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SDSHP Meeting Agenda March 12, 2014. SDSHP Board and CSHP Delegates PresidentHarminder SikandCSHP Delegates President-ElectJennifer FloydHarminder Sikand.

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1 SDSHP Meeting Agenda March 12, 2014

2 SDSHP Board and CSHP Delegates PresidentHarminder SikandCSHP Delegates President-ElectJennifer FloydHarminder Sikand Past PresidentHelen ParkJennifer Floyd SecretaryTimothy Chen (2013-2014)Winnie Thi TreasurerKim Tallian (2013-2014)Robert Eastin Board Members Marcie Lepkowsky 2014- 2015Jason Lam Sarah McBane (2013-2014)Armen Simonian Winnie Thi (2014-2015) Alternate Delegates Juan Toledo (2013-2014) Kelli Stadalman Marie Scott ( 2014-2015) Michelle Schlueter

3 Committees CommitteeChairCo-chairs / Members Board Member/Officer MembershipKelli StadalmanMichelle SchlueterHarminder Sikand Legislative AffairsHillel ShandSarah McBane Jennifer Floyd EducationMarie Scott (Board)Joe NguyenJuan Toledo NewsletterDavid HaMerrilyn RobinsonHarminder Sikand Community Outreach/PRLauren UjiharaNader ToussunJennifer Floyd Social Events/FundraisingWinnie ThiAlan ChinMarcie Lepkowsky Sarah Brown Kim Tallian Industry NightAngela RosenblattAngel LamHarminder Sikand Irina Gutman Website/CommunicationsDavid HaJeff RosenblattTim Chen CPTAKathy Daly SDCPhA LiaisonSarah McBane CSHP Board LiaisonRichard Levy UCSD SSPPS LiaisonSarah McBaneCandis Morello UCSD Student Chapter RepAlan Chin (June 2014) Sarah Brown June 2014 to May 2015

4 Agenda 1. President – Call to order and president’s report 2. President-Elect 3. Past President 4. Secretary 5. Treasurer 6. Membership 7. Organizational & Legal Affairs 8. Education / Training 9. Newsletter 10. Community Outreach 11. Social Events/Fundraising 12. Industry Night / Installation 13. Website/Communications 14. CPTA 15. CSHP Board Liason 16. SDCPhA Liaison 17. UCSD SSPPS Liaison 18. UCSD Student Chapter 19. New business

5 1. President Report 1. Approval minutes 2. Seminar Volunteer Opportunities 3. CSHP Award Deadlines 4. Scholarships 5. Radio Series Updates 6. Educational Opportunities 7. Newsletter Community 8. June meeting update 9. Board Liason Meeting

6 Seminar Volunteer opportunities Volunteer positions for the 2014-2015 year:  Committee on Goals (COG) Committee on Goals (COG)  Continuing Pharmacy Education Committee (CPE) Continuing Pharmacy Education Committee (CPE)  Council on Professional Affairs (COPA) Council on Professional Affairs (COPA)  Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) Editorial Advisory Board (EAB)  Government Affairs Advisory Committee (GAAC) Government Affairs Advisory Committee (GAAC)  Healthcare Reform Committee (HCR) Healthcare Reform Committee (HCR)  Membership Committee Membership Committee  New Practitioner Executive Committee (NPEC) New Practitioner Executive Committee (NPEC)  Pharmacist of the Year/Distinguished Service Award Committee (must be a previous recipient) Pharmacist of the Year/Distinguished Service Award Committee (must be a previous recipient)  Practitioner Recognition Program Committee (must be a current fellow) Practitioner Recognition Program Committee (must be a current fellow)  Public Relations Committee (PR) Public Relations Committee (PR)  2015 Seminar Planning Committee 2015 Seminar Planning Committee 

7 CSHP Award Deadlines  The following CSHP Award Applications are due to the CSHP Office by May 1, 2014: Fellows - recognizes pharmacists that demonstrate an ongoing level of involvement and commitment to educating practitioners, residents, students, administrators, and/or the public in the pharmacy practice New Practitioner Achievement Award - recognizes a new practitioner who promotes and sustains CSHP's mission by sharing innovations and model practices with others through publication, formal presentations and by mentoring or serving as a preceptor for residents and students. FellowsNew Practitioner Achievement Award  Resident/Fellow of Distinction Award - recognizes an exemplary post-graduate resident or fellow, who has made significant contributions to his/her local chapter and has promoted CSHP's Mission. Resident/Fellow of Distinction Award

8 Scholarship  Beckerman Scholarship Open - $1,000 Available  The CSHP Research and Education Foundation is accepting applications for the Joseph H. Beckerman Memorial Scholarship. Joseph H. Beckerman Memorial Scholarship  This $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a California pharmacy student who exhibits a desire for a career in health-system pharmacy. For a student to qualify, she or he must also demonstrate characteristics that were important to Joe Beckerman: ethical behavior, professionalism, leadership, caring, and compassion. Applications are due by June 30 and the winner will be announced on September 1.

