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What do you do when you find a dead chemist?. You BARIUM!

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1 What do you do when you find a dead chemist?


3 Journal Entry #2 What went well on the test? What did you struggle with? What will you change to prepare for the next test? Solve: How many moles are present in a solution of NH 3 with a concentration of 0.5 mol/L and 2.0 L of volume?

4 Precipitation Reactions Ionic compounds – Made of a metal (cation) ex. Na + Al 3+ – Made of a non-metal (anion) ex. F - S 2- – Examples: NaCl MgF 2 (remember the criss-cross rule) When placed in water, they dissolve or the ions break apart and become surrounded by a polar liquid NaCl(s)  Na + (aq) + Cl - (aq)

5 Opposite of dissolving in precipitation! Double displacement reactions in which two aqueous solutions are mixed and a precipitate forms NaCl (aq) + AgNO 3(aq)  Precipitation Reactions

6 Molecular Equations Pb(NO 3 ) 2(aq) + KI (aq)  Show intact, undissolved reactants and products How do we predict which product will be the precipitate?

7 Solubility Charts Find the substance’s negative ion (anion) Use the table to match with the substance’s positive ion (cation) Your results will be: – Soluble (no precipitate) – Slightly soluble or insoluble (precipitate)

8 Lead (II) nitrate/potassium iodide Pb(NO3) 2 – Cation  Pb 2+ – Anion  NO 3 - KI – Cation  K + – Anion  I - PbI 2 Insoluble & therefore won’t break apart KNO 3 Cation  K + Anion  NO 3 -

9 Pb 2+ (aq) + 2NO 3 - (aq) + 2K + (aq) + 2I - (aq)  PbI 2(s) + 2K + (aq) + 2NO 3 - (aq) NOW, cancel all spectator ions (any doubles) on either side of  Net ionic equation: Pb 2+ (aq) + 2I - (aq)  PbI 2(s) Ionic Equation

10 Example: Write a net ionic equation for the reaction between barium chloride and sodium sulfate

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