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Domestic intervention TR in 2 intersections. CSI: Buffalo.

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1 Domestic intervention TR in 2 intersections

2 CSI: Buffalo

3 Confined to a hospital bed in Buffalo, NY by two gunshot wounds delivered by an anarchist Polish immigrant eight days earlier, guided by angels climbing the highest peak in North America singing the words to the hymn “Nearer My God To Thee,” the reigns of executive power progressed to one who took a rough ride to the presidency. Who was shot and why? Cold Case # US 06-0919-01

4 On September 6, 1901, U.S. President William McKinley spent the morning visiting Niagara Falls with his wife before returning to the Pan- American Exposition in Buffalo, New York in the afternoon to spend a few minutes greeting the public. in Buffalo By about 3:30 p.m., President McKinley stood inside the Temple of Music building at the Exposition, ready to begin shaking the hands of the public as they streamed into the building. Many had been waiting for hours outside in the heat for their chance to meet the President. Unbeknownst to the President and the many guards who stood nearby, among those waiting outside was 28-year-old anarchist Leon Czolgosz who was planning to kill President McKinley. Leon Czolgosz In Czolgosz's right hand, he held a.32 caliber Iver-Johnson revolver, which he had covered by wrapping a handkerchief around the gun and his hand. Although Czolgosz's swaddled hand was noticed before he reached the President, many thought it looked like it covered an injury and not that it was hiding a gun. Also, since the day had been hot, many of the visitors to see the President had been carrying handkerchiefs in their hands so that they could wipe the sweat off their faces. CSI: President McKinley

5 N6yeE Obama/Teddy Roosevelt?

6 The Anthracite Coal Strike An intersection

7 Anthracite Coal Strike 1) Political Cartoons Activity & ROPE CHARTs Go to your assigned group: Union Mine Workers, Roosevelt, or Mine Owners. 2) Within your assigned group, take out your hw the “Varying Perspectives on the Coal Strike” (Mine Owners & Union Workers) and Assessing Roosevelt’s Position. 3) Create a list of the top three priorities/issues of your group’s position 4) Then, we will jigsaw and debate the priorities for each. If you are Roosevelt, you will negotiate between the Strikers and the Owners. Each group will complete the form and then respond to the activity questions. Judges to be selected by Ms. Flynn

8 Assessing T.R.’s Role Cartoon

9 1. What are the 3 top priorites/issues of your group’s position? 2. To what extent should current policies be changed with regards to working conditions and and wages in the PA Anthracite coal mines? 3. Why are the mine workers striking against the mine owners at the Coal mining sites throughout PA? 4. How did T.R.’s actions impact the mine owners and the mine workers respectively? Group Questions

10 Video footage of the strike Exit Slip Question: Many historians regard Teddy Roosevelt as one of the US’s greatest presidents? Based on our recent unit and your knowledge of T.R.’s domestic interventions, do you agree with this assessment? Why or why not?



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