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ENDER’S GAME V. HARRY POTTER BY: MEEEEE!!!!!!! a.k.a. Nicole Thiele.

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1 ENDER’S GAME V. HARRY POTTER BY: MEEEEE!!!!!!! a.k.a. Nicole Thiele

2 The Ordinary World Hero’s environment, personal history, and something that is causing stress HARRY POTTER!!! An orphanage, living with his aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon, and fat little brat, Dudley Dursley. Harry is out of place at his stuck-up temporary living quarters. Living in the cupboard underneath the stairs Harry wears Dudley’s old hammy down clothes and goes to Smeltings, a public school while Dudley went to a private school. ENDER’S GAME On Earth, Ender is a third. Not counted as part of the family, or treated equally Ender is fearful of his harmful, bully, brother, Peter. Yet, he is protected by and protects his loving, sweet, kind, and careful sister, Valentine. V.

3 The Call to Adventure The hero must face the beginnings of change HARRY POTTER!!! Harry’s life begins to change when owls start to arrive at his home with letters addressed to Harry Potter, t he cupboard underneath the stairs. Finally, after weeks of these mysterious owls showing up with all of these letters Harry gets a hold of one letter and it turns out Harry is invited to go to Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry. ENDER’S GAME Once Ender has his monitor off and he has killed Stilson, a bully that messed with Ender on the wrong day. Graff, his mentor, comes over to invite him to Battle School. Ender and his parents think that he is in trouble but then they find out they’re trying to recruit Ender for Battle School. V.

4 Refusal of the Call Character may turn away(even briefly) or may express uncertainty ENDER’S GAME After Ender is asked if he would like to attend Battle School by Graff, Ender almost decides against it because he doesn’t want to leave his precious (besides Peter) family, especially Valentine. HARRY POTTER!!! Once Hagrid asks Harry if he wants to go to Hogwarts Harry says that he is not a real wizard. V.

5 Meeting with the Mentor Hero meets an experienced traveler who gives training, advice, etc, or the character finds courage from within. ENDER’S GAME Ender is introduced to his mentor, Mazer Rackham. In this meeting, Ender is put into a group of experienced fighters that Ender has worked with throughout Battle School. But to Ender’s surprise Mazer Rackham is training Ender to kill of the Bugger’s through a simulation (game). HARRY POTTER!!! Harry is introduced to Dumbledore through a mysterious way. Harry gets his first look at Dumbledore from a card found in a pack of frog candies. Harry, in person, is introduced to Dumbledore through the big ceremony where you feast to start off the year of school at the great Hogwarts. V.

6 Crossing the Threshold Hero enters a new place with unfamiliar rules and values HARRY POTTER!!! Harry has to cross plate from 9 ¾ to find different values and rules that will apply to the rest of his life. Once he figures out how to cross the plate form he gets on the Hogwarts exspress. ENDER’S GAME Ender first finds a place with new unfamiliar rules and values when he steps foot on the spaceship to take him to Battle School. V.

7 Tests, Allies, and Enemies Hero is tested and sorts out allies and enemies. ENDER’S GAME Ender is first tested on the spaceship ride because of Bernard, the kid that Ender breaks the arm of, after Bernard kicks Ender’s seat. Ender sorts out friends from enemies because of who hangs with Bernard and who will actually talk with him. HARRY POTTER!!! On Hogwarts train Harry is sitting with Ron, Hermione, and Neville when Draco Malfoy comes to greet Harry and tells Harry he is making a mistake by hanging out with Ron and Hermione. V.

8 Approach Hero prepares for major challenge ENDER’S GAME Ender is prepared for the battle of the Bugger’s. This comes through training, sleeping, eating. Repeat. Ender doesn’t even know what day it is or how long he has been at command school. HARRY POTTER!!! Harry prepares for his major challenge by studying about the topic and learning as much as he can about the sorcerers stone. V.

9 The Ordeal Hero confronts death or faces his greatest fear HARRY POTTER!!! While Harry, Ron, and Hermione are trying to get the Sorcerer's stone back and safe from Quirrel the defense against the Dark arts teacher who wants the stone to give to Voldemort so he can grow strong and never die. Harry has to face the fear of seeing Voldemort and possibly not being able to accomplish the task. ENDER’S GAME Ender has woken up to no Mazer, no one making him eat, so Ender makes his way to the simulator to find a bunch of people waiting for him to (pass the exam) or kill off the Bugger’s. V.

10 The Reward Hero takes possession of the treasure by facing death. There may be a celebration, but also danger of losing the treasure again HARRY POTTER!!! After Harry faces Voldemort for the first time Harry’s reward is keeping the stone safe from Quirell and Voldemort long enough to get it back into the safe hands of Dumbledore. ENDER’S GAME In Ender’s game the reward of Ender killing the Bugger’s is that there is now a place for the humans to colonize and Ender can be the governor there. V.

11 The Resurrection The hero is severely tested once more, he or she is purified by one last sacrifice, one more moment of death, but on a higher and more complete level. HARRY POTTER!!! Harry at the end of the series is tested one last time by having to kill all of the horcuxes and then kill Voldemort himself for once and for all. Harry then is entitled to use the Elder wand but decides to break it. ENDER’S GAME Ender is tested for the last time when he discovers the place the place the Bugger’s made for him and he has already seen it from the game and he finds the last queen Bugger and her eggs buried in there for him to find and make everything okay. V.

12 The Road Back The Hero must complete the journey to make sure the treasure is brought home HARRY POTTER!!! Going back to the first book, Harry keeps the stone in his pocket until he gives the stone back to Dumbledore for safe keeping. ENDER’S GAME Ender talks with the queen Bugger and takes her and puts her inside his coat. V.

13 Return with the Elixir Hero returns home or continues the journey, carrying some part of the treasure that has the power to transform the world. HARRY POTTER!!! Harry kills Voldemort and brings happiness and peace to wizards, witches, and even muggles. ENDER’S GAME Ender travels to other planets looking for the right place to begin a new colony of Buggers. V.

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