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By Andrew, George, James, Nam. By George Mitchell.

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1 By Andrew, George, James, Nam

2 By George Mitchell

3 Desktop screens can have different layout and amount of information on them compared to a smart phone, a desktop has more processing power and a larger screen so it can handle more information on each page and contain more on screen Desktop screen size on average 1024px by 760px Desktop Screen

4  Typical desktop screens are 1920 x 1080 resolution (16:9).  But this can vary and sometimes the screens can be different aspect ratios.  For every 16 pixels across there are 9 pixels down. 16 9 9/16 = 0.5625 1080/1920 = 0.5625 There are just over 2,000,000 pixels in a 1920x1080 screen. Which is just over 2MP.

5 discussion/1495.html

6 By Nam ly

7 Tablet screen has less processer power than desktop so it would not be able to handle a lot of things on the screen at once for example; if you have a screen saver the shoot bubbles and moves the tablet would not be able to do that. However the tablet has got a few moving graphical screen savers that can be used for the tablet to give it a more of a amazing back ground 215 pixels per inch


9  Designing websites for the smartphone is essential for attracting a large audience to your website. As seen on the picture, adapting a website for a smartphone makes it easier to explore and more appealing to the growing mobile audience. The sizes of smart phones range from around 240 x 340 pixels compared to computer monitors with screens reaching 1260+ pixels.

10  Smartphones come in a variety of sizes: an iPhones screen is 1.92 inches width to 3.49 height, which is very different to a blackberry or android. The blackberry’s screen has 2.5 inches height to 2.5 inches width and the android are from 920dpi to 720dpi, 640dp x 480dp, 470dp x 320dp and 426dp x 320dp. 010/01/22/survey-shows-mobile-banking- is-most-commonly-used-service-by- smartphone-users/

11  Unlike smartphones, tablets try to use the same screen dimensions of 7 inches horizontally with the exception of Apple’s IPad that has a width of 9.7 inches /rumor-7-inch-ipad-to-be-produced-in- brazil-for-fall-launch

12  Unlike Smartphones. Desktop screens are constricted to the dimensions on the image, they can be slightly different sizes to the ones shown on the image but most applications won’t work properly and objects might appear oddly since they aren’t following the main desktop sizes.


14 8300-vs-palm-treo-750/ lse/ Discussion about Purebred tablets vs hybrid laptops

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