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On May 6, 1901, Emma Goldman gave a speech in Cleveland.

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2 On May 6, 1901, Emma Goldman gave a speech in Cleveland.

3 "My head nearly split with the pain...She set me on fire!"

4 Pan American Exposition Buffalo 1901 In the center of the Exposition, amidst of a sea of color and fantastic shapes, the massive Electric Tower rose up like a glowing obelisk, a dazzling technological achievement that had spectators gasping in amazement and awe.

5 “Another way to exploit the working poor, an opportunity for the barons of industry to consume the public treasuries in order to glorify their fame and wealth.”

6 Leon Czolgosz bought this small revolver (a short- barreled, 32 caliber, Iver-Johnson) for $4.50

7 William and Ida McKinley arrive at the Exposition

8 “Expositions are the timekeepers of progress.” McKinley Sept. 5, 1901

9 Welcome to McKinley or displays for the amusement of the privileged?

10 Czolgosz waited silently at the Temple of Music

11 “I have no enemies, why should I fear”

12 4:07 P.M. Friday September 6, 1901

13 "I would have shot more but I was stunned by a blow in the face, a frightful blow that knocked me down and then everybody jumped on me!” Leon Czolgosz “Go easy on him boys!"

14 With one quick shift of his clenched fist, he knocked the pistol from the assassin's hand. With another, he spun the man around like a top and with a third, he broke Czolgosz's nose. A fourth split the assassin's lip and knocked out several teeth." James Benjamin Parker

15 . In keeping with the theme of the Exposition, the ambulance that responded to the call was electrically powered.

16 “Lynch him, hang the b#$%&*”

17 One bullet had never penetrated flesh. It had bounced off a button on McKinley's jacket and was lodged inside his clothing. The other bullet had passed through his stomach, damaging the pancreas and a kidney.

18 Crowds gather outside the Exposition's Emergency Hospital, where President McKinley was taken for treatment.

19 From the Exposition Hospital to the home of John Milburn in Buffalo for further treatment and recuperation.

20 “I was doing my duty.” “I am an anarchist, a disciple of Emma Goldman. Her words set me on fire.”

21 The confession:

22 “Nearer thy God to thee.” McKinley passes on September 14, 1901

23 Washington to Canton

24 “He stands forever at the temple of martyrs.” Andrew Carnegie

25 After a brief trial Czolgosz was sentenced to die in the electric chair.

26 TR sworn in as 26 th President

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