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SDSHP Meeting Agenda June 10, 2014. SDSHP Board and CSHP Delegates PresidentHarminder SikandCSHP Delegates President-ElectJennifer FloydHarminder Sikand.

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1 SDSHP Meeting Agenda June 10, 2014

2 SDSHP Board and CSHP Delegates PresidentHarminder SikandCSHP Delegates President-ElectJennifer FloydHarminder Sikand Past PresidentHelen ParkJennifer Floyd SecretaryTimothy Chen (2013-2014)Winnie Thi TreasurerKim Tallian (2013-2014)Robert Eastin Board Members Marcie Lepkowsky 2014-2015 Sarah McBane (2013-2014)Armen Simonian Winnie Thi (2014-2015) Alternate Delegates Juan Toledo (2013-2014) Kelli Stadalman Marie Scott ( 2014-2015) Michelle Schlueter

3 SDSHP Committees CommitteeChairCo-chairs / MembersBoard /Officer Membership Kelli KeeneMichelle SchlueterHarminder Sikand Legislative Affairs Hillel ShandSarah McBane Jennifer Floyd Education Marie Scott (Board) Justine Abella Faiza Morado Jecedthel Dumpit Anna Tran Juan Toledo Newsletter David HaMerrilyn RobinsonHarminder Sikand Community Outreach/PR Lauren UjiharaNader ToussunJennifer Floyd Social Events/Fundraising Winnie ThiAlan Chin Sarah Brown Marcie Lepkowsky Kim Tallian Industry Night Angela RosenblattAngel LamHarminder Sikand Irina Gutman Website/Communications David HaJeff Rosenblatt Chris Lam Tim Chen CPTA Kathy Daly SDCPhA Liaison Sarah McBane CSHP Board Liaison Richard Levy UCSD SSPPS Liaison Sarah McBaneCandis Morello UCSD Student Chapter Rep Alan Chin (June 2014) Sarah Brown June 2014 to May 2015

4 Agenda 1.President – Call to order and president’s report 2.President-Elect 3.Past President 4.Secretary 5.Treasurer 6.Membership 7.Organizational & Legal Affairs 8.Education / Training 9.Newsletter 10.Community Outreach 11.Social Events/Fundraising 12.Industry Night / Installation 13.Website/Communications 14.CPTA 15.CSHP Board Liason 16.SDCPhA Liaison 17.UCSD SSPPS Liaison 18.UCSD Student Chapter 19.New business

5 President’s Report

6 Welcome

7 Chapter meeting 5-14-14




11 Chapter Meeting 5-14- 14




15 CHAPTER MEETING 5-14-14 Approval of Minutes

16 Chapter Bylaws Membership approval process



19 Congratulations Juan Toleldo ASHP Summer Meeting Poster “Use of a best practice alert to curb inappropriate duplicate pneumococcal vaccines”

20 Award Applications Update Chapter is applying for the Public Relations award again this year Approved by Board Due June 16

21 Update Chapter is applying for the Public Relations award again this year Approved by Board Due June 16

22 Radio Series Dates 7/21 8/4 9/8 11/2 10/22 10/20 TopicOrde r DesignTopic IdeaLeadSpeakersDates 1 PANEL What does it take to be a pharmacist? Segment 1 -Overview on education Segment 2 -Inpatient pharmacist Segment 3- Community Practice / Ambulatory care Segment 4-Research /Faculty Harminder Harminder (Scripps Mercy) & Gerry Graf Kelli Stadilman (UCSD) Chris Woo Tim Chen (VA)& Jennigrace ( Kaiser) John Watanabe/ Pamela Moise Broder July 21 7pm 2 Two speakers (30 min each) Patient safety Segment 1. Important things to ask your pharmacist and tell your healthcare provider ( falls, when to talk to your pharmacist) Segment 2. Medication safety and you Segment 3 Prescription drug abuse Segment 2. Poison prevention Jennifer Floyd Jennifer Floyd? (PPH) Kathleen Vosberg (Scripps Enci) Nathan Painter Lee Cantrell designate August 4 7pm 3PANEL Where do Clinical pharmacists practice? Segment 1. Trauma Segment 2. Infectious Disease Segment 3. Pediatrics Segment 4. Oncology Marcie Steve Atallah David Ha Gail Romanowski/Jason Natalie Hall (Navy) September 8 4Panel Disease management: Segment 1. Blood Pressure Segment 2. Diabetes Segment 3. Mental Illness Segment 4. ADHD Sarah McBane Sarah McBane Candice Morello Kelly Lee Kim Tallian November 3 5PANEL Transition of care Segment 1 Scripps Mercy – What it is TC? What is MTM Segment 2 UCSD – Describe it Segment 3 PPH – Describe it Segment 4 SHARP – Describe it Winnie Thi Winnie can organize ( expect SHARP, PPH, UCSD to participate) Oct 23 6One speaker?Pharmacist role in immunizations Segment 1. Why immunize? Segment 2. Myths about immunization Segment 3. Pediatrics Segment 4. Travel vaccination Tim Chen Sarah McBane Eduardo Fricovsky Jennifer Floyd Oct 20

