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1 TOWN OF TOLLAND Town Council’s Annual Budget Presentation April 26, 2011 and April 27, 2011 – Senior Center FY 2011-2012 OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET.

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Presentation on theme: "1 TOWN OF TOLLAND Town Council’s Annual Budget Presentation April 26, 2011 and April 27, 2011 – Senior Center FY 2011-2012 OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 TOWN OF TOLLAND Town Council’s Annual Budget Presentation April 26, 2011 and April 27, 2011 – Senior Center FY 2011-2012 OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGET

2 2 Town Charter, § C9-9 - Annual Budget Presentation Prior to the Annual Budget Referendum, the Town Council shall arrange for an Annual Budget Presentation to be held no later than one week prior to the Annual Budget Referendum……At the Annual Budget Presentation, the Council will present the Budget to be voted upon at the Annual Budget Referendum. Prior to such referendum the Council shall have no authority to modify the Budget from that presented at the Annual Budget Presentation. The Annual Budget Presentation is intended to provide information and encourage public discussion, and is in addition to prior public hearings relating to the development of the Budget at which public hearings, public comment and participation is encouraged.

3 3 Budget Schedule: Important Upcoming Dates

4 4 BUDGET MEETINGS TO DATE 1.Joint Meeting Between Town Council and Board of Education: February 10, 2011 (Fire Training Center) 2.Public Hearing on Capital Budget: February 17, 2011 (Council Chambers) 3.Joint Meeting Between Town Council and Board of Education: March 8, 2011 (Council Chambers) 4.Special Meeting to Discuss Budget (Planning & Community Development, Law Enforcement and Public Safety): March 17, 2011 (Council Chambers) 5.Special Meeting to Discuss Budget (Community Services, General Government, Town Manager/Human Resources, Insurances and Finance): March 22, 2011 (Council Chambers) 6.Special Meeting to Discuss Budget (Capital Budget and Public Works & Engineering): March 23, 2011 (Council Chambers)

5 5 BUDGET MEETINGS 7.Public Hearing on Manager’s Recommended Budget: March 29, 2011 (Tolland High School Auditorium) 8.Special Town Council Meeting – Budget Finalized: April 5, 2011 (Council Chambers) 9.Annual Budget Presentation Meeting: April 26, 2011 (Tolland High School Auditorium) 10.Budget Presentation (daytime) at Senior Center: April 27, 2011, 12:30 p.m.

6 6 Combined Vision Statement of Community Conversation Groups Tolland is recognized as a desirable community in which to live. Community means a sense of shared values accompanied by the willingness to ensure the safety, well being and respect of our neighbors and neighborhoods. The Town provides efficient and high quality services in a fiscally responsible and efficient way. Residents’ quality of life expectations will be preserved by the Town continuing to promote a sound infrastructure and recreational opportunities and with an engaged citizenry committed to the betterment of the entire community encouraging a balance among open space, residential and economic development, a town budget process that expands community involvement and a progressive educational system that meets or exceeds the challenges of a common core of knowledge.

7 7 Budget Referendum: Tuesday, May 3 “Shall the Town of Tolland’s proposed 2011-2012 budget of $51,041,662, reflecting a spending increase of $1,721,476 which is an increase of 3.49% resulting in a mill rate of 30.28 mills, be adopted? Yes/No” ~ PLEASE VOTE ON MAY 3 rd - POLLS ARE OPEN FROM 6 AM TO 8 PM

8 8 TOWN COUNCIL’S BUDGET GOAL FOR FY 11-12 Maintain and improve important services Continue to provide a quality education for our children Produce a budget that can be approved by a majority of voters as initially presented and meets the needs of the community THIS BUDGET WILL: Produce a moderate mill rate increase of under 4%



11 11  State Aid for Education (104,253) ECS: 0 Public School Transportation: (104,261) Adult Education: 8 Aid to the Blind: (0)  Municipal State and Federal Grants (132,490) Changes in State Aid and Other Sources of Revenue for the Next Fiscal Year Over Current Year Revenues

12 12 ●Prior year taxes: 50,000 ●Interest, Liens & Suspense:30,268 ●Telecommunications Access: 2,754 ●Charges for current services: 6,216 ●License, Permits and Fees: (46,000) ●Interest and other revenues: (30,855) Changes in State Aid and Other Sources of Revenue for the Next Fiscal Year Over Current Year Revenues TOTAL DECREASE IN REVENUE: (229,868)  Other Non-Tax Revenue:

