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Wednesday & Thursday 9/17-9/18

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1 Wednesday & Thursday 9/17-9/18
English III Wednesday & Thursday 9/17-9/18

2 Bellringer Take out “A Look at Mary Warren” handout. Finish filling out the bubbles. 5-7 minutes

3 Acts 1 & 2 review/summary (switch PowerPoint)
10 minutes

4 Act One Short Essay Response
Work on essays. Due Friday. 3 paragraphs Include vocab learned Rubric 20 minutes

5 Literary Elements discussion – Guided Notes (switch PowerPoint) (15- 20 minutes)
Style Allusion Metaphor Allegory Bias Fear

6 Partner up! 1 sheet of paper, both names
Note the figurative quality of John’s language, which includes several striking metaphors, at the end of the act.  Review metaphors. How did Miller hint at this poetic, imaginative side of John’s nature earlier in the act? What is meant when John uses the metaphor “your justice would freeze beer”?  What does John mean when he uses the metaphor “the man dreams cathedrals, not clapboard meeting houses”?  What does an individual’s ability to use figurative language, such as metaphors, tell you about that person?  Which characters in the play speak in metaphors? Find examples of irony in Act II It is ironic that John and Elizabeth are, in effect, put on trial in the context of an informal, friendly visit.  Note the sharp irony in the commandment that John forgets – adultery-and the delicate irony in the fact that it is Elizabeth who reminds him (and thus bales him out).  What is ironic about Hale’s reference to the “godly wisdom of the court”? Rebecca Nurse, portrayed as benevolent, fruitful and nurturing in Act I, has been arrested for the supernatural murder of Ann Putnam’s children, and Giles Corey’s bemusement at his wife’s books is ironically linked to her arrest for casting spells on pigs. 

7 Allusion Definition of Allusion
In a play about the false charges of witchcraft, it is natural to find many allusions to both the Old and the New Testaments.  Few are as telling as John Proctor’s allusion to Pontius Pilate in his reply to Hale.  What does Proctor mean when he says that God will not let Hale “wash your hands of this”? Review using text evidence to support interpretation Short Answer questions for Act I and Act II – individually or in pairs Work on Mary Warren Chart Work on Characters chart Work on Act One Short essay

8 HW Finish Act One essay Work on character chart and Mary Warren chart
Work on projects (due Monday)

9 Friday Persuasive Essay: Format, ethos, logos, pathos
Persuasive focus intro activity Persuasive essay format Friday, we will be working on persuasive essay Begin reading Act III Don’t forget: Continue filling out character chart Finishing touches on your project

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