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Electric Circuits Matthew Kennedy 4 th Grade Bonjour Elementary.

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1 Electric Circuits Matthew Kennedy 4 th Grade Bonjour Elementary

2 Electric Circuit – Background Information Battery = energy source Wire = conductor Light bulb = resistor The flow of energy flows from the positive end of the battery to the negative end.

3 Ask a Question Do you think that you could make this light bulb light up? – Hold up the mini-light bulb

4 Materials Harcourt Science textbook p. F10-11 “Making Light Bulbs Light Up” Materials needed for each group: – D-cell battery – Insulated electrical wire (at least 2) – Miniature light bulb – Tape (battery holders work best) – Paper to diagram their drawing (science notebook) – * I try to have this ready in cups.

5 Conduct Investigation At this point you can either have the students work independently or in pairs. – I prefer independent because it is a very challenging activity. Allow them to work for 15-20 minutes. This part varies on their readiness and ability to figure out the activity. – They usually see another student light their bulb and copy the strategy.

6 Conduct Investigation con’t. When they are able to make the circuit work have them draw what they did. – There is a worksheet provided in the Harcourt Science Workbook or you can just have them diagram in a journal. – Symbols can be found on F13 in the textbook. If a student finishes early you can always choose to give them another light bulb and wire.

7 Investigate Further You can have the whole class, independently or in pairs, try to light up 2 light bulbs. – They would need more wires for this. Give them materials to incorporate into the circuit: paper clip, nail, Styrofoam, etc. Follow-up this activity by reading out of the Harcourt book pages F12-15.

8 Investigate Further Airliner – search for electric circuits in the gallery. There is a simple circuit that is a good visual to use after they have done the activity. Check out the following website(s): – ectricitycircuits.html ectricitycircuits.html – rcuitsconductors.html rcuitsconductors.html

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