13 13 Summary of Available Additional Non-Tax Revenue for FY 2011/2012 Changes in Non-Tax Revenue($229,868) Increased Use of Fund Balance $30,000 Grand List Growth $406,355 Total Revenue available excluding taxes generated by a Mill Rate increase, for 2011/2012 $206,487

14 14 TAX COLLECTION RATE Each year an assumption is made as to the projected rate of collection as a percentage of the Grand List. Rate of Collection Total Tax Revenue Town Manager98.6$37,807,912 Town Council99.0$38,334,252 Additional Projected Revenue as a result of the increased rate of collection $526,340

15 15

16 16 CONSEQUENCES OF INCREASING COLLECTION RATES Should tax collection fall below historical averages, shortfalls in tax collection or other revenue sources would have to be made up from: Freezing Expenditures Foregoing Capital Projects Use of Fund Balance Using a slightly smaller tax collection rate over the past two fiscal years the Town collected more taxes than projected, which helped to offset reductions in other revenue line items and avoided the need to use budgeted or additional fund balance.

17 17 FUND BALANCE 2011 estimated$5,654,61411.19% 2010$5,884,61411.60% 2009$5,755,31411.40% 2008$5,175,16510.9% 2007$4,386,3819.1% 2006$4,336,3819.7% 2005$3,906,7529.3% 2004$3,516,5649.0% 2003$3,082,7458.2% 2002$2,521,6537.0% 2001$2,257,1487.0% 2000$2,164,5047.2%

18 18 Tax Revenue Needed to Fund Expenditures Identified in the Town Council’s Proposed Budget Increased Tax Revenue$1,921,344 (3.88% increase)



21 21 2011/2012 EXPENDITURES BUDGET $51,041,662 $10,818,258$35,136,107$4,751,796$335,501 Education Debt Service Capital Municipal Operating


23 23 Expenditure Adjustments Savings  Negotiated changes to Town employees’ Health Insurance Plans have mitigated increases in health benefits. Whereas overall, health benefits were calculated to increase 11%, the Town’s costs actually decreased by 3.5% due to the benefit changes. These changes saved the Town $116,456.  Elimination of Refuse & Recycling Coordinator position for a savings of $25,750. These responsibilities have been absorbed by the Director of Administrative Services and other staff. Limited Adjustments  $100 on-call stipend for Part-Time Animal Control Officers ($5,200 annually split by days of the week worked). This is to recognize the two part-time employees who must be on call on off hours each day of the week. In addition, $5,000 for actual hours worked that are currently taken from personnel contingency.  Administrative Secretary in Fire Department increased from 35 to 40 hours to be in line with the operation of the Fire Office ($4,988 in salary).

24 24  The position of Assistant Public Safety Supervisor budgeted starting October 1, 2011 at a cost of $54,444 with benefits for half a year. During the current fiscal year, the consulting firm of Field Services Inc. was engaged by the Town of Tolland to perform a feasibility study of the Tolland Fire Department and its ability to provide the current level of service to the Town in the coming years. The report stressed that moving forward, the department focus should primarily be personnel and staffing. Much focus was placed on the Public Safety Supervisor position which generally is considered a 40-50 hour position, but in reality works on a regular basis in excess of 70 hours per week. The demands of the position to supervise both paid and volunteer staff are 24 hours a day. The study concluded that “there is considerable concern that the Fire Chief may be overstretched”. The recommendation is to hire a second in command who can mirror the responsibilities of the Public Safety Supervisor in terms of supervising staff and responding to evening calls in a command capacity. In addition, this position would serve as a Deputy Fire Marshal and be in charge of the Town’s communication function. The Board of Directors of the Tolland Fire Department Inc. concurs with this recommendation and has stated “The Board heartily agrees with this conclusion. Volunteer officers cannot be counted upon to reduce the workload.”