9 Radio Series Update  Organizers – Harminder Sikand, Helen Park, Marcie Lepkowsky  Speakers – must be members of CSHP  Goal is to represent each hospital in San Diego that are affiliated with a residency program  6 one hour sessions  Each hour – can have 4 segments and therefore 4 topics. The room can accommodate 4 people ( 4 microphones)  Dates – 1 and 3 rd Monday evenings or Once a month Monday evenings starting in May or June

10 Radio Series Topics TopicOr der DesignTopic IdeaLeadSpeakers 1 PANEL What does it take to be a pharmacist? Segment 1 -Overview on education Segment 2 -Inpatient pharmacist Segment 3- Community practice & Amb care Segment 4-Research & School Faculty Harminder Harminder (Scripps Mercy) & Gerry Graf Kelli Stadilman/Juan Toledo ( UCSD) Tim Chen (VA)& Jennigrace ( Kaiser) Sarah McBane (UCSD Skaggs) & Jane Gleason 2 Two speakers (30 min each) Patient safety Segment 1. Important things to ask your pharmacist and tell your healthcare provider ( falls, when to talk to your pharmacist) Segment 2. Medication safety and you Jennifer Floyd Jennifer Floyd? (PPH) Kathleen Vosberg (Scripps Enci)

11 Radio Series cont’d 3PANEL Where do Clinical pharmacists practice? Segment 1. Critical Care/ ED Segment 2. Infectious Disease Segment 3. Pediatrics Segment 4. Oncology &Transplant Marcie Yelena Atlasevich/Kevin Box/ Julie Moon Eva Sullivan /David Ha Gail Romanowski/Jason Natalie Hall (Navy) 4Two Speakers Disease management: Segment 1. Blood Pressure Segment 2. Diabetes Segment 3. Psychiatric illness Segment 4. ADHD Sarah McBane Sarah McBane Candice Morello Kelly Lee Kim Tallian 5PANEL Transition of care 2 or 4 segments Winnie Thi Winnie can organize ( expect SHARP, UCSD to participate) 6One speaker?Pharmacist role in immunizations Segment 1. Why immunize Segment 2. Myths about immunization Tim Chen?

12 Educational Opportunities MeetingDateLocation ASHP Summer5/31-6/4Las Vegas, NV ASHP NPPC8/20-8/22Washington, DC ACCP10/13-10/15Austin, TX CSHP10/30-11/2San Francisco, CA ASHP Midyear12/7-12/11Anaheim, CA

13 Newsletter committee

14 June Meeting **REMINDER** On a Tuesday – June 10

15 2. President-Elect Report

16 3. Past-President Report

17 4. Secretary

18 5. Treasurer Report

19 6. Membership Committee  For the month of March:  194 total members  164 CSHP  30 CPTA

20 7. Organization and Legal Affairs Committee

21 8. Education Committee  Since last SDSHP Meeting:  March 12 – Covered California  March 20 – DEA and Rx Drug Abuse: What Can We Do?  Special thank you to our student pharmacists on the CE Committee who provided support in our first 2 CE events: Justine Abella, Joanne Chiu, Cindy Lau, Faiza Morado, and Jenny Han. Upcoming: April 15 – The Medical Home Model and its Impact on Pharmacists – (Co-sponsored with SDPRL and SDCPhA) – 1.5 hours CEU, 5:00-7:00pm – Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, Schaetzel Center – Great Hall Auditorium RSVP to Marcie Lepkowsky at

22 9. Newsletter Committee

23 10. Community Outreach Committee  Science fair was at Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair Wednesday March 26th 12-2:30 PM  Winners  Microbio #272 On the Horizon: A Study of the Antimicrobial Effectiveness of RGP Contact Lens S Janie Kim  Biochem #641 The Best Method to Fight Fungal Infections Dina Dehaini

24 11. Social Events/Fundraising  BJ’s Restaurant Percentage Night  Date: 4/8/14  Time: 11 am – midnight  Flyer must be presented with the bill for us to receive 15% (does not include alcoholic drinks)

25 12. Industry Night Committee

26 13. Website/Communications 1. Newsletter posted 2. Facebook and Twitter updates

27 14. CPTA Committee Report  Current membership = 30 technicians  Statewide membership = 460  Jodie Marheine has helped raise $200 from vendors to sponsor a Technician Social, in the planning stage  Goal to have at least one CE this year, still in the planning stage  Next Board meeting is May 9 th in Sacramento  SDSHP Technician of the Year Award: Criteria for Selecting the Recipient – request was made for me to formally submit a process. I am still working on drafting the language and content.

28 15. CSHP Board

29 16. SDCHPhA Liason

30 17. UCSD SSPPS Liason

31 18. UCSD Student Chapter

32 New Business

33 Adjournment

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