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The Brady Institute for Health Florida Hospital Celebration

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1 The Brady Institute for Health Florida Hospital Celebration
Dr. Scott Brady The Brady Institute for Health Florida Hospital Celebration

2 The EPIDEMIC An August 2003 survey by The Florida Pain Initiative (FPI), confirmed that Florida has a pain epidemic, with four out of five Florida households containing at least one member who experienced at least monthly pain. 57 percent of Americans suffer from chronic pain or recurrent pain saying they suffer pain on at least a monthly basis in survey results released by Research America in September 2003

3 CHRONIC PAIN EPIDEMIC Philosophical Problems
“The fundamental difficulties in treating disabling chronic pain lie in the philosophical and structural underpinnings of medicine. Cartesian dualism and notions of the ‘body as machine’ permeate the culture of contemporary medicine.” Jacobson and Mariano Considerations of Chronic Pain, p.242 Textbook of Pain, 2000

4 Renes Descartes ( ) A French mathematician, philosopher and anatomist, Descartes is considered the founder of modern philosophy. Descartes mode of thinking is called Cartesian. This proposes a basic division between mind and matter. "There has to be a rational explanation for this!"

5 The Cartesian “Split” (Philosophical underpinnings of modern-day Body Medicine)
Mind BODY The Psychologist Spirit The DOCTOR The Pastor

6 The MIND-BODY Connection
(Thoughts and Emotions) (Physical Symptoms) Family Death (GRIEF) Stomach Ache Loss of Appetite Work Stress (ANXIETY) Tight Shoulders Tension Headache Marital issue (ANGER) Migraine Headache Bowel’s Cramp

7 Mind-Body Disorders (What the Studies are Showing)
Cardiac: HTN, CVD Skin: Acne, Psoriasis Psych: Depression, Anxiety GI: Irritable Bowel, Gastritis Immune: Cancer, ?Rheumatologic (RA) Muscles: Chronic Pain Neuro: Headaches

8 Mind-Body Health Issues
Skin G.I. Heart Muscles Immune System Neuro Psych Mortality

9 HEART Depression & Heart Disease
Study: 7,893 people for 10 years This study found that depressed women faced a 73% higher heart disease risk than non-depressed women. Depressed men had a 71% higher heart-disease risk and were 2.3x more likely to die than non-depressed men. Archives of Internal Medicine May 2000

10 HEART Anger and Heart Attacks
Study: 13,000 adults for 6 years People who are anger-prone are nearly three times as likely to have a heart attack. The connection between anger and heart attacks held true even after researchers took into account other major risk factors such as HTN, High Cholesterol, Smoking and Obesity…. Federichi, Williams Circulation 2000

11 Mind-Body Health Issues
Skin G.I. Heart Muscles Immune System Neuro Psych Mortality

12 SKIN It is only recently that Western physicians are rediscovering the link between thought and health…. Most of the common SKIN problems such as adult acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis… may be directly influenced by the patients thoughts and emotions. Mind-body interventions can improve SKIN conditions and, in most cases, quality of life. Arch Deratol. 1998

13 Mind-Body Health Issues
Skin G.I. Heart Muscles Immune System Neuro Psych Mortality

14 PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI)
Studies the influence of psychological factors (esp. STRESS) on many conditions: Immune System Function Cancers Rheumatologic conditions Cardiovascular disease Arthritis Infections

15 Mind-Body Health Issues
Skin G.I. Heart Muscles Immune System Neuro Psych Mortality

16 Optimists vs. Pessimists
Life-Expectancy Optimists vs. Pessimists (Survival Rate over 30 years) “A pessimistic explanatory style, as measured by the Optimism-Pessimism scale of the MMPI, is significantly (19% increase) associated with mortality” Mayo Clinic Proc. 2/2000

17 What about the Spirit? MIND BODY SPIRIT

Medical Studies show that “Spiritual Health” impacts… Blood Pressure Reduction Heart Attack recovery Immune System function Depression recovery Chronic Pain recovery Arthritis recovery

19 Physical Health & Spiritual Health
An Additional 350 studies have examined religious involvement and health. The majority of these have found that religious people are physically healthier, lead healthier lifestyles, and require fewer health services … adding 7-14 years to life. JAMA 10 / 2000

20 The Problem with BODY MEDICINE
Back Pain > 30 days Million Chronic Lower Back Pain Million Chronic Upper Back Pain (Neck & Shoulder) Sciatic nerve Pain Fibromyalgia Million Migraine Headaches Million Tension Headaches Million Irritable Bowel Syndrome Million Insomnia Million ??? WHERE’S THE CURE ???

21 MY Story Lower Back Pain Buttocks/Hip Pain Heart Burn Abdominal Cramps

22 Multiple diagnoses & Rx (but no CURE)
Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD) Scoliosis Sciatic Nerve Pain Gastritis Irritable Bowel Syndrome Insomnia Early Fibromyalgia


24 RECOVERY Dr. John Sarno - NYU Mind-Body Paradigm PAIN FREE in 6 week

25 The Brady Institute for Health est. 2000

26 Brady Institute Study AOS Complaints
Lower Back & Sciatic Pain 50% Fibromyalgia 20% Chronic Neck & Shoulder 20% Myofascial Pain 8% Sciatic Nerve Pain only 2%

27 *Brady Institute Study* Results
Improvement 8 weeks 6-months 80-100% 78% 81% 60-79% % % 40-59% % % 20-39% % % 0-19% % %

28 Autonomic Overload Syndrome
Autonomic – The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the main driver of the symptoms Overload- A build-up of Stress, Repressed Emotions, Pressure & Responsibility “Overload” the ANS Syndrome - When this happens, you can get many different symptoms.

