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Matt Bennett, Director of Sales. Resiliency with Site Server.

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1 Matt Bennett, Director of Sales

2 Resiliency with Site Server



5 Multi-site, Multi-Server Environments


7 PaperCut Site Server provides continuous availability of your printing and copying resources.

8 PaperCut Site Server offered through the Early Access Program (EAP). Site Server Licensing Must apply for Site Server license – contact TSM for application No charge for Site Servers under EAP

9 Easy Transition from NG to MF

10 It is easier than ever for your customers to upgrade from NG to MF. The new upgrade is a huge time saver for you.

11 Enhancements

12 PaperCut's Global Print Driver now supports deployment to 32-bit workstations from 64-bit servers. Simplified the conversion to PaperCut MF from PaperCut NG. The installer now automatically upgrades and imports all your data and settings.

13 Scalability When performing delegated print release, the original owner's username is now visible. Security User PINs are stored in the database in encrypted form. Added the ability to restrict an admin's access to assigned printer groups (including printers and print logs). This enhances support for multi-tenancy.

14 Advanced PDL Transform Added an "inline copies" command to PDL transform language to create a multiple-copies effect. SSO Added support to disable SSO for mobile users without affecting desktop users. When using the SSO confirmation page, users now have an option to change the detected language. Quick find has been enhanced to search for printers by Alternate ID.

15 ACDI 7428 Lindsey Road | Little Rock, AR 72206 800.990.2234 |

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