25 25  Included within the Fire, Public Safety, Emergency Management and Law Enforcement budgets are the cost of the administrative functions associated with the reverse 911 Everbridge System. This will allow for telephone messages to be sent to residents on general topics of importance ($4,050).  Adjust the pay grade level for the position of Public Safety Supervisor and Public Works Operations Manager by one grade and increase the base salary of each position by $5,000 to reflect increased responsibilities and work levels as well as hours worked at a cost of $9,000 (partial offset by State Grant).  Implementation of a Health Wellness Initiative at a cost of $7,000 paid out of funds available in the Health Insurance account in the current year. Industry experts predict that the Town should see reductions in future health insurance expenditures at a rate of 3-5 times the investment made in the Wellness Program.  Increase the cost share for Health Insurance, which unaffiliated employees of the Town will pay, from 14% to 16%, except for those employees who participate in the Health Wellness Initiatives which would reduce the increase by 1%.

26 26  Re-title the positions of Working Foreman in the Parks & Facilities Department and Highway Superintendent in the Highway Department to Public Works Supervisor. Along with the Public Works Operations Manager, these two supervisory positions provide oversight and direction for all Parks and Highway activities. The initial cost for this reclassification will be an increase of $3,000 to the Working Foreman position; however, there will be a future savings of approximately $15,000 with the adjustment of the Highway Superintendent’s position to a lower wage group when the current employee retires.  $27,000 for the connection fee to tie the Hicks Municipal Building into the Town’s public sewer system.  The Water Commission and Water Pollution Control Authority have each authorized the allocation of $15,000 from their funds to hire a 24 hour per week, non-benefitted Engineering Assistant position to assist with the many technical responsibilities confronting the Commission. This position would work under the direction of the Town Engineer.  A $38,103 increase in the contractual cost for Resident State Trooper services.  A $500 increase in the Fire budget for the Explorer Program.

27 27 Town Council Additions to the Budget Recommended by the Town Manager Town Expenditures - $15,500 to fund the following items: –Move up the hiring date of the Assistant Public Safety Supervisor from January 1, 2012 to October 1, 2011 at a cost of $15,000. –$500 for program materials for the Fire Explorer program.


29 29 Board of Education Request$36,016,1076.53% Town Manager Recommended$34,637,4312.45% Town Council Adopted$35,136,1073.93% BOARD OF EDUCATION FUNDING AS RECOMMENDED

30 30 Board of Education Request Town Manager’s budget reduced the Board of Education request but still increased their budget by 2.45% or $828,896. Town Council’s adopted budget increased the Town Manager’s proposal for the Board of Education to 3.93% over 2010/2011 or an increase of $1,327,572.

31 31 Reduction to Original Board of Education Request Consist of the Following $595,000 savings in the Health Insurance Account as a result of percentage increase adjustments. The rate of increase has been lowered from 18.66% to 11.3% primarily through adjustments in coverage for large claims and recommended by our health benefits consultants. $100,000 savings in the Health Insurance Account from possible conversion of employees to the HSA insurance platform. $95,060 savings from OPEB contributions for the next fiscal year due to adequate annual funding of our Trust Account. $90,000 savings in special education costs due to a direct payment in the same amount from the State Board of Education.

32 32 ADJUSTMENTS TO BOE EXPENDITURE REQUEST Source Town Manager Adjustments Town Council Adjustments Direct Grants to BOE(-$90,000) Reduced OPEB Contribution(-$95,000) Insurance Rate Reduction(-$125,000)(-$595,000) Savings from Project HSA Conversions (-$1,095,525)(-$100,000)

33 33 Tolland Public Schools Proposed Operating Budget 2011-2012 April 26, 2011

34 34 Tolland Public Schools 2011-12 Proposed Operating Budget 2010-11 Adopted Budget$33,808,535 2011-12 Proposed Budget$35,136,107 Increase in Dollars$ 1,327,572 Percentage Increase 3.93%

35 35 Tolland Public Schools

36 36 Tolland Public Schools Please Remember to Vote! Annual Budget Referendum Tuesday May 3, 2011


38 38 SIGNIFICANT ON-GOING PROJECTS Implementation of HVAC/Geothermal improvements at the Hicks Memorial Building. Completion of extension of sewers up Route 195 to the corner of Anthony and Baxter. Implementation of roof improvements at Library. Implementation of elevator at Town Hall. Implementation of asbestos floor tile removal project at the Middle School.

