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Dr. Peter Gabor – computer systems

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1 Dr. Peter Gabor – computer systems

2 Faculty Homecoming Theme How well can you rhyme?
by Sep 24 You Kim Byers

3 SAVE THE DATE DEC 16, 2010, from 5-7pm in TJHSST auditorium

4 See 8/30/10 email from Evan Glazer for the web-address for this map

5 Victor Youk provides outdoor recycling

6 October 6 -- 2010 6:30 PTSA, 7:00 class rotations
Band Booster free dinner for Staff beforehand

7 admin JLC sessions during 2nd and 3rd quarter -> 4th quarter site visit

8 Please do not accept calendar reminders – they are just FYI

9 9/16 committee visit at 10am PTSA govt relations team will host

10 Before Back-to-School Night

11 Good Luck Adam Wong! 10/21 – 12/3

12 Learn from a Jedi Master

13 Faculty Sunshine Fund OR Marie Lauducci

14 Interested? Notify Evan Glazer

15 STAC nominations needed by 9/17/10
You or Jay Lamb

16 Address to United States students September 14, 2010 at 1pm
If you show the speech, it should connect to your lesson

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