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Tablet Computers Georgia 4- H Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging 2013.

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1 Tablet Computers Georgia 4- H Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging 2013

2 What are tablets? Tablets are a small mobile computers that are primarily touch-screen operated. They can be used for reading, watching movies, using apps, listening to music, taking photos, surfing the Internet and more.

3 What to Consider When Purchasing a Tablet: Price Hardware Preferences for Use Average Battery Life Dimensions Internal Storage Capacity WiFi & 3G/4G Resolution Camera

4 Price Range from $200 up to $2,000 depending on features Consider the quality of the tablet associated with the price. More expensive tablet may have more capabilities and last longer than a cheaper tablet Choosing a tablet will depend on the budget you have to spend on a tablet computer

5 Hardware RAM Tablets within the range of 512MB or more of RAM will produce better performance and overall improved interface. Speed and processor tablet worth purchasing should be able to… open a webpage launch an app adjust settings within a few seconds. Processors of 1GHz speed or more are optimum and will be your best bet for fast performance.

6 Preferences for Use Ask yourself... Will you use the tablet on the go, or primarily at your home? Will you use it for entertainment purposes only, or for taking notes in class? These are important considerations when deciding on a tablet. Some operating systems have more elaborate app choices.

7 Average Battery Life Tablet computers can have a battery life for anywhere from 2 to 16 hours. Will you take your tablet on the go frequently without access to a power outlet? Or, will you use it at home and be able to plug it in if needed?

8 Dimensions Tablet screen sizes range from 2.8 inches to 14 inches Screen size can affect which cases you are able purchase and how you transport them.

9 Dimensions The screen size impacts how easy the tablet is to hold and use with one or both hands. The weight of a tablet ranges from around.15 lb. to 5 lb. The weight of a tablet computer is a key factor to consider, especially if you plan on carrying your tablet computer with you.

10 Internal Storage Capacity Internal storage is the amount of data the tablet can hold. 0 GB to 500 GB You can sometimes add additional storage through removable storage.

11 WiFi & 3G/4G Tablets can connect to the internet through WiFi &/or 3G/4G data services depending on the features of the tablet If you will be using your tablet in an area where WiFi is available, you may not want to purchase a 3G/4G data plan If you want to use Internet on your tablet anywhere, you may want to purchase 3G/4G plan

12 Resolution The resolution of the screen affects how sharp the image will appear on the screen. It is measured in dimensions of pixels. The higher the numbers, the higher the resolution.

13 Camera Would you use your tablet computer as a camera? Is it important that a camera is featured on both the front and the back of the tablet computer? Is the quality of the camera important to you? These are important questions to consider when considering the use of your tablet computer as a camera.

14 Operating Systems Traditional desktop-based Post-PC mobile based (“phone-like”)

15 Operating Systems Open Model vs. Open model OS allows anyone to make an app for the app market (ex. Android ) Closed Model Closed model requires apps be approved before being sold (ex. Apple)

16 Popular Operating Systems Android BlackBerry tablet OS Apple iOS 6 Choice of tablet affects the operating system it is able to use, so you should consider which OS you prefer

17 Accelerometers Small motion sensors inside tablet Detect orientation of device ex. when you rotate your tablet, accelerometers are what changes tablet from landscape to portrait orientation Important when interacting with apps that use accelerometer technology or when reading

18 GPS Some tablets are now becoming GPS capable They currently require a 3G/4G plan Consider as an option if you plan on using a data plan

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