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Welcome to the Annandale Coaches & Advisors Meeting Luke MacLean, Activities Director “Go Cardinals”

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1 Welcome to the Annandale Coaches & Advisors Meeting Luke MacLean, Activities Director “Go Cardinals”

2 Medical Topics to Review 1.Bloodborne Pathogen Review 2.AED Training/Action Plan Handout 3.Concussion Management Contact Information: –Nancy Lipinski, School District Nurse –High School (320-274-8208 ext. 3800) –Middle School (320-274-8226 ext. 2800) –Elementary School (320-274-8218 ext. 1801) –

3 Annandale Activities Department Luke MacLean – Activities Director –Office: 320-274-8208 ext. 3610 –Cell: 612-710-0573 – Julie Couette– Administrative Assistant (320- 274-8208 ext. 3701) – Deb Chollett– Administrative Assistant (320- 274-8208 ext. 3603) –

4 Introductions Name Sport/Level


6 8 Expectations of Coaches, Advisors & Directors 1.Put Students First –Coach/teach every kid, everyday –Bottom line = total development of students 2.Support the Educational Mission of Annandale Schools –Extension of the classroom –Instilling positive values and important skills 3.Be a Role Model for Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity, and Sportsmanship –Looking for role models –Tremendous influence –Build relationships


8 8 Expectations of Coaches, Advisors & Directors 4.Constantly Strive for Professional Growth –Always room for growth –Lifelong learner 5.Make Participating in your Program a Positive Life Experience –Excellent work habits –“Enjoy the ride” 6.Be Organized, Efficient and Timely –Steadying influence

9 8 Expectations of Coaches, Advisors & Directors 7.Be a Leader of Your Program –Manage details –Common goal 8. Be a Positive Force in the School and Community –Culture/climate –“Front porch”

10 Systems Review Effective/efficient as possible Paperless, if possible

11 Annandale’s Certified Athletic Trainer Jeff Vossen- Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (Buffalo Hospital): –Office: 763-684-3834 –Cell: 320-980-6787 –Fax: 763-684-3881 –Email: Sports-related injury: –Evaluation –Management –Basic rehabilitation All varsity home events + some JV home events AHS Training Room on Wednesdays from 3-5PM

12 Injury Reports 24 hours Form on “Athletics/Activities” webpage Jeff to assist

13 ImPACT Testing Schedule ImPACT Concussion Testing –Baseline test –Available for teams and individuals at no cost Date and time: –High School Wednesday, August 20 th and Thursday, August 21 st in the AHS media center computer labs –Freshman and Sophomores- during practice –Juniors and Seniors- after practice –Middle School Wednesday, September 3 rd in the AMS media center computer labs –3:00-4:00PM Winter and Spring: TBD

14 Academic Eligibility High school (grades 9-12) Grades reports: filed every midterm (4) and at the end of each quarter (4) Failing midterm grade = not eligible to compete in a contest until the grade is a passing grade Failing quarter grade = not eligible to compete in a contest for the first half of the next quarter Students on academic probation –can practice with the team or activity –cannot participate in meets, contests, games or scrimmages Middle school (grades 7 & 8) Same rules as above except no more than two failing grades per midterm or quarter in order to be eligible to compete in a contest

15 Attendance Policy School attendance- mandatory for participation Participants absent from school shall be denied the right to participate unless prior approval is requested by the parent or guardian, to the coach or the activities director

16 MSHSL and Mandatory Legislative Policies Everything is on the Coaches Clipboard – Requirements for high school coaches (both paid and volunteer) Three Continuing Education Requirements (CERs) –Need to be renewed every three years Online Rules Meeting (select sports) –Need to be renewed every year –Beginning with the 2013-14 school year all ‘C’, JV and Varsity levels need to complete the online rules meeting exam. NEW FOR THIS YEAR: New CERs (effective August, 2014) Requirements for middle school coaches (both paid and volunteer) Online Concussion Module (CER #2)