23 President-Elect Report Jennifer Floyd, Pharm D

24 Past-President Report Helen Park, Pharm D

25 Secretary Report Tim Chen, Pharm D VA Stand Down Event will be on July 18-20 th If interested in volunteering, please email Tim Chen at Timothy.Chen@VA.GOV Timothy.Chen@VA.GOV Note non-VA volunteers are limited, but please email if interested Students that are interested, please contact student chapter coordinators

26 Treasurer Report Kim Tallian, Pharm D

27 Treasurer’s Report - May 2014

28 Membership Committee Kelli Keen, Pharm D 206 total members 35 CPTA 171 CSHP Members Welcome New Members Pharmacists Dr. Eduardo Frichovsky Dr. Melissa Kirkpatrick CPTA Stacy Barrington Jonathan Lo Roger Soriano

29 Organization & Legal Affairs Report Hillel Shand, Pharm D

30 Education Committee Report Juan Toledo & Marie Scott March 12. 2014 – Covered California ( 1 hour - Co-sponsored by CSHP Covered California Grant) March 20, 2014 – DEA and Rx Drug Abuse: What Can We Do? (1.5 hours - Co-sponsored with UCSD SSPPS and SDCPhA) April 15 – The Medical Home Model & its Impact on Pharmacists (1.5 hours - Co-sponsored with SDPRL and SDCPhA) Special thank you to our student pharmacists on the CE Committee who provided support in our last CE event on April 15: Justine Abella, Faiza Morado, Jecedthel Dumpit and Anna Tran. We need to offer at least 4 CE opportunities to our membership to achieve Chapter of Distinction Award. We are aiming for Sept/Oct for our next CE.

31 Newsletter Committee Report David Ha Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the Spring Issue! Summer Issue will be released in July Deadline for Summer submissions June 15 th Please submit pharmacist or technician candidates for member spotlight to

32 Community Outreach Committee Report Lauren Ujihara, Pharm D

33 Social Events/Fundraising Report Winnie Thi, Pharm D

34 Social Events/Fundraising Upcoming Social Events: Beer Tasting at Green Flash Brewery Date: Thursday, June 12 Time: 6 pm Address: 6550 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121 Event details: $5 for the 1 hour tour. A reservation will be made in advance. Please sign up if you are interested in attending. Del Mar Races & Food Truck Festival Date: Saturday, August 16 Time: 12 pm (to reserve spots) Upcoming Fundraisers: Poker Night Tentative date in October Next Fundraising Committee Meeting: Early July

35 Industry Night Committee Angela Rosenblatt, Pharm D

36 Gala - General Information Planned for November 14, 2014 The Prado at Balboa Park Partial proceeds donated to the St. Vincent De Paul Village Estimated Cost: $10,500 Display Fee: $1,500 Goal: Minimum of 16 vendors


38 Gala Report – Where we are today We are past the point of breaking even – currently will make $3,000 We still need 7 vendors to reach our goal of 16 vendors NEED: Anyone who has a vendor contact – please send to Angela.

39 Website/Communications Report


41 CPTA Report Kathy Daly

42 CSHP Board Liaison Richard Levy, Pharm D

43 SDCHPhA Liaison Report Sarah McBane, Pharm D

44 UCSD SSPPS Liaison Report Sarah McBane, Pharm D

45 CSHP Student Chapter Report Alan Chin

46 New Business Membership

47 Next Meeting September 10 Have a wonderful summer! Thank you for your Attendance Adjournment

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