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Global Alumni Association of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur June 7, 2007.

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1 Global Alumni Association of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur June 7, 2007

2 Mission Statement The Global Alumni Association of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur (GAABESU) seeks to reach, serve and engage all its alumni/alumnae, faculty members and students to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the college and its graduates; and to enhance the capability of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur (BESUS).

3 Goals & Objectives  Unified voice of more than 20,000 alumni/alumnae worldwide  Pursue IIEST/INI Initiative  Fund raising for a corpus fund  Create and maintain a benevolent fund account.  To serve as the primary channel of communication between the University and its global alumni community  Coordinate alumni initiatives/projects (Scholarship, Seminar, etc.)  To assist the University in organizing national & international seminars, workshops and conferences in all areas of scholarship to improve the knowledge base of the university community.  And to do all such things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects

4 Alumni Activities Summary  Projects: past, present, & future: –Past: Successful alumni projects – LAN (USD 38K), PDSIT (INR 1 Crore), Alumni Seminar (USD 4K), Ganapati Sengupta VLSI Lab (USD 60K), Alumni Scholarships (USD 70K + Large amount from Middle East & India), Mobile Computing Lab (USD 35K), Mini-Auditorium (USD 29.5K), Faculty Research Award (USD 2+K/year), Endowed Professorship (USD 130K), Donation to New Building (USD 71K). Also raised nearly INR 50,00,000 for alumni, staffs and students in financial need. –Present: IIEST(INI) initiative; 150 th celebration, Corpus Fund, Scholarship and Emergency Fund, Collaboration with universities in abroad –Future – Continue present activities with larger alumni participation

5 Media About BESU Alumni Recent Indian Media comment about BESU Alumni Web Site-  “But it’s the engineering and management colleges, not surprisingly, that have actually learned to optimise the use of the Internet to get the most out of their alumni associations. Bengal Engineering College ( has a nifty site that gives you the current temperature in Kolkata, offers a running news feed of headlines and a thriving discussion board.” - Nilanjana S Roy, Business Standard, Sunday, April 3, 2005.  “BECAA uses their site and email newsletters to raise funds for their alumni projects. Now the Web site is being used to generate $100,000 to set up a state-of-the-art chip design institute”- Bijoy A K | September 08, 2003 15:49 IST, “India’s online student networks gain momentum”,

6 GAABESU Operation  Institutionalize alumni activities with a defined and acceptable business process combining both traditional (alumni office) and innovative ways (using Internet) to help our Alma Mater.  Distribute tasks, leverage alumni network and share experiences to take alumni activities to the next level  Form a global association and run it to serve all alumni and BESU with its stake holders

7 The Team  Members from Canada, India, Japan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, USA  27 “Elected” executive members  President, Working President, Secretary, Treasurer from Kolkata/Campus  Rest 23 executive members from any part of the world  Permanent invitees  2 full-time paid office assistants

8 Plan for 2007-08  INR 5 lac for alumni scholarship (annual basis)  INR 1 lac for admission grant (annual basis)  Student Recreation Center – A new project funded and managed by GAABESU to celebrate 150 th glorious years of our Alma Mater  Emergency Fund  Collaboration with University in Abroad

9 OBJECTIVES OF PRESS CONFERENCE  BESU has a history of 150 years of contribution to India’s development.  The Alumni of BESU are spread all over the globe and are keen to combine their resources for all-round improvement of their Alma mater.  They are enthused with the information that MHRD expert committee has ranked BESU to be in the fore-front of the institution listed for upgradation to IIEST (INI) status.  The process of upgradation deserves to be speeded up such that the institution can contribute immediately to the rapid development of West Bengal and India, at large.

10 PRESS CONFERENCE  Alumni have been contributing materially and morally to the growth of the institution over the years. Early declaration of the INI status will encourage and enthuse more than 20,000 working Alumni to pull their resources and make this the premier institution of the country.  BESU Alumni have distinguished themselves by involving in all development affairs of the Institution and contributing effectively in helping deserving students and distressed alumni.  BESU Alumni requests the Press personnel to lend their support in achieving early the objective of upgrading BESU to IIEST (INI) status.

11 IIEST, SHIBPUR (INI) The issue of upgradation has been recommended by both S.K.Joshi and Anandakrishnan Committee, appointed by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India (GoI). GAABESU is pleased to note that BESU is at the top of the select list of upgradation. It is learnt that MHRD has recently conveyed to GoWB the decision for upgrading BESUS into an Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur to be declared an INI by act of the Parliament. GAABESU is very hopeful that GoWB would concur with MHRD proposal as it will not only be beneficial to BESU but also to the State of West Bengal.

12 BENEFITS TO THE STATE OF WEST BENGAL DUE TO THE UPGRADATION  Likely augmentation of financial and other support for upgradation to an IIEST will be able to provide improved facilities which will attract talented faculty and students at the national level.  With a world-class center of excellence that has the support of the Central Government, West Bengal will be able to attract industries from within India and abroad.  As the state is trying to find its place as a prime Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destination, there will be easy availability of the requirement technocrats & scientists who can compete with the best in the world.  The investment that the GoI will make, will free up the resources of the GoWB. The fund, thus saved, could be better used in other State supported Engineering Institutions to upgrade their infrastructure, resulting in better facilities, and attracting better faculties and students.

13 BENEFITS (Contd.)  Presently, bright students leave Kolkata if they are offered admissions in IITs, IISc, etc. In leading Institutes of the country offering higher studies and research facilities, a vast majority of students are from West Bengal. With BESU upgradation to IIEST (INI), the students of West Bengal will have another reputed organization to turn to before deciding to go out of the State. Likewise, graduates of the Institute will have one additional prospective destination for a faculty position before opting to go out. In addition, brighter students from other States will come here and thus, there will be net brain gain for the state.

14 BENEFITS (Contd.)  IIEST, Shibpur with greater financial strength will provide incubation facilities of high-tech ventures. As a result, the graduating students from IIEST, Shibpur will not only be working for the reputed corporations but they will also be creating jobs with high income potential through such ventures. They, thus, will become engines of economic development for the State.  BESU has an unparallel locational advantage by being close to the developed infrastructure of Kolkata and Howrah with a large developed residential campus. This advantage can be properly exploited by BESU vis-à-vis the State if it becomes a National Institution.

15 BEC (1856), BECDU (1992), BESUS (2004) AND NOW READY TO TAKE OFF THE STATUS OF IIEST, SHIBPUR (INI) IN 2007 GAABESU believes that upgradation to IIEST will turn out to be of historical importance which people of Bengal will remember with pride in days and years to come. BESUS is celebrating 150th anniversary from November 2006 to November 2007. The upgradation at this time will be the most befitting way to honour the contributions of this great Institute in the development of pre- and post- independent India as well as to show our appreciation for this heritage Institute before the celebration is over.

16 GAABESU - UNIFIED VOICE OF 20,000 ALUMNI  Global Alumni unite for immediate upgradation of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur to Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), An Institute of National Importance (INI)

17 How to contact GAABESU? Email: Phone: 91-33-26684564

18 Thanks Thank You! Go to BEC/BECDU/BESU/IIEST, Shibpur!

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