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Classroom of the Future October 19th, 2007 Tom Wise, Dan LaValley, Carole Turner.

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1 Classroom of the Future October 19th, 2007 Tom Wise, Dan LaValley, Carole Turner

2 “Classroom of the Future” Welcome and introductions Descriptions Examples Challenges

3 Classroom of the Future Redefine boundaries Look at teaching, learning, and research Learn from libraries

4 Society Shapes the Classroom 19th Century: Industrial Revolution 20th Century: Digital Revolution 21st Century: Learning Revolution?

5 Classroom of the Future A learning environment Blending experiences in and out of the traditional classroom. Faculty-student interactions, peer interactions, and enhanced student-subject content interactions Takes advantage of "learning moments"

6 Teaching and Learning Is the classroom time to cover material or to facilitate learning? How does one bring the community into the classroom? Do changes in space encourage instructors to change?

7 Discussion Points What about faculty who teach in buildings that aren’t being renovated? How are they prompted to change their teaching?

8 Innovative higher ed classroom design examples Notre Dame - Jordan Hall of ScienceJordan Hall of Science Stanford - Wallenberg HallWallenberg Hall New Models for Large Lectures: SCALE-UPSCALE-UP

9 Wallenberg Hall The space design encourages faculty to change as quickly as students are changing PHOTO BY chester batemanchester bateman

10 Wallenberg Hall Stan Christenson's Negotiation Class Three screens: class outline media examples of negotiation scenarios today's activities outline (left to right)

11 Wallenberg Hall

12 Supporting Formal and Informal Learning Not just for work Student gathering space when classes aren’t in session PHOTO BY robert emery smithrobert emery smith

13 Wallenberg Hall PHOTO BY robert emery smithrobert emery smith End-of-quarter project presentations, using Wallenberg Hall in its "tradeshow" space format

14 New Models for Large Lectures SCALE-UP at MIT, North Carolina Little time spent on lecture - more hands on experiments and collaboration Requires curricular redevelopment VISUALIZATION FOR A SCALE-UP CLASSROOM

15 New Models for Large Lectures SCALE-UP IMPLEMENTED AT MIT


17 Innovative UW- Madison examples Tong Auditorium, Engineering Centers Bldg. School of Ed Initiative - Mobile Lab setups Health Sciences Learning Center

18 Tong Auditorium in Engineering Centers

19 Engineering Hall Lobby See and be seen For students to use as they come and go to class Can be opened up for vendor exhibits and interview fairs

20 School of Education Mobile Labs 7-28 dual boot laptops for checkout for instructors Use in IMDC classrooms

21 Health Sciences Learning Center Many types of classrooms, break-out, video conferencing spaces Cafe Atrium

22 UW-Madison Ogg Hall Student housing Classrooms Computer labs Study areas

23 While in class Student Response Systems (“Clickers”)Clickers Wireless Network (“Google jockeying”)Google jockeying Library and Web Resources

24 Student Response Systems Engage students in large lectures Test student understanding of material you have covered Poll student opinions on related topics STUDENTS IN A LECTURE USING CLICKERS


26 Wireless Network - Google Jockeying Alternate projection by student jockey Takes what otherwise would be back-channel communication and makes it available to the entire class PHOTO BY sailor corscantsailor corscant

27 Wireless Network - Group Collaboration UW-Madison Economics class uses wireless network during lecture Economics class Mini lecture followed by group work around student laptops PHOTO BY UW-Madison university communicationsUW-Madison university communications

28 Emerging Classroom Technologies 16:9 high definition projection Wireless projectors 3d projection (Geowall) Lecture capture Videoconferencing PHOTO BY chris johnsonchris johnson

29 3D Projection Geowall - Use 3d to broaden the use of scientific visualization tools for Earth Science research and education

30 Multimedia: Lecture Capture Makes lectures available to students for review - timeshifting Distance Ed

31 Videoconferencing Bring in outside experts - industry Show students relevance of material and discussion with outside viewpoint

32 Discussion Points What bleeding edge technologies will soon be commonplace? How will that happen?

33 Technologies for Extending the Walls of the Classroom Multimedia / podcasting / lecture capture Course mangement system Wikis and blogs Simulations and games Library and web resources

34 Lectures go online - students view before class Class time is used for discussion / lab Multimedia: e-Teache-Teach

35 Course Management System Can host content, discussions, quizzes, links For both distance ed and blended learning

36 Communication and Collaboration Blogs - Online collection of personal commentary and links Wikis - Modifiable web pages

37 Simulations and Games Forefront of interactive media Epistemic games GAPPS faculty Engage award

38 Library and Web Resources Students have access to many library specific resources online and off MyUW Reserves

39 The Future is Now: UW- Madison How does the process work for new buildings? Focus groups, needs gathering with community, architect, and AV designers How can we communicate what is happening? Discussions with DoIT, FP&M, Libraries, and others continue

40 Current Process at UW-Madison for Redesign Classroom Design Principles - constant review of designs Many classrooms have been upgraded via ITIP Designs for the future use data from previous semesters


42 What’s in the queue? Grainger Hall School of Education, Bascom Mall Biochemistry Wisconsin Institute of Discovery School of Human Ecology Sterling

43 Discussion Points What would the classroom of the future look like for large freshmen level classes? How would students describe the classroom of the future? What help do instructors need to make effective use of new tools and spaces for teaching and learning?

44 Thank you!

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