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RPEMS Classroom Volunteering

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1 RPEMS Classroom Volunteering 2014-2015
Roland Park Elementary/Middle School 5207 Roland Avenue Baltimore, MD 21210 (410) RPEMS Classroom Volunteering

2 City Schools Volunteers
Legal disclaimer: As a volunteer your services to City Schools are provided strictly in a volunteer capacity without any expressed or implied promise of employment. 

3 Mission Statement Roland Park, an urban elementary/middle school, empowers our diverse community of learners to achieve academic excellence. Teaching and learning at Roland Park provide a positive, engaging, and challenging environment for creative and critical thinking.

4 This Presentation Volunteers are critical to student success
Volunteers, PBIS, and the 3 R’s Expectations of RPEMS Classroom Volunteers BCPS Code of Conduct Student Rights and Responsibilities Parent and Guardian Rights and Responsibilities Additional Rights of Volunteers Next Steps for Volunteers

5 Volunteers are critical to student success
Volunteers help: Support teachers Support students academically – remedial support and enrichment opportunities Enhance the RPEMS experience Support students emotionally and socially Practice reasoning and problem solving skills Encouraging PBIS and Modeling the 3Rs

6 Volunteers are critical to students – supporting teachers
Volunteers can be helpful to teachers in a number of ways: Guest speakers/experts on specific units of study One-on-one assistance for students Small group facilitation Grading Additional coach classes Working with students on their Science Fair or History Day projects Photocopies Lesson planning

7 Volunteers are critical to students - academically
Tutoring (during school and after school) Mentoring (during school and after school) Afterschool Clubs/Sports In-class support to teachers One-on-one assistance for students Small group facilitation Additional coach classes Working with students on their Science Fair or History Day projects

8 Volunteers are critical to students – enhance RPEMS experience
Library Volunteering Writing Center Volunteering My Word! Literary Festival –Coordinating assemblies and visiting authors and illustrators Science Fair or History Day Judges Facilities improvement – gardening, mural painting, etc. Thinking about grant ideas and opportunities

9 Volunteers are critical to students – emotionally and socially by encouraging Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) It’s more than just blue tickets (or gold or purple) PBIS is a framework for helping the school define, teach, and acknowledge behavioral expectations. It is: a research based model of teaching and supporting positive behaviors to meet the needs of ALL students. common routines and uniform language around appropriate school behaviors consistent throughout the school

10 PBIS and The Three “R”s Every member of the RPEMS community (children, staff and volunteers) is expected to demonstrate positive behavior that is based on the three “R”s of PBIS.

11 The Three “R”s throughout the school
Respectful Speak kindly to and about others Actively listen Follow adult directions Ask permission to use things Use appropriate language and tone Responsible Walk in all areas of the school building Keep hands, feet, and body to yourself Accept consequences Respect school property Report inappropriate of destructive behavior Ready Give your best effort Be on time Follow proper dress code Bring necessary materials Know and follow BCPS code of conduct

12 The Three “R”s in the classroom
Respectful Raise your hand to participate Use appropriate language and voice during group work Respect school property Responsible Bring all necessary materials Remain in assigned area Complete and turn in all class work and homework Do your own work Ask for help when you need it Ready Arrive on time Remain on task Give your best effort

13 Volunteers are critical to students – emotionally and socially by practicing reasoning and problem solving skills

14 When confronted with an issue, we want students to stand up for themselves. They should not ignore problems and should never overreact.

15 A note about discipline…
RPEMS has no expectation that volunteers would discipline students. Students should respect volunteers. If you feel like your safety or the safety of other students is at risk, please get a member of the RPEMS staff or send another student to get a staff member.

16 RPEMS expectations of volunteers
Confidentiality Dependability Communication Support Positive Attitude Professionalism

17 RPEMS expectations of volunteers - Confidentiality
You may have access to grades and records. You will know the children who are succeeding and you will know the children who are struggling. Discuss concerns with staff or the administration, NOT with other volunteers, parents or in the community.

18 RPEMS expectations of volunteers - Dependability
The teachers and staff have planned activities for you and your students. If something comes up, please be considerate of those depending on you. Please notify the teacher 48 hours in advance. Please arrive on time and ready to volunteer.

19 RPEMS expectations of volunteers - Communication
When you have questions or concerns about policy and procedures, ask the teacher or administration. Most problems can be solved with respect and honest communication.

20 RPEMS expectations of volunteers - Support
As a school volunteer, you will be in a support position. Your role is to support the classroom teacher and the administration of the building since they are legally and professionally responsible for the education of all students at the school. Please only perform the duties given by the teacher or administration. Volunteering is not a time to roam the halls, visit your child’s classroom and/or attempt to conference with a teacher. We are happy to schedule any of those, but please don’t do it during volunteer time.

21 RPEMS expectations of volunteers - Attitude
Come to school with a positive attitude, one that will say to each student, “you are so special, I’m glad that I have the opportunity to work with you.” Please follow the teacher’s directions to the best of your ability.