29 *AOS Definition* Autonomic Overload Syndrome is a group of chronic pains and other symptoms caused by harmful levels of stress, pressure, and repressed strong negative emotions that have built up in the subconscious mind.

30 The AOS Pain Catalogue Lower Back Pain
Upper Back Pain (Neck & Shoulder) Sciatic nerve Pain Fibromyalgia Migraine or Tension Headaches Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Myofascial Pain Syndrome Plantar Fasciitis Achilles tendonitis Tennis Elbow Psoriasis and other skin conditions Insomnia Heartburn or reflux

31 The Brain

32 Autonomic Nervous System
SUBCONSCIOUS BRAIN #1 Controls the Autonomic Nervous System


34 What’s turning the ANS up?
2. The Subconscious Brain is the Storehouse of REPRESSED Emotions – created from Stress, Pressure, Life events, and your Personality

35 Stress Is Damaging when there is:
STRESS Study Stress Is Damaging when there is: Too Much Stress Too Frequent Stress (it accumulates) Not enough time between Stressors McEwen, Bruce N.E.J.M. 1/15/1998


37 Unmasking Your Pain-Prone Personality
Are you a Perfectionist? Are you a People Pleaser? Are you a Legalist? Are you a Stoic? Are you a Fear Prone?

38 PERFECTIONIST Driven , Highly Motivated, Self Critical
Responsible , conscientious, guilt-laden Set “impossible” standards and goals Hates being wrong or corrected All or Nothing A CONTINUOUS SOURCE OF ANGER SINCE WE AND OTHERS CAN NEVER REACH IT … AND IF WE DO, WE MUST DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW!!!

39 The Perfectionist Motto
I must be perfect and right … I refuse to be average. Others should watch what I do and say – and then follow my lead There are two ways of doing things in life: my way and the wrong way. If I do fail, I’ll just try harder … I hate it when I make mistakes. I cover up my faults, my failures, and my inadequacies. Life is hard, my lists are long, and I live with constant pressure. Life is fun when I can get everything done – the right way.

40 People Pleaser The need to be “good”, liked by everyone
Helpful, sacrifices own needs for others Doesn’t like stress in relationships Usually Happy, Sweet, non-confrontational A CONTINUOUS SOURCE OF ANGER; TAKES ENERGY TO BE NICE, MUST REPRESS “UGLY” THOUGHTS... RELATIONSHIPS INVOLVE CONFLICT, STRESS, AND DISAPPOINTMENTS.

41 People Pleaser Motto I must be good, and nice … I’m not a bad or selfish person. I will be happy, pleasant, and liked by everyone. Whatever you do, please don’t reject me. I will put others before myself, because that’s the good thing to do. Of course, it takes a lot of energy to smile and be nice all the time, but I can usually swallow my anger and or bad thoughts I have. Close relationships are hard for me – because I hate conflict. If I told people what I really think , they’d be shocked!

42 *5 Step Treatment Plan* Make the Mind-Body Connection (5 min)
Take Control over your subconscious mind (5 min) Depth Journaling (20 min) Prayer and Meditation (daily) Physical Activity (resume)

43 1. Make the Mind-Body Connection
Acknowledge the Psychological cause Close the door to the Physical explanations Open the door to the Psychological Think of your symptoms in terms of your Repressed Emotions ONLY Take your “Mind’s eye” and look DOWN


45 3. Write About Your Emotions
Depth-Journaling - Focus your attention ENTIRELY on Repressed Negative Emotions buried in your subconscious mind Anger / Irritation / Frustration / Anxiety / Fear / Guilt What Pressure do I feel? What Responsibility do I feel? Do I feel out of Control?

46 Where are the Emotions?

47 THE PRESENT Life’s outside Pressures
Negative AND Positive pressures Work Family - Being the perfect parent / spouse Money Issues , Debt Illness Taking care of family members Aging , your own mortality ANY changes - GOOD OR BAD Not being IN CONTROL !!!

48 ANGER Bothered Disappointed Hurt Frustrated Irritated Ticked-Off Angry
Enraged !!!

49 Whatever is Good and Lovely and excellent and
4. Prayer and Meditation How is my Spiritual Health? Father, what’s in my Heart? Meditation: What do you think about when you’re not thinking about anything? Whatever is Good and Lovely and excellent and Worthy of Praise.

50 Spiritual Health: A Connectedness and trust in God that involves confession, forgiveness, and belief – and results in a pervasive sense of hope, peace, comfort, meaning, and release from guilt, fear, and pressure.

51 Spiritual Distress Guilt - Shame Anxiety - Condemnation
King David: Psalm 38 “My guilt has overwhelmed me … my wounds fester … my back is filled with searing pain. There is no health in my body … My strength fails; even the light has gone from my eyes …. My pain is ever with me ….. I am troubled by my sin….” Spiritual Distress Guilt - Shame Anxiety - Condemnation

52 “What happened to all your joy?”
Spiritual Health Legalism vs Grace “You who are trying to be justified by law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace.” Galatians 5:4, NIV “What happened to all your joy?” Galatians 4:15, NIV

53 *Benefits of Spiritual Health *
With Healthy Spirituality: Fear is replaced with HOPE. Condemnation is replaced with LOVE. Anxiety is replaced with INNER PEACE. Inner turmoil is replaced with COMFORT. Isolation and loneliness is replaced with CONNECTION WITH GOD. Meaningless is replaced with MEANING IN LIFE. Doubt and uncertainty are replaced with assurance about YOUR LIFE. Koenig. Duke University

54 Whole Person Health MIND BODY SPIRIT

55 Thank You

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