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SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Identification, Server-Side Printing, Tracking & Mobility Software TEKLYNX CENTRAL Bundled Solutions.

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1 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Identification, Server-Side Printing, Tracking & Mobility Software TEKLYNX CENTRAL Bundled Solutions

2 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS What is TEKLYNX CENTRAL? TEKLYNX CENTRAL manages enterprise labeling users, licenses, and installation within one interface This command center coordinates TEKLYNX’ proven label design, printing, security and tracing applications to simplify administration


4 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Benefits Centralized installation Coordinated licensing Remote Installation Ease of purchasing Well-established products Web printing

5 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Benefits Centralized installation Install five components (CS, LA, SPP, LN, and Licensing) with only 10 installation steps. Select your database once. Install all supporting folders and required configuration. Coordinated Licensing Users no longer need to manage print users and printers in different locations. All licenses for your enterprise labeling system are managed from one central location. Remote Installation Get your design workstations installed and configured without leaving your desk. Using the remote installation select the networked client and silently install the design workstation allowing your users to start designing labels even faster.

6 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Benefits Ease of Purchase All the start up costs are combined into the TEKLYNX CENTRAL admin license. When starting or upgrading simply let a Teklynx reseller know how many printers, print users, designers, or reporters you would like to add. Well Established Products The functionality of CENTRAL that allows you to design, manage, and print labels is powered by products that have already been established in the market as enterprise market leaders. Web Printing If you don’t have access to the network and need to print a label, you no longer need to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Simply browse to a public web site and print the label you need to a local printer.

7 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Product Overview TEKLYNX CENTRAL is based on the standard market products CODESOFT Label Creation software SENTINEL Server Print Management System LABEL ARCHIVE Traceability software for label creation and printing LABELNET Add-on Centralized management solution Including web-based printing

8 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS CODESOFT CODESOFT was created in 1987 and has evolved to meet market requirements Create integrated ad hoc applications using the ActiveX library Available in over 25 languages Supports all existing bar code symbology RFID compatible The Software Standard in bar code label creation Several million copies of CODESOFT are used across the world to create and print all types of labels In partnership with most printing products. Supports all Thermal Transfer printers (over 2200 drivers) and all Windows Printer Drivers

9 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LABEL ARCHIVE Control and traceability when creating and printing labels in a production environment Know instantly Who printed, What they printed and When Ensure exclusive printing of validated label Archive – Label Monitoring Approval – Set rules for production printing Storage – Data Backup on printed label version Security – Limit access to users LABEL ARCHIVE meets companies’ quality assurance requirements relating to standards/regulations in the following industries: Pharmaceutical (21 CFR Part 11) Production (GMP) Chemical (REACH) Available in 5 languages Single Server or client versions Remote approval mode

10 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SENTINEL Reliable, Robust, High Performance SENTINEL was created in 1997 Standard SolutionThe Standard Solution does not require additional programming tools for its integration SENTINEL is a proven solution in a production environment (several print sentinels) where printing is critical Works 24/7 with high volumes of printing (several million labels) SENTINEL can share data with your ERP on print job status and any problem encountered during the print run Mapper tool is easily integrated with any ERP/CRM Web manager Add-on allows control of any SENTINEL license via a web page

11 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LABELNET More than centralized Web printing! Standardized product architecture Centralized installation and access to labels Third party can manage and print labels LABELNET is intuitive, the web interface is configurable, allowing you to control access to production label work flow Print from anywhere in the world, via internet or intranet As interface is server-based and installation centralized, IT intervention is minimized Reduces risk of user error, increases efficiency

12 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LABELNET Access is completely configurable and can be controlled via a Work Order, Workstation or at Product Level Simplified interface is easy to understand and user-friendly The application recovers existing labels from the database and displays them on the web interface When a user prints a label, relevant data goes through CODESOFT, LABEL ARCHIVE and SENTINEL before the label is printed Process ensures conformity of label design and traceability of the print job


14 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Why you need TEKLYNX CENTRAL Do multiple users need to access your organization’s label printing solution? Do you have errors in your current label printing process? Do you need to simplify the label printing process for your end users? Do you have excessive IT maintenance costs related to your label printing process? Do you need secure, controlled user access to your labels and printing application? Do you spend too much time training your production staff on the labeling process? Are you looking for a more streamlined way to manage software?

15 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Bundled Solutions TEKLYNX CENTRAL Bundled Solutions Centralized printing solution Standardization of label management Design control Label traceability Label intervention possible by HQ, affiliates & third parties Print from internet/intranet Automate printing by sending data files from your ERP

16 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Automatic printing via TXT, XML… Data variables are usually from the ERP and SENTINEL’s Mapper. Sent to the SENTINEL directory The label is searched for in the LABEL ARCHIVE Database, provided by the variable and sent to print

17 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Validation Third-party printing User identification Preview the label

18 SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Further information Contact Visit

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