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Senior Class Meeting Tuesday, January 20th “ Getting prepared”

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1 Senior Class Meeting Tuesday, January 20th “ Getting prepared”

2 Scholarships –LCEF now available, deadline: February 20 thLCEF instruction sheet –Scholarship days at universities/colleges (RSVP) –AHS Local Scholarships available in March –Check AHS Counseling Webpage for more info on scholarshipsAHS Counseling Webpage FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid –Complete FAFSA online, deadline for state aid is MARCH 1 stFAFSA –Apply for a Federal Student Aid Pin (Yourself and Parent)Pin

3 Attendance and Grades –Seniors please be aware that a drop in attendance and grades could cause a withdrawal of offer from a university.. Don’t let it happen to you…. What if….. You are denied or deferred for admission to a college /university.. SEE YOUR COUNSELOR.. ASAP What if….. You are still unsure about plans after high school… SEE YOUR COUNSELOR.. ASAP

4 Obligations Cap and Gown- Deadline April 2 nd EDP’s /Volunteer Hours Final Transcripts should be requested via Senior Plans

5 HELP NEEDED Senior Committees See the following Class Officers if you are interested in helping President - Graduation Speaker-ideas??? Vice President- Senior night Secretary - Baccalaureate Treasurer - Senior Gifts---ideas???

6 YEARBOOK Yearbooks need to be ordered by Jan 31st to get them for $55 ($65 after) online at ( or see Mrs. Miller) If Mrs. Miller does not have your senior picture you will be invited to have Mr. Gonzalez take a professional headshot on Fri Jan 23rd in the theater, this will be FREE. Your school ID picture will be used if you do not get a formal picture to Mrs. Miller Senior Ads are due 2/13 (⅛, ¼, & ½ page)- form, money, pics & message due on this date. Info for Senior Ads is on the adrian maples website. This Years cover design:

7 Class T-Shirts $10 for short sleeve and $13 for long sleeve. $2 extra for XXL and XXXL. For sale in the senior lobby, at lunch, or im A122 before and after school.

8 ...FYI University of Michigan are looking for seniors to volunteer to take an adolescent health risk behaviors survey.. Date TBD Pay each participant $40 Survey will take 2hrs Take place sometime in March or April Sign up.. first come first serve Listen for announcement

9 AHS Guidance Counseling Webpage……

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