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How Marijuana Works Lucie Gejdošová Lenka Vlčková.

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1 How Marijuana Works Lucie Gejdošová Lenka Vlčková

2 The Plant dried buds and leaves of the Cannabis sativa plant native plant of India height: 4 – 5,5 meters more than 400 chemicals cannabinoids (60) concentration of cannabinoids depends on growing conditions, plant genetics and processing after harvest bud – pupen, poupě

3 THC one of cannabinoids delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol main psychoactive chemical effects on the brain

4 Entering the Body When a user smokes or takes marijuana in other form, THC enters the user‘s body. The chemicals go through the bloodstream to the brain. Smoking the most common way of using the most expedient way to get THC into the bloodstream THC goes directly to the lungs smoke is absorbed by the lungs seconds after inhaling expedient – výhodný, účelný; bloodstream – krevní oběh

5 Entering the Body Eating stomach blood liver rest of the body slower absorption of THC the levels of THC are lower, but the effects last longer in form of cookies, brownies or tea

6 Marijuana and the Brain Interaction THC with the brain causes various feelings - initially relaxing and mellow - later feelings of a paranoia and panic An effect on several mental and physical activities: - short-term memory - coordination - learning - problem solving It may be that marijuana kills brain cells mellow – vyrovnání

7 Medicinal Uses Treatment of several conditions including: - cancer and AIDS (to reduce nausea and stimulate appetite) - glaucoma (to relieve eye pressure) - epilepsy (to stop convulsions) - multiple sclerosis (to decrease muscle pain) - chronic pain - and other: arthritis, migraine, depression and moodiness relieve – zmírnit; multiple sclerosis – roztroušená skleróza; convulsion – křeč; moodiness - náladovost

8 Usage The most common methods of use: cigarette – joint (~10 – 20% of the THC is transferred into the body) pipe (~40 – 50% of the THC is transferred into the body) bong – water pipes – trap the smoke until it‘s inhaled, raising the amount of THC taken in food – cookies, tea etc. pipe – dýmka; trap - zachytit

9 How to Grow Marijuana Choosing a space to grow Containers - Large plastic pots (like the ones bushes come in) work best. Lighting - Since there is no sun in your closet you will have to provide a sun loving plant like marijuana with a lot of artificial light. Temperture - Marijuana can survive tempertures from 32 degrees F to over 100 degrees F. Water Ventilation - If you are running a small closet operation then just opening the door twice a day to look at them will create enough air movement for healthy growth.

10 Thank you for your attention.

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