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What will I do to engage students? Morris + Sacher.

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1 What will I do to engage students? Morris + Sacher

2 * Student Engagement can be broken down into 2 levels * Attention vs. Engagement * Attention * Short-term focus on classroom activities * How a student feels and their level of interest * Engagement * Long-term intrinsic motivation for learning * Relevance or importance of learning to the student’s future * Self-efficacy – Can I learn this material? and Do I have control over my future?

3 * When choosing how much effort to devote to learning, students ask themselves 4 questions : 1. How do I feel? 2. Am I interested? 3. Is this important? 4. Can I do this?

4 * If students sense that they are not welcome, accepted, and supported in the classroom, the probability is low that they will engage in classroom activities. * 3 Factors * The student’s level of energy * The demeanor of the teacher * The student’s perception of acceptance by teacher and peers

5 Today I feel like this…

6 * 5 Strategies to help students “Feel good” 1. Strategy: Effective pacing 2. Strategy: Physical movement 3. Strategy: Demonstrating intensity and enthusiasm 4. Using humor 5. Strategy: Building positive relationships gestures

7 * What are some ways you can build relationships with students? * How can you make sure your students feel welcomed, accepted, and supported?

8 * Students want to know whether or not an activity will be “fun.” * Techniques for peaking student interest * Anticipatory sets/guides * Kinesthetic learning * Multiple intelligences * Social learning

9 * Techniques for peaking student interest * Anticipatory sets/guides * strategy strategy *

10 * Anticipatory Guides: Romeo and Juliet Before Reading Statement After Reading People join gangs because they are not strong willed and do not know the value of human life. If a family member is in danger, I would do anything to protect them, even if that means I could die. I would expect a family member to do anything to protect me; including die for me. Love at first sight is real and powerful. Suicide is stupid. Parents should never control who their children spend time with or love. We cannot control our fates. Most murders are premeditated. If I found the right girl/guy I’d marry her/him in a heartbeat. Directions: Read each statement. Mark your answer in the “Before Reading” column. Agree/Disagree/No opinion.

11 * Anticipatory Guides: Runner Directions: The following word cloud contains themes and topics found in the novel, Runner. Choose which word is more interesting to you and write about it for the next three minutes.

12 * Techniques for peaking student interest * * Kinesthetic learning * Social learning Besides using physical movement and kinesthetic learning, what else does Ms. Gruwell accomplish with this activity ? What sort of anticipation guide could you create for one of your lessons?

13 * If the answer is yes, students are more likely to be involved in the tasks at hand. * The more a teacher can tap into students’ higher- level goals, the more engaged the class as a whole will be. (Marzano, Designing and Teaching Learning Goals and Objectives, 2009)

14 * Four ways to tap into students’ personal lives and interests * Make comparisons to student interests * Students compare academic content to a personal interest * Students expand and expound their interests * Students receive structure and guidance regarding those comparisons

15 * Make it meaningful, make it relevant * Make comparisons to student interests * Students compare academic content to a personal interest * science-with-current-events science-with-current-events * french-revolution?fd=1 french-revolution?fd=1 * economic-systems economic-systems * When students can connect a personal experience to class content, it becomes meaningful and memorable. In what ways are these teachers making content relevant, meaningful, and memorable for their students?

16 * A case can be made that this is the most important factor affecting engagement. (Marzano, School Leadership That Works, 2010) * Strategies to enhance self-efficacy * Effective praise and verbal feedback * Tracking and studying progress * Providing examples of efficacy * Teaching about efficacy

17 * Effective praise and feedback * Strategy: “My Favorite No” * ass-warm-up-routine ass-warm-up-routine * Strategy: “Passing Notes” * assing-notes-teaching-strategy assing-notes-teaching-strategy In what ways could you adapt these strategies for your content area?

18 * Other great strategies to increase participation, interest, and engagement * Strategy: “Kick Me” (vocabulary/analogies) * * Strategy: “Participation with Playing Cards” (questioning technique) * * Strategy: “Peer Teaching” * * Strategy: “Hook Stations” * * Strategy: “Interactive Stations” (literary analysis) * understanding understanding

19 * Questions and Comments

20 Morris Sacher

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