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Chapter 21: Marked for Greatness

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1 Chapter 21: Marked for Greatness
By: Sarah Madrigal Bailey Atwell Dalton Jackson

2 Main Ideas “Everyone is damaged in some way or another, and no matter how careful you are or how fortunate we might be, we don’t get through life without being marked by the experience” All characters are famous for shape and behavior Physical qualities are character traits Deformities mean something Thematically Metaphorically Psychological Spiritually Differences are meant to stand out Heroes are always marked to stand out/set apart from others

3 Main Ideas cont… Injuries= destruction (physically or spiritually)
Scared= reflection of imperfections (flaws) Wound/scar= special event in life (like it was earned) Where is the scar? How did they get it? What does it resemble? Scars speak of personal history Landscapes can be marked as well Physical scars caused socially reflects the culture that caused damage/scar

4 How does this relate to the Kite Runner?

5 Related to Kite Runner Hassan’s cleft lip is his scar that he is born with ~ this was his “mark” Hassan’s cleft lip is always visible, on his face, until of course when he gets surgery for it on his birthday Amir refers to Hassan as “harelipped kite runner” many times, it’s how he’s remembered This was a distinct difference that made Hassan part of who he was, and how others saw him The blood on Hassan’s pants and in the snow when he is raped This is a symbol of his life experience, and something he will never forget for the rest of his life When Amir gets in a fight with Assef when trying to get back Sohrab, this is also a symbol of life experience ~ any scars he might have gotten during the fight is just his life experience When Amir cuts his hand at the end with the rope from the kite like Hassan used to Pg. 369 in Kite Runner talks of Sohrab’s scars from the spools which reminds Amir of Hassan’s calloused hands

6 What are some other examples of characters that are “Marked for Greatness?”

7 Other examples Harry Potter ~ his lightning bolt scar he received from Voldemort when he was a baby -his scar is his connection to voldemort -Harry’s symbol that he was “destined for greatness” -he was known everywhere and stared at for his scar Finding Nemo ~ nemo had a “lucky fin” & Gill had a scar on his side -Nemo struggled throughout his life because of his fin, which represented the night his mom died -Gill’s scar represents what he had been through in his life, things that changed him and how he had to learn to help himself The Lion King ~ Scar had a scar on his eye where him and Mufasa fought -His scar symbolizes how he is evil, how he has had a rough life and he didn’t get along with his brother, which caused him to hate him and to be the antagonist

8 Videos/examples of other related works

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