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MASH on DeskPortfolio on Desk Take a textbook from the cabinet English ½ sheets out.

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1 MASH on DeskPortfolio on Desk Take a textbook from the cabinet English ½ sheets out

2  If you are comfortable reading online, and can reliably get online at home, please do not take a textbook today. ◦ I will post the chapter on the class website. ◦ You will get a book when the replacements come in.  Write your name on the inside cover RIGHT NOW.

3  In 1970, Jane Elliott, a third grade teacher in a small Iowa town, divided her class into two groups for a lesson in discrimination--one group being superior to the other.  Issues of prejudice, victims and victimizers, as well as human behavior, are central to this video documentary.

4 Silently answer the post-video questions With your partner: share 1-2 quotes or reactions to the documentary. How did Ms. Eliot make the children obey her? Why do you think this is connected to our essential question: How do people and nations decide to commit inhuman acts?

5  What is a Party Platform? ◦ It is a statement of a what a political party believes in, and what they would do if they took power. ◦ Examples:    What does it do? ◦ It helps keep party members in line. ◦ It helps new members find a party that they agree with.

6  Annotate the 10 points of the platform according to the directions.  Analysis questions: ◦ FIRST, discuss with your partner. Move your pencils away! ◦ THEN, write your own response.

7 The program did not make headlines. The party was just one of many small political groups. Yet by 1921, Hitler was attracting thousands of new members. One early member of the Nazi party and the S.A., its private army, recalled the effect Hitler had on him. We, oldtime National Socialists, did not join the S.A. for reasons of self- interest. Our feelings led us to Hitler. There was a tremendous surge in our hearts, a something that said: “Hitler, you are our man. You speak as a soldier of the front and as a man; you know the grind, you have yourself been a working man. You have lain in the mud, even as we—no big shot, but an unknown soldier. You have given your whole being, all your warm heart, to German manhood, for the well-being of Germany rather than your personal advancement or self-seeking. For your innermost being will not let you do otherwise.” Source:

8  Reading and Notes ◦ Pp. 451-452, “The Holocaust Begins” ◦ College Prep Notes (blue sheet)  Title  Running Notes (your choice)  Key Terms  Summary  Analysis (your choice)

9  Choose from these options for a class name. ◦ You may submit your own IMPORTANT PLACE or PERSON FROM THE1900s!  The top 4 choices will be voted on later this week. NormandyYaltaMoscow MidwayArdennesIwo Jima PotsdamMunichBeijing HanoiSeoul Karl MarxJosef Stalin Pres. Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) General/ President Eisenhower General MacArthur Hideki Tojo Winston Churchill Mao Zedong Pres. John F. Kennedy (JFK)

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