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Working “Greener” Can Save Your Law Library Some “Green” Kathleen M. Sasala, Esq. Director, Cleveland Law Library ORALL, 2009.

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1 Working “Greener” Can Save Your Law Library Some “Green” Kathleen M. Sasala, Esq. Director, Cleveland Law Library ORALL, 2009

2 WAYS TO SAVE Examples of ways to save: 1.Curtailing business trips in favor of telephone or video conferences. 2.Changing the thermostat at the office 3.Using less paper and/or reusing paper 4.Saving energy on equipment and appliances.

3 Have You Hugged a Tree Today?

4 Ways We Have Saved Paper a)reducing the number of patron logs we use every day from 3 to 2; b)consolidating our public employees’ sign in sheets from 5 per week to 1 per week; c)scanning email documents directly into our copy machine without copying them first; d)sending board meeting documents and correspondence by email e)converting all but about 115 of our 2,300 members to receiving our newsletters by email.

5 How These Efforts Saved ItemPages Saved Patron Logs250 Employee Sign-in Sheets1,000 New Scanning350 Digital Board Documents600 Electronic Newsletters8,740 10,940 This equals 22 reams of paper (over 2 boxes) or $72.00

6 Regular Copy Paper Costs VendorCost per Box Xpedx$37.90 Staples$35.99 OfficeMax$39.99 United Office Products $45.99

7 Recycled Paper Costs VendorCost per Box Xpedx$59.90 Staples$40.99 Office Max$44.99 United Office Products $51.99

8 ENERGY SAVINGS  Power down/turn off equipment  Put equipment into sleep or standby mode  Unplug equipment when you can E.g., adding machine, pencil sharpener, coffee machine, electric stapler, postal meter, postal scale, fan, and folding machine, etc.

9 Hard Number Crunching Let’s do some number crunching

10 Assumptions Re: Office Hrs. (52 work weeks) % Of Time The Office Is Open (8 hrs. a day): Days: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 2,080 Hours = 24 % % Of Time The Office Is Closed (16 hrs. a day): Evenings and overnight: 4,160 Hours Weekends: 2,496 Hours 6,656 Hours = 76%

11 Assumptions Re: Energy Costs Ohio average electricity cost: * 8.27 cents per kWh *

12 What Is A Watt ? What is a kilowatt? Watt: a watt is a measure of the rate of electrical use at any moment in time. _________________________________________ EQUIVALENCY 1 kilowatt hr == using 1,000 watts for 1 hr. (Kilo means one thousand) *

13 How Many Watts Do Devices Use? 60 Watt Light Bulb (incandescent) 60 watts CFL Light bulb (60 watt eq.) 18 watts (compact fluorescent light bulb) 17” LCD Monitor:40 watts 17” CRT Monitor90 watts Desktop Computer & 17” CRT150-340 watts Desktop & monitor asleep1-20 watts Laptop computer45 watts

14 Devices That List Amps and Volts AMPS x Volts = Watts (avg. is 120 volts)

15 How To Calculate Energy Loss? FORMULA for LOSS WATTS x Hours X Cost Per= TOTAL 1000 kilowatt hr. COST Example: Usage 60 watt bulb x 16 hrs. X.0827 = $.079/day 1,000 = $2.37/mnth. = $28.44/yr.

16 60 Watt Bulb Savings Per… Turning off 1-60 watt bulb for 16 hours a day: Saves: = $.079/day = $ 2.37/mnth. = $ 28.44/yr.

17 LCDs vs. CRTs LCD CRT Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors use 1/3 to 1/2 the electricity of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors* *

18 LCD vs. CRT Comparison Savings LCD [40 watts]-turning off 1 LCD monitor 16 hrs per day =$.05 per day =$1.50 per month =$18.00 per year CRT [90 watts]-turning off 1 CRT monitor 16 hrs per day =$.12 per day =$3.60 per month =$43.20 per year

19 Energy Star Equipment Joint Effort of U.S. EPA & U.S. DOE

20 Energy Star FAQ’s Energy Star equipment is certified to:  run cooler  last longer  reduce greenhouse gas emissions  save electricity

21 Our Energy Star Fax Machine Saved us $17.00 to date over the last 12 months

22 Energy Star Computers Windows and Mac’s: Operating systems put monitors and computers into a low-power “sleep mode” after a period of inactivity.

23 Internet Calculator has an online calculator to figure savings on your particular computers and laptops: Calc_v26_with_5_0v2.xls

24 Sleepy Computers May Still Lose Energy A computer in sleep mode can still lose up to 6 watts of energy every moment. Putting your computer to sleep every day at lunch time could save between $2.15 - $6.06 per year.

25 Better Savings from Unplugging Even better than sleeping is unplugging!

26 Vampire Energy Sucks !

27 Vampire Energy Sucks ! (cont’d) ItemAnnual Kilowatt lossCostAnnual Loss Computer3118.27 cents$25.72 Laser printer1138.27 cents$9.35

28 Our Total Annual Savings Green EffortAnnual Savings Saving copy paper$72.00 Cancelling bulk mailing permit$180.00 Turning off 1 60 watt bulb$28.44 Turning off 1 LCD monitor$18.00 Turning off 1 CRT monitor$43.20 Buying an Energy Star Fax$17.00 Putting the computer to sleep at lunch$6.06 Unplugging 1 computer$25.72 Unplugging 1 laser printer$9.25 TOTAL$383.67

29 Buy A Book With Your Savings* Ohio Business Entities, Lexis, $375 Indiana Limited Liability Company Forms and Practice, Data Trace, $249.90 Kentucky Divorce, West, $255 * Eis, Arlene L., Legal Looseleafs in Print (InfoSources Publishing, 2009)

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