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Tea: A Ceremony of Life Tea Association of Canada.

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1 Tea: A Ceremony of Life Tea Association of Canada

2 Tea Association of Canada Mission: To provide proactive leadership on behalf of all members in the areas of advocacy, generic promotion