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2 nd 9 Weeks Common Assessment Get out your review TEST IS TOMORROW!!

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1 2 nd 9 Weeks Common Assessment Get out your review TEST IS TOMORROW!!

2 1.Trial over the debate about teaching Evolution vs. Creation in public schools. Clarence Darrow was the defense attorney and William Jennings Bryan the prosecuting attorney. 2.flappers, jazz, speakeasies, prohibition, sports, radio, fun, etc. 3.Dust Bowl, unemployment, stock market, breadlines, New Deal, FDR, banks, alphabet soup, etc. 4.They believed the New Deal hindered the free enterprise system. 5.FDR planned to add more judges to the Supreme Court to make sure his policies were passed. Congress rejected the addition of additional judges to preserve the fundamental principle of checks and balances in gov’t. 6.The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck 7.Overspeculation, overproduction, Distribution of Wealth 8.Tariff increased the price of imports so the American people could not afford them and prompted the increase in export taxes hurting American industry and farmers. 9.Made automobiles accessible to more people. 10. The idea of returning to life without war. 11. When huge numbers of African Americans headed north to claim jobs. 12. Dust Bowl 13.Gov’t expanded to provide for the welfare of the people.

3 14. SEC, FDIC, SSA 15. Fear of communist takeover, Red Scare, Palmer Raids, etc. 16. Pearl Harbor, German and Japanese aggression, alliances 17. Act passed by the United States allowing us to lend or lease war supplies to any country vital to our defense. Allowed the US to help a struggling Great Britain without officially joining the war. 18. US, Russia 19. Fear, prejudice, Japanese involvement in war, Pearl Harbor 20. Gain support for the war, raise funds for the war. 21. Turned the war so the US could take the offensive. Important island to allow US a jumping off point to attack. 22. Commander of Allied forces in North Africa, Commanded the D-Day invasion, Supreme Commander of US forces in Europe. 23. To save lives and end the war sooner. 24. Women, minorities 25. Laws declaring the US neutral at the beginning of WWII. 26. US declared war on Japan

4 Dust Bowl Which event caused thousands of families to leave the Midwest and migrate to the West Coast?

5 New Deal Which solution to the Great Depression caused the federal government to expand its role by providing for the welfare of citizens

6 They are all still around today, impacting the lives of US citizens What do these 3 New Deal programs have in common? – Social Security Act – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – Securities and Exchange Commission

7 Nativism The Palmer Raids, Red Scares, & the Sacco and Vanzetti trial are all examples of what? (intolerance of immigrants)

8 Great Migration The movement of African Americans to the North and West for job opportunities is known as what?

9 Adding judges (packing the court) Congress prevented President Roosevelt from doing what to the Supreme Court?

10 Return to Normalcy End of World War 1 Election of 1920 ______________ Buying on Margin, Assembly Line Economic Growth & Prosperity What political slogan would best fit this sequence of events? – Rugged Individualism, Relief Recovery Reform or Return to Normalcy

11 The 1920s The mass production of automobiles made traveling affordable for many people. What time period did this occur in ?

12 US enters WW2 How did the United States respond to the aggression and expansion of Germany and Japan?

13 Lend Lease Act What act allowed the United States to support Britain’s war before we officially entered WW2?

14 United States & Soviet Union Which two superpowers emerged at the end of WW2?

15 Gain financial support for the war Victory bonds were used for what during WW2?

16 Internment Camps How was racial prejudice shown towards Japanese Americans during WW2?

17 Know the order of these events Neutrality Act Lend Lease Acts Attack on Pearl Harbor US declares war on Japan

18 Battle of Midway Which turning point battle enabled the US forces to take the offensive against Japan in the Pacific?

19 Dwight Eisenhower Which WW2 General was: – Commander of the allied forces in North Africa – Commanded of the D-Day invasion of France – Supreme commander of US forces in Europe – Later became president

20 Great Depression – Hawley Smoot Tariff limits foreign trade – Stock Market Speculation of the 1920s – Overproduction of goods caused by the assembly line These are all causes of what event?

21 Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck Which piece of literature tells the story of migrating families during the Dust Bowl?

22 Court Packing – increasing # of justices What actions did President Roosevelt take that was in conflict with the idea of checks and balances?

23 Great Depression New Deal, Bank failures, soup kitchens and breadlines These were all characteristics of what time period?

24 Roaring 20s Flappers, jazz music, speakeasies… these were all characteristics of what time period?

25 Scopes Monkey Trial Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan were associated with court case that revolved around a conflict between modernism and traditionalism or creationism vs evolution

26 It saved more lives than if we had invaded Japan or if Japan invade the Untied States Why did President Truman decide to drop the atomic bombs on Japan in WW2?

27 Women worked in jobs formally held by men What change in role did women make during World War 2?

28 A shortage of labor created new job opportunities in the work place What economic change was made for women and minorities during WW2?

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