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California/Nevada ACHSA Sacramento, California November, 2013.

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1 California/Nevada ACHSA Sacramento, California November, 2013











12 Contacts Chaplain Keith Knauf Father John Healy Dr. David Mathis Dr. Michele DiTomas

13 References Puchalski, C. et al. Improving the Quality of Spiritual Care as a Dimension of Palliative Care: The Report of the Consensus Conference, J Palliat Med. 2009; Vol 12, No 10; 885-904. Delgado-Guay, M. Spirituality, Religiosity, and Spiritual Pain in Advanced Cancer Patients. J of Pain Symp Mgmt, Vol 41, No 6, 2011. Lo, B. et al. Discussing Religious and Spiritual Issues at the End of Life JAMA. 2002;287(6):749-754. Lo, B. et al. Responding to Requests Regarding Prayer and Religious Ceremonies by Patients Near the End of Life and Their Families, J Palliat Med. 2003; Vol 6, No 3: 409-415 Puchalski, C. et al. Religion, Spirituality and End of Life Care, UpToDate, 2013. (includes tools for spiritual history) Rosenblatt, L. et al. Psychosocial Issues in Advanced Illness, UpToDate, 2013. Knauf, K. The Pomegranate has Many Veils. J of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Vol 64, No 3,4, 2010. Bruera, E. et al. The Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS): A simple method for the assessment of palliative care patients. J of Palliat Care, Vol 7(2), 1991, 6-9.

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