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Lisa Feigenbaum Community Program Manager Microsoft Corporation SESSION CODE: DEV04-INT.

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2 Lisa Feigenbaum Community Program Manager Microsoft Corporation SESSION CODE: DEV04-INT


4 Declarative ConcurrentDynamic

5 Declarative ConcurrentDynamic Declarative

6 ConcurrentDynamic Concurrent

7 Declarative ConcurrentDynamic


9 FeatureVBC# Auto-implemented Properties Collection Initializers Array Literals Statement Lambdas Implicit Line ContinuationN/A Named/Optional Parameters Latebinding support (dynamic) Omit ref on COM calls Indexed Properties Interop with Dynamic Languages Co/contravariance PIA deployment not needed New in VS 2010 Already exists in VS 2008

10 Feature VBC# Generate From Usage: Generate Method Type colorization Background Squiggles: Top Level Analysis IntelliSense: Builder UI IntelliSense: Prefix Filtering Completion List Generate From Usage: Generate Type, Constructor, Property, Field IntelliSense: Consume First Mode IntelliSense: Substring & Camel-Case Match Navigate To Highlight References Call Hierarchy New in VS 2010 Already exists in VS 2008

11 Understanding Navigating WritingModifyingDebugging Testing

12 Compiler Source code Source File Source code.NET Assembly Class Field public Foo private string X X Language Object Model Read-Eval-Print Loop Hosting in other contexts DSL Embedding 12




16 DayTimeTitlePresenterRoom Mon 6/713:00-14:15DEV406: Integrating Dynamic Languages into Your Enterprise ApplicationsJesus RodriguezRm 279 Mon 6/713:00-14:15DEV06-INT: VS 2010 Debugger Tips & TricksHabib HeydarianRm 349 Mon 6/714:45-16:00DEV204: New IDE and Language Features in Visual Studio 2010 Using Visual Basic and C#Ken GetzRm 272 Mon 6/714:45-16:00DEV314: Manycore and the Microsoft.NET Framework 4 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Huseyin YildizRm 288 Mon 6/716:30-17:45DEV09-INT: Visual Basic and C# IDE Tips and TricksDustin CampbellRm 347 Tue 6/813:30-14:45DEV404: C# in the Big WorldMads TorgersenRm 291 Tue 6/815:15-16:30DEV316: Modern Programming with C++Ox in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010Kate GregoryAuditorium B Tue 6/817:00-18:15DEV315: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tips & TricksDustin Campbell, Scott CateAuditorium B Tue 6/817:00-18:15ARC205: Patterns of Parallel ProgrammingAde MillerRm 276 Wed 6/908:00-09:15DEV10-INT: Using Dynamic Languages to build Scriptable ApplicationsDino ViehlandRm 347 Wed 6/908:00-09:15DEV319: Scale and Productivity for C++ Developers with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Boris JabesRm 298 Wed 6/909:45-11:00DEV401 Advanced Use of the New Visual Basic 2010 Language FeaturesLucian WischikRm 356 Wed 6/911:45-13:00DEV408: Task Parallel Library: Design Principles and Best PracticesShy CohenRm 283 Wed 6/913:30-14:45DEV03-INT: Meet the C# TeamLisa, Alex, Eric, MadsRm 346 Wed 6/917:00-18:15DEV320: Simplify XML Processing Using LINQ to XMLPaul SheriffRm 387 Thu 6/1008:00-09:15DEV317: Profiling and Debugging Parallel Code with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Huseyin YildizRm 293 Thu 6/1008:00-09:15DEV407: Maintaining and Modernizing Existing Applications with Visual Studio 2010Kav LatiolaisRm 356 Thu 6/1009:45-11:00DEV307: F# in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010Luke HobanRm 276 Thu 6/1015:15-16:30DEV04-INT: Meet the Visual Basic TeamLisa, Anthony, Dustin, LucianRm 346 Thu 6/1017:00-18:15DEV11–INT: IronPython ToolsDino ViehlandRm 347 Hands On LabDEV05-HOL: Introduction to F#La Nouvelle Ballroom Hands On LabDEV12-HOL: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: Office ProgrammabilityLa Nouvelle Ballroom



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