chemo treatment –dronabinol (Marinol)

6 A little History Initially spread by the Scythians Where do you think the word Assassin comes from? Chinese liked it, then they got the munchies and ordered Chinese food… –6000 years ago Got to India –Ganja and bhang

7 More History In Europe and North America it was used for rope, cloth etc, intoxicating effects were not noticed for years. –George Washington grew Hemp! Gauthier’s ‘Le Club de Hachichins’ Big as a cash crop in the States –(Still is…) 1937 Marijuana Tax Act 1970 Became Illegal in the US, Canada.

8 Recent History Medical Marijuana laws in US and Canada Feds actually growing weed in Flin Flon, MB Netherlands Pot was almost legal in Canada in 2002! Washington and Colorado



11 Absorption, Distribution, Etc….. VERY lipid soluble Very slowly absorbed when administered orally –3x the dose than for smoked pot –Much longer lasting high Smoking works way better –50% of THC goes to lungs –Then to your brain

12 Absorption etc… Many of the compounds created during burning are also psychoactive Metabolized in liver mostly Other places too –Lungs if smoked –Intestines if eaten Metabolites are active –Cannabidiol blocks metabolism of THC

13 Neuropharmacology Radioactive Levonantradol –(syntehtic cannabinoid) Group in the next lab found a gene that coded for a receptor site The maps matched! –Science is cool

14 So, where are the receptors for THC? Cortex Hippocampus Cerebellum Basal ganglia Spinal cord Brainstem Hypothalamus Spleen!

15 Effects Bloodshot eyes Droopy eyes The drys The munchies Increased heart rate Reduction of pressure of fluid in eye!

16 Capitalism

17 More effects Stops nausea Anticonvulsant Antibiotic Sleep effects Everything is way funny Mood changes

18 Even more effects Analgesic Memory –Recall not recognition –STM HP effect? Attentional effects

19 Hey man, this weed has lots of effects…. DON’T DRIVE A CAR Biphasic effects on SMA Taming effect Timing effects –Crystal (2003) Reverse Tolerance? Mild Withdrawal

20 You wanna get high? Other species don’t do it Titration Usually smoked in groups Most users are casual users ritualistic

21 Cannabidiol Effects Anti psychotic effects Decreases limbic system activity Fewer memory effects It is an antagonist to the cannabanoid receptor Much of this may be due to it being a 5Ht agonist and stabilizing effect on NMDA pathways

22 Bad stuff Violence? Makes crazy people go nuts Freak outs Gateway drug? Reproductive effects? Cancer, lung disease? –Probably, but how much is smoked?

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