17 Activities Schedules Annandale Activities Calendar bin/client.cgi?G5genie=16&school_id=3 Wright County Conference Schedule

18 Schedule Changes Communication –Coach to student-athlete –Announcements at school –Mass communication: email, voice message, text message Questions? – call the AHS office

19 “Notify Me!” Annandale Activities Calendar:

20 @AnnandaleCards Follow Annandale Cardinals Activities on Twitter: @AnnandaleCards @AnnandaleCards –Scores/Results –Announcements/Reminders –Cancellation/Postponement Notifications –Photos –News Articles

21 Reporting Results/Scores (All Levels) Report results/scores to high school and middle school secretaries –High School: Wendy Storkamp 320-274-8208 ext. 3100 –Middle School: Cindy Sprague 320-274-8226 ext. 2601

22 Reporting Scores to the Media (Varsity coaches only) Star Tribune Prep Sports Department –612-673-4447 –1-800-827-8742 St. Cloud Times –320-255-8770 –1-800-272-8770

23 Coaches Association (Varsity Coaches Only) Minnesota State High School Coaches Association – –“2013-14 Membership Registration” For all 2013 Fall Sports, 2013-14 Winter Sports, and 2014 Spring Sports –“Life Membership Application” Coached 25+ years Member of the MSHSCA 80+% of the time –Submit your receipt for reimbursement

24 Event Passes Home Passes –Free for staff / $10 for spouse –Pick up from Julie Couette or Deb Chollett WCC Passes –Limited –Contact me

25 Facilities Clean up when finished –“leave it cleaner than when you found it” Sharing spaces We are all accountable Report issues/concerns ASAP

26 Pre-Season Meeting Dates FALL SPORTS ALL FALL SPORTS DateTimeLocation Tuesday, August 5, 20147:00 pmAHS Auditorium WINTER SPORTS DANCE TEAM DateTimeLocation TBDTBDTBD ALL WINTER SPORTS (EXCEPT DANCE TEAM) DateTimeLocation Monday, November 3, 20147:00 pmAHS Auditorium SPRING SPORTS ALL SPRING SPORTS DateTimeLocation Thursday, March 5, 20147:00 pmAHS Auditorium

27 Issues/Concerns Please report issues/concerns ASAP

28 Channels of Communication 1.Student-athlete meets with the coach 2.Parent and student-athlete meets with the coach 3.Parent, student-athlete, coach, and AD meet

29 Appropriate Discussion Topics- Parents/Coach Welfare of the the student-athlete Academics Logistics — practice times, busing, etc. “What” or “How” questions

30 Inappropriate Discussion Topics-Parents/Coach Team selection Playing time Team strategy Other student-athletes “Why” questions

31 Supervision First to arrive/last to leave Weight room Open gym Locker room Last one out = check all doors

32 Beginning/During/End-of-Season Checklist In-progress Goal: time-sensitive checklist –Before –During –After

33 Cardinal Athletic Foundation (CAF) Booster club Goal: increase financial and volunteer support –$ 150,000+ in contributions Majority of revenue: concession sales Updated grant form and application Questions? –Traci Prewitt (763-688-3350) –Dave Ahsenmacher (320-282-8597) –Mike Zuehlke (320-296-9487)

34 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for Student Achievement and Grades Extra time and help Goal: no students with failing grades Expectation: all students complete all assignments (and complete them well) Students will work with AMS staff before/after school or during lunch to finish assignments Student athletes may be required to miss part of practice to get their work done Communication to coaches/advisors –Student to email coach/advisor –Access to ICU Google Doc

35 Misc. Keys/Key Cards Pictures with Zahler Photography –Schedule –Forms in my office I Pod Touch – Pregame music

36 Question or Comments???

37 Survey Results Why do you play? Most common answer: “to have fun”

38 Goals of Education-Based Athletics To have fun To learn To help others succeed To improve To conduct yourself well To appreciate the opponent To do your best To learn life skills To learn from both winning and losing

39 Sportsmanship

40 “Big 3” 1)Student-athlete 2)Work hard 3)Have fun

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