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Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone iPad Project by Sophie Burchfield.

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1 Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone iPad Project by Sophie Burchfield

2 Harry Potter’s iPad

3 App #1 Potterbook Harry Potter would use this app to communicate and share with his friends. Harry is a good friend and they are always helping each other through tough times at Hogwarts. Harry is very sincere and determined. Ron is caring and loyal. Hermine is very smart and loving. Together as a team they are unstoppable.

4 App #2 Maps for Muggles Maps for Muggles works like Google Maps. It shows where Harry, Ron, and Hermione go to school and live. The setting of the story is Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry School in England. Hogwarts is very large and it is easy to get lost as a first year. This map allows you to wander the halls and explore classrooms and common areas.

5 App #3 Harry Craft Fight giant spiders, dementors and other ghastly creatures as you create your own world of wizardry in Harry Craft. This is a cooperative app that shows the theme that “friends will help you through tough times” because your friends join in (with wifi) to help you just like in the book.

6 App #4 Harry’s Journal This is a notes app where Harry can write down important ideas. The main idea of the chapter “The Man with Two Faces” is Harry finds proof that Voldemort has returned as part of Professor Quirrell, but he is not strong enough to return on his own. This is important because it shows Harry that Voldemort will return and is out to get him!

7 App #5 Dumb Ways to Die The conflict in this book is Person vs. Person because Voldemort (Harry’s arch enemy) is trying to hurt Harry. He is trying to do that because when Harry was younger Voldemort tired to kill him, but instead Voldemort got hurt and ever since Voldemort has been trying to get back at Harry. Harry has to constantly avoid death. This app keeps him on his toes.

8 App #6 Daily Prophet Online This online newspaper shows you the exciting and wonderful things that happen at Hogwarts and at the Ministry of Magic. It also has a graphing feature that allows you to create a plot mountain. The climax of the story is when Harry found the sorceror’s stone and and faced Voldemort.

9 Puzzles & Games Harry Potter Anagrams I created Harry Potter Anagrams because in the story Tom Riddle changed his name to Voldemort using the same letters in his first, middle, and last name, just like how in the app Harry Potter Anagrams it gives you a character’s name and you have a number of seconds to make as many words as possible from that name. Candy Trains I created Candy Trains because while Harry Potter was riding the train to Hogwarts he ate Bertie Bots every flavored beans. In this app you have to connect three pieces of candies in a row to get five points for your house.

10 Hogwarts Hogwarts House Trivia I created House Trivia because in the story each house (Gryffendor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw) goes against each other to get house points. In the app you go online and play miniature trivia games against other houses. Whichever house has the most points at the end of the year wins the house cup. Hogwarts Run I created Hogwarts Run because Harry and Ron used to get lost in the halls. So in this app you have to help Harry and Ron find their way to their classes without being late. You will have a number of minutes to find their classroom or they get caught by Professor Snape.

11 Owl Mail Owl mail is like email or texting. It is private so Harry, Ron, and Hermione can talk about the sorcerer’s stone in secret. If the Sorcerer’s Stone gets put into the wrong hands everything can turn into a disaster. If Voldemort gets the stone he can destroy Hogwarts.

12 Thanks for watching!

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