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A BodyMend Wellness Clinic Presentation Facilitator: Jason Hensen, Clinic Director, RMT June, 2014.

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1 A BodyMend Wellness Clinic Presentation Facilitator: Jason Hensen, Clinic Director, RMT June, 2014

2  Introductions & Session Goals  Brief review of how cold laser treatment can accelerate fat loss  Overview of tips to MAXIMIZE results  Review of BodyMend Wellness Clinic Resources

3  Cold Laser technology to accelerate fat loss  Check your commitment: Are you prepared to invest in what it takes to achieve BEST results?  Review of treatment protocols  Learn helpful tips to follow to get the most out of your treatments  Use resources offered through BodyMend Wellness Clinic

4  Cold laser treatment is a painless, non-surgical method that can be used to accelerate fat loss  Laser creates temporary pores in the fat cells (lasting 24- 72 hours) that allows excess, unwanted fat to leave the cells  Lymphatic stimulation and water consumption following treatments assist the body in “flushing out” the excess fat  A healthy liver metabolises the excess fat from the body  INCH loss versus WEIGHT loss is accelerated. REMEMBER: inches may not be where specifically desired. Weight loss may not occur at all

5 How Can I MAXIMIZE My Fat Loss Treatment Results?

6 1. Set realistic expectations 2. Follow recommended treatment protocols 3. Keep recommended appointments 4. Use additional resources 1.Liver/detoxification cleanse 2.Shapewear to assist with lymphatic circulation 3.Lymphatic massage 5. Maintain a positive attitude

7  Set personal goals that are reasonable  Improving your overall health is an EXCELLENT goal to set (i.e., a maintainable lifestyle change with diet and activity)  Inch loss from treatment is NOT always from areas where you want it to be from  Weight loss may not happen  Lasting results require ongoing commitment

8 1. Drink your recommended daily amount of water (Body weight in pounds/2 = required ounces) 2. Avoid caffeine (and caffeine products) 3. Avoid alcohol 4. Eat a sensible, healthy diet 5. Perform 20 minutes of exercise post- treatment that promotes lymphatic drainage

9 Drink Your Recommended Daily Water

10  Flushes out toxins and waste products from normal cellular function  Helps you to feel full, without unwanted calories. Try drinking a glass of water prior to meal times.  Prefer water during meals.  Prevent headaches, improve focus and concentration. This can help you stay on track with being active and sticking to your healthy lifestyle commitments.  Gives you a healthier looking appearance, especially your skin

11 1. Make it fun! There are simple, yet tasty recipes to naturally flavour your water. 2. Try fruit-diffuser water bottles. 3. Drink cold iced-teas that are herbal, non- caffeinated. Brew a 1 litre pot, and add a tablespoon of honey to sweeten.

12  Caffeine is a diuretic – it causes the body to lose extra water  Caffeine is found in coffee, black teas, green tea, chocolate, energy drinks.  Consuming caffeine lessens the effectiveness of drinking your water for treatments  Be sure to read food labels carefully!

13  Alcohol acts as a diuretic  Alcohol keeps your liver busy detoxifying, instead of metabolizing the excess fat released by the opened fat pores

14  Healthy food choices and eating habits can only add to your success  Seek nutrition counselling if uncertain about healthy food choices (  Be mindful of small details such as frequency and timing of meals, portion sizes – these all impact your metabolism

15 Post-Treatment Lymphatic Exercise

16  Hypervibe technology – “Get Fit Fast” 10 minute exercise program  Ask for helpful training tips from your Laser Specialist and/or one of our Active Care Specialists

17  The hormone Cortisol is released during stressful events (i.e., physical, emotional)  High levels of cortisol negatively affect your: ◦ Immune system: more prone to illness ◦ Mental health: more prone to depression ◦ Energy levels: less energy to exercise and be active All of these can lead to unhealthy, fat-promoting lifestyle choices (i.e., sedentary activities, comfort-eating, etc.)

18 Make a conscience decision and commitment to improve your health and develop a healthier lifestyle “FIND WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY, AND GO THERE”


20  Pamphlet “Maximizing your Zerona Fat Loss Results”  BodyMend Article “ Drink Water for Better Health”  BodyMend Article “Abdominal Obesity and the Mind: What is the Connection?”  Get Fit Fast: Hypervibe 10 minute exercise program  Health Products: CleanseMax, Solieda Shapewear  Health Services: Lymphatic Massage, Personal Training with Active Care Specialist  FREE consultation with one of our Zerona Laser Specialists

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