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WITSML Office Aggregrator From Petrolink. WITSML in a Real-Time Operations Centre From Petrolink.

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1 WITSML Office Aggregrator From Petrolink

2 WITSML in a Real-Time Operations Centre From Petrolink

3 Petrolink: WITSML Architecture

4 Petrolink: WITSML Well Schematic

5 Kongsberg: Lessons learned Global infrastructure done right allows access data for everybody in the organization regardless of location Global infrastructure must be scalable and be built to handle increasingly large amounts of data The true value of WITSML and a global infrastructure comes when the SOA is managed and deployed with an enterprise perspective (Contracts, Vendors, Infrastructure, Connectivity) Global infrastructures require changes to governance mechanisms (security, process, etc.) Work Processes, Environments, Data Management are all interconnected and should be designed together.

6 6 What are WITSML Benefits for BP? Simplify the award of contracts to service companies Enable remote working and automation Encourage adoption of multi-service-company solutions Speed up deployment of technical applications Improve health, safety, and environmental factors Improve operational efficiency Help address the “big crew change”

7 7 BP: WITSML inter-operability testing Energistics is starting compliance testing of WITSML products in Inter-operability between different software solutions is a major benefit of WITSML. As an interim measure, BP is conducting its own inter- operability testing in a dedicated WITSML laboratory hosted for us by SAIC in Aberdeen. We are inviting our principal vendors to submit products for inter-operability testing prior to deployment. The WITSML laboratory will be used also as a diagnostic environment during operations. The first activities of the WITSML laboratory support UK North Sea and Gulf of Mexico operations.

8 8 Total: Added value of WITSML today and tomorrow Addresses niche domains: –Lithology –Mud logging Attributes call for: –Data quality, sanity and traceability –Search tools leveraging ASCII XML open format ensure: –Unlimited compatibility through mapping –Custom made data sharing & Data Management solutions without duplication of data Foot print will expend with technological advances  Well seismic (passive, micro)  EOR Well data shared with other application domains  Drilling  Production  Partners  Economics and legal Evolution to future technology at minimum costs

9 9 Total: Background of Total uptake of WITSML Joined WITSML SIG in 2005: –Well site geology –Geosteering –Well placement Data acquisition in WITSML in affiliates: –United Kingdom –Netherlands –Indonesia –… Concurrent with enhanced Data Management awareness: –Drawbacks of proprietary formats –New data sets more complex and large –Stronger needs of cross discipline data exchange –Sanity check of corporate exploration data stores –Preparing for Web Services distribution of reference data

10 10 What are WITSML Benefits for Total? More secure data streaming from rig to office Improve wellsite geology and surveillance –Pore pressure analysis, mudlogging, etc. Improve data quality and accessibility Integrated data sharing: drilling-production (PRODML™) Enables future technology evolution at minimum costs –Well seismic, wired-pipe, etc.

11 11 Partners Service companies Total’s End-to-End WITSML Data Architecture Mudlogging LWD Wireline Other… Corporate: Geol Ops + Asset + Drilling 1)Composite Real-time displays 2)Smart Tools for events analysis 3)WITSML feed to Total applications Office: Surveillance, QC, Geol Ops + Asset + Drilling + … Replication

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