22 RPEMS expectations of volunteers - Professionalism
Adults can be great role models. Please refrain from using mobile phones in the classroom. Please refrain from bringing younger siblings to the class. Please dress appropriately – revealing clothes or clothing with messages are not permitted. We love that you would want to be in your own child’s classroom, but please realize that this may be an additional barrier to your student’s success. To the degree possible, please consider volunteering in a different class or a different grade. Please sign in at the main office and wear a visitor’s badge while volunteering.

23 BCPS Code of Conduct – 6 Principles The Baltimore City Public Schools Code of Conduct 2012-13
Six principles that provide an important foundation to guide behavior. If the RPEMS community abide by these principles, we will contribute to a positive learning environment. I respect others and myself. I am kind and courteous. I demonstrate positive verbal and nonverbal communication and positive behavior. I am responsible for my behavior and its consequences. I come to school on time, focused and prepared to work. I demonstrate behaviors that promote a clean, safe and civil learning environment. I respect school property and the property of others. I present myself in an appropriate and orderly fashion at all times and in all settings, and I demonstrate personal honor and integrity at all times.

24 STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Students have the right to:
Attend school and receive a free and appropriate public education Be taught in a safe learning environment Be treated courteously, fairly and respectfully by other students and school staff Receive a written copy of district and school policies and procedures Bring complaints or concerns to the school principal or staff Request or challenge in writing an explanation of anything in their education records Be told, orally and in writing, the reason(s) for any disciplinary decisions Receive information about the procedures for appealing disciplinary decisions Have a parent or guardian attend applicable disciplinary conferences and hearings Have school staff or an administrator present when police are called, and have a parent or guardian notified of the nature of the investigation and other details as appropriate, unless the situation involves child abuse or neglect

25 STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Students have the responsibility to:
Attend school daily, be prepared for class and complete assignments to the best of their ability Know and obey school rules and instructions given by the school principal and staff Tell school staff about any dangerous behavior or activity that occurs on school grounds, or off school grounds if it may result in disruption to the educational setting Bring only those materials to school that are allowed Behave respectfully toward everyone in the school community Keep parents or guardians informed of school related issues and give them any materials intended for parents or guardians and sent home with students by City Schools

26 PARENT AND GUARDIAN RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Parents and guardians have the right to:
Be actively involved in their children’s education Be treated courteously, fairly and respectfully by all school staff and principals Get information about the policies of the Board and procedures that relate to their children’s education Get regular reports, written or oral, from school staff regarding their children’s academic progress or behavior, including but not limited to report cards, behavior progress reports and conferences Receive information and prompt notification of inappropriate or disruptive behaviors by their children and any disciplinary actions taken by principals or school staff Receive information about due process procedures for disciplinary matters concerning their children, including information on conferences and appeals Receive information from school staff about ways to improve their children’s academic or behavioral progress, including but not limited to counseling, tutoring, after-school programs, academic programs and mental health services within City Schools and the community Receive information about services for students with disabilities and English language learners, when applicable Receive communications through provided translators

27 PARENT AND GUARDIAN RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Parents and guardians have the responsibility to:
Make sure their children attend school regularly and on time and, when children are absent, let schools know why Tell school officials about any concerns or complaints in a respectful and timely manner Work with principals and school staff to address any academic or behavioral problems their children may experience Support City Schools by being a role model for their children, talking with their children about school and expected behavior Read and become familiar with the policies of the Board, CEO administrative regulations and this Code of Conduct Give updated contact information to City Schools and their children’s individual school Give their children a space to complete their homework or allow participation in after-school programs that permit the completion of homework Be respectful and courteous to staff, other parents, guardians and students while on school premises

28 Additional Rights of Volunteers
To receive clear and specific directions from the teachers and staff To feel that you are an important part of the community and your help is recognized To receive constructive feedback on your volunteering To have your skills, dignity, and individual needs respected To not be left in charge of an entire class To expect to have fun

29 As a volunteer, you agree to:
Be dependable and arrive on time Notify the designated school staff with reasonable notice about absences, tardiness and any other problems that may prevent you from fulfilling your obligation Sign in and out each time you visit the school Not take disciplinary action against students Respect the privacy of all students, staff and volunteers by keeping all information received confidential (including but not limited to test results and home/family matters) Never be under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or drugs while serving Never carry weapons while serving Be respectful of students’ learning abilities Not use inappropriate language while volunteering Never transport children without permission Try really hard to avoid using electronic devices such as smart phones while working with students Not engage in religious or political activity when volunteering Never give medication to children Not to photograph a student without express permission from the principal Report unsafe conditions and notify appropriate school personnel of and suspected child abuse and/or neglect Communicate any concerns or questions to the teacher, principal or volunteer coordinator

30 Next steps for volunteers
Fingerprinting If you have been fingerprinted within the last year, please call CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) at  Let them know when you were fingerprinted in the last year and ask for proof that you were fingerprinted. They will send/ /fax that information to you. You would then bring/send RPEMS a copy. If you have not been fingerprinted within the last year, go down to Central Office (200 East North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202) and get the fingerprinting done there.  To be fingerprinted, you need a letter from Roland Park requesting your fingerprinting because we need you at the school. When you go to North Ave, please take that letter with you. They will not fingerprint you without it. When you are done getting fingerprinted, please bring proof of fingerprinting to the school. To get this letter, Phillip at Please include your full government name. Sign up through Classroom parent Come to school!

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