39 39 FY11-12: SIGNIFICANT CAPITAL PROJECTS FUNDED BY THE GENERAL FUND Total Amount: $335,501 Sidewalk Paving - $15,000. Skylight Replacement - $26,000. Reserve for current year depreciation for municipal vehicle replacement - $21,789.  Board of Education – Tolland Intermediate School:  Town Administration:

40 40 FY11-12: SIGNIFICANT CAPITAL PROJECTS FUNDED BY THE GENERAL FUND Total Amount: $335,501 7 th and last payment for replacement of Engine #340 - $70,000.  Fire Department:  Capital Equipment: Dump Truck #36 Replacement – Parks & Facilities replacement of 1992 one ton Dodge dump truck with a new one ton truck with plow and all season body - $76,819.

41 41 FY11-12: SIGNIFICANT CAPITAL PROJECTS FUNDED BY THE GENERAL FUND Total Amount: $335,501 Upgrade of Base Station Repeaters located at Highway, Parks & Facilities and the Tower Site are mandated by FCC to be licensed and operating in narrowband emissions before 1/1/13 - $20,000 - second of three payments. One additional gas pump and flow fuel part for recently installed above ground fuel tanks at the Highway Garage plus removal of the old tank - $25,500.  Public Facilities:

42 42 FY11-12: SIGNIFICANT CAPITAL PROJECTS FUNDED BY THE GENERAL FUND Total Amount: $335,501 Infrastructure Drainage designs for Weigold Road, Baxter Street and Sugar Hill Road systems - $50,600.  Drainage:  Pavement Management: Design and construction of the rear parking lot at the Hicks Memorial Municipal Center - $29,793.


44 44 TOLLAND DEBT SCHEDULE 2011-12 THROUGH 2015-16 % change FY11/12 -$4,751,2961.87% FY12/13 - $4,797,741.97% FY13/14 - $4,724,537 (1.53%) FY14/15 -$4,676,459 (1.02%) FY15/16 -$4,691,778 (0.33%) Both Moody’s & Fitch Financial rating agencies have indicated that the Town’s debt is moderate and manageable and in line with Communities that have similar credit ratings.

45 45 DEBT SERVICE FOR BUDGET YEAR: $4,751,796 Debt Service Breakdown: 71% 29%


47 47 TAX IMPACT Property Tax Impact of the Town Manager ’ s Recommended Budget for Three Average Assessments 2009 AssessmentEquivalent ValueTaxes at 29.15Taxes at 30.28Difference $121,972$174,246$3,555$3,693$138 $196,130$280,186$5,717$5,939$222 $375,384$536,262$10,942$11,367$425 Formula to determine tax impact: Current assessment x current year mill rate (29.15) Compared against Current assessment x proposed mill rate (30.28) Difference equals tax impact

48 48 Click here on the home page to access the Tax Calculation Form

49 49

50 50 What Can You As A Citizen Do Going Forward? Become involved Be informed… Sign-up for our E-blast newsletter on the website – Like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter at Town of Tolland Volunteer for town boards/commissions ◦ Board of Building Appeals ◦ Permanent Celebration Committee ◦ Tolland Economic & Community Development Corporation

51 51 ◦ Tolland Energy Task Force ◦ Tolland Non-Profit Housing Corp. Submit suggestions, questions or comments via the town’s website; a new interactive suggestion/comment box will become active soon on the homepage through which citizens can submit an inquiry and then view the Town’s posted response

52 52 Voting District #1: votes at the Hicks Memorial Municipal Center (town hall) at 21 Tolland Green (located at the intersection of Route 195 and Old Post Road) in the gymnasium. Parking is available in the main parking lot off of Old Post Road. Voting District #2: votes at Tolland Senior Center at 674 Tolland Stage Road. Parking is available. You may direct questions regarding your voting district to any of the following offices: Registrars of Voters - (860) 871-3634 Town Clerk’s Office – (860) 871-3630 Town Manager’s Office – (860) 871-3600 ANNUAL BUDGET REFERENDUM IS TUESDAY, MAY 3 - POLLS ARE OPEN FROM 6:00 AM TO 8:00 PM Tolland Has Two Polling Places:

53 53 Budget Referendum: Tuesday, May 3 “Shall the Town of Tolland’s proposed 2011-2012 budget of $51,041,662, reflecting a spending increase of $1,721,476 which is an increase of 3.49% resulting in a mill rate of 30.28 mills, be adopted? Yes/No” ~ PLEASE VOTE ON MAY 3 rd - POLLS ARE OPEN FROM 6 AM TO 8 PM

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