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Famous Bratfud Lads & Lasses A Short List with Omissions.

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1 Famous Bratfud Lads & Lasses A Short List with Omissions

2 Jacob Unna and Jacob Behrens, founders of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce. Charles Semon, elected Bradford's first Jewish and foreign- born mayor. Berthold Reif, from Czechoslovakia, comes to Bradford and became a merchant and then mill owner in the Great Depression. He was said to possess 'The Spice of Adventure'. Joseph Kagen, later Lord Kagan, a Holocaust survivor, initially comes to Bradford at the end of the war. He went on to found Kagen Textiles Ltd.

3 Shabir Hussain – Founder and Chief executive of Akbar’s restaurants Mumtaz Khan Akbar – Founder of Mumtaz Food Industries and owner of one of the largest Asian restaurants in Europe. Mohammed Saleem – Founder of Kashmir Crown Bakery. Mohammed Ajeeb CBE– The first Asian Lord Mayor of Bradford. Samuel Lister (1815 -1906) – Owned Lister’s Mill (Manningham Mill), Became Bradford’s MP in 1832, invented the Lister’s nip comb which separated & straightened the wool before it could be spun into Worsted yarn. This revolutionised the textile industry.

4 J.B. Priestly (1894 -1984) – Novelist (26), playwright & Broadcaster Sir Edward Appleton (1892 – 1965) – Physicist & Nobel Prize winner (for Physics), discovered the Ionosphere (The upper part of the atmosphere), which led to the development of Radar. David Hockney – Painter. Considered one of the most influential British painters of the 20 th century. Sir Ken Morrison CBE- Is the Life President and former Chair of Morrisons Supermarkets, the 4 th largest food retailers in the country. His parents William & Hilda set up a chain of grocers in Bradford in 1899.

5 Benjamin (1877 – 1963) & William (1880 – 1965) Jowett – Founded the Jowett Motor Manufacturing Company, which produced family & Sports cars in Bradford between 1904 & 1953. They then sold the factory to International Harvesters who made tractors. They in turn packed in, in the 1980’s and Morrisons bought the site and build the 5 lanes End Morrisons complex there. Charlotte (1816 -1855), Emily (1818 – 1848), Anne (1820 – 49) & Bramwell (1817 -1848) Bronte - Were poets and Novelists, Born in Thornton, but moved to Haworth in 1820 when their Father Patrick became the Curate of Haworth. Peter Firth – Actor, currently plays Sir Harry Pearce in the T.V. Drama, Spooks

6 Gareth Gates – Singer, shot to fame on the T.V. Show, Pop Idol, when he came runner up in the first series. Kimberly Walsh – Singer & Actress, rose to fame with the group Girls Aloud. Timothy West – Actor, performed in numerous T.V. series, Plays & Films. Richard Whitley (1943 – 2005) – T.V. Presenter on Countdown & Calendar. Adrian Edmondson – Comedian, actor & musician, probably best known for his role as Vivian the Punk in the 1980’s T.V. series, The Young Ones.

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