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Easy What country was most harshly punished by the Treaty of Versailles? Germany.

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1 Easy What country was most harshly punished by the Treaty of Versailles? Germany

2 Medium Which side wanted the U.S. to join the League of Nations, the American senate or the president? And, which side won (did we join?) President; we did not join (senate won)

3 Hard Name the central reason the senate disliked the idea of the League of Nations and then tell whether the opponents of the League were mostly from the Democratic or Republican party. took away their war declaring power (or- got them into ‘foreign entanglements’- U.S. was returning to isolationism); Republicans

4 Easy In the first election held after WWI, the Republicans won, mainly because most Americans believed their promise to return America to _________ (one word answer) Normalcy

5 Medium In the 1920s, the U.S. became increasingly isolationist. What impact did this have on the following three things: tariffs (up or down?), immigration to U.S. (up or down?), and size of the U.S. navy (up or down?) Tariffs up, immigration and navy down

6 Hard The first Red Scare occurred in America in the 1920s. It was most directly a reaction to an event that started in this year _____ and in this country _____. 1917; Russia/Soviet Union

7 Easy Communism and Socialism are closely related. Which is the more extreme (radical) ideology? Communism

8 Medium What is the vocabulary term for people who believe in no government of any kind? Anarchists

9 Hard What were the Palmer Raids and what do they demonstrate about the 1920s? (in other words, why do we still study them?) U.S. government raids into American homes in search of ‘subversives’ in violation of basic civil rights; there was fear of subversives (part of Red Scare) or in times of crisis, rights are restricted

10 Easy If I told you that in the 1920s there was a rise of Nativism in the U.S., that would also mean that membership in the KKK during the 20s was probably __________ (increasing? decreasing?) increasing

11 Medium Many liberals at the Sacco and Venzetti trial of the 1920s believe that the two had been arrested only because … They were (Italian) immigrants.

12 Hard Three groups were either founded or existed in the 1920s to protect American Civil Rights. One focused on protecting American rights in the courtroom, one focused on African American Rights, and one focused on rights for American Jews. For the point, tell me two of the three (and match them up with their focus). ACLU (courtroom); NAACP (African American); ADL (Jewish)

13 Easy In the 1920s, the U.S. government was generally ________________ (harsh/ lenient) towards striking workers. Harsh

14 Medium What was Marcus Garvey’s main claim to fame (1920s)? Back to Africa Movement

15 Hard Consumerism boomed in the 1920s, partially because of an increased U.S. use of the following payment system: _______________ Buying on Credit

16 Easy In general, did presidents in the 1920s think that the government should have a large or small role in the American economy? Small

17 Medium Which of the following were not presidents in the 1920s: Coolidge, Harding, Hoover, FDR, JFK? (Choose all that apply). FDR and JFK

18 Hard Starting with the last years of WWI, put the following presidents in chronological order: FDR, Coolidge, Hoover, Wilson, Harding, Truman. Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, FDR, Truman

19 Easy What 1920s vocab term is represented by this picture? Flappers

20 Medium What sub-section of the American population was especially important in pushing for prohibition? Women

21 Hard Which amendments to the constitution brought Prohibition and the Women’s Vote? Hint: they are sequential. 18 th and 19 th

22 Easy Which of the following is/are not true about Prohibition? Drinking dropped drastically in the U.S. Organized crime rose in the United States Liquor was often served illegally in speakeasies Drinking did not fall.

23 Medium In what city did black Americans experience an explosion of culture during the 1920s? Harlem

24 Hard The laws passed in the U.S. during World War I that restricted American civil rights during the war were called _____________ The Alien and Sedition Acts

25 Easy The new type of purchasing stock in the 1920s, known as ‘Buying on Margin’, was eventually disastrous for the U.S. economy. What is ‘Buying on Margin’? Buying stock with borrowed money.

26 Medium The agriculture disaster that added to the general misery of the Great Depression was so bad in this state, that all landless farmers were increasingly known by its name. Oklahoma (Okies)

27 Hard On what day of the week and in what year did the U.S. stock market suffer its greatest decline on record? Tuesday (Black Tuesday); 1929

28 Easy Because of the devastating poverty of the Great Depression, houses made of abandoned wood and cardboard were made. What nickname was applied to them? Hint: it relates to the president at the time. Hoovervilles

29 Medium In this map of the election in 1932, does the red represent states the Republican candidate won or states the Democratic candidate won?

30 Hard The New Deal set up FDIC, the SEC, Infrastructure projects, and Social Security. Give a basic definition of each. FDIC- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation- protects American bank deposits; SEC- Securities and Exchange Commission – watches over financial sector (stock market), Infrastructure – roads, bridges, hospitals, etc. (internal structure); Social Security- gov. help for the poor and elderly

31 Easy Whose government was more closely involved in the American economy: Hoover’s or FDR’s? FDR’s

32 Medium This image would best be connected to a unit of the American military known as the ______________ Tuskegee Airmen

33 Hard During World War II, the U.S. Federal Government changed the income tax to a ‘withholdings’ system. What does this mean and why did the gov do it? Withholdings = keeping money from income rather than collecting it at the end of the year; better way to ensure the gov gets its money.

34 Easy Overall, WWII : a) made the Great Depression Worse b) helped end the Great Depression b

35 Medium What were the two parts of the Double V campaign? Fighting in WWII Fighting against discrimination

36 Hard De facto segregation is one kind- what is the other? Use the fancy vocab term and define it. De jure segregation- legal separation of the races

37 Easy There was a great migration of African-Americans in both the 1 st and 2 nd World Wars. They went in two of the compasses four directions. Which two? North and West

38 Medium What court case first legalized the ‘separate but equal’ aspect of American segregation practices? Plessy v Ferguson

39 Hard American women’s increasing participation in the labor force during WWII was symbolized by an imaginary factory working woman named __________ the __________ Rosie the Riveter

40 Easy American women during WWII felt that they were required to work a ‘double shift’. What does this mean? Jobs in the factory and taking care of the home.

41 Medium What was the ‘Purple Heart Battalion’? Japanese-American Soldiers in WWII– highly decorated for bravery

42 Hard What is the name of the Supreme Court Case that was a challenge to Executive Order 9066? Korematsu v United States

43 Easy MacArthur was the most famous American general on the Pacific Front in WWII. Who was his European Front counterpart? Eisenhower

44 Medium What is the name of the battle that was the Nazi’s last gasp on the Western Front? Battle of the Bulge

45 Hard Give me the name of the conference at the end of WWII during which the decision was made to divide Germany into four pieces controlled by the victorious allies. Yalta

46 Easy Why were American codes so hard for the Japanese to break during WWII? Navajo Code Talkers

47 Medium W D

48 Hard In a sense, Japan used Kamikaze tactics on land as well as with planes. Name the locations of the two most famous Kamikaze land defenses of the Japanese at the end of World War II. Iwo Jima, Okinawa

49 Easy What was the name of the top secret American plan to develop the Atomic Bomb? The Manhattan Project

50 Medium What are the two key differences between the League of Nations and the United Nations? UN has two tiers (security council and general assembly) and a military

51 Hard Whose policy was the Fair Deal, whose earlier policy was this policy based on,, and what was the basic heart of the Fair Deal policy? Truman; FDR’s; government helps protect the poor

52 Easy What were Levittowns? Cookie-cutter suburbs built after WWII

53 Medium Which U.S. president both started NASA and passed legislation increasing the focus on science and math in public schools? Eisenhower

54 Hard What is the basic provision of the 22 nd Amendment? Only two terms for presidents

55 Easy Churchill coined a term for the division of Europe into western and eastern blocs. What was it? The Iron Curtain

56 Medium Germany was divided up among the allied victors of World War II at the ___________ Conference. Yalta

57 Hard What two countries was the Truman Doctrine designed to IMMEDIATELY aid? Turkey and Greece

58 Easy During what decade was the first red scare and during what decade was the second red scare? 1920s; 1950s

59 Medium Senator Joseph McCarthy fell from power when he claimed there were communists infiltrating the… Army

60 Hard What is the name of the high-level member of the American government whose denunciation as a spy was a major factor in the Red Scare? Alger Hiss

61 Easy What Supreme Court Case finally ENDED American separate but equal policies? Brown v the Board of Education

62 Medium What is historically important about Lee Harvey Oswald? Assassin of JFK

63 Hard What is the term for the idea that businesses (and others) need to take steps to end discrimination rather than simply be ‘blind’ to different races? Affirmative Action

64 Easy Why did president Eisenhower send the National Guard to Little Rock, Arkansas in the 1950s? To support the integration of schools

65 Medium What nicknames did I give for the generation that came of age during the Great Depression and World War II AND for the generation that came of age during the 1950s and 60s (in this order!) Greatest Generation; Baby Boomers

66 Hard What program of JFK’s was meant to turn thousands of Americans into international good will ambassadors? The Peace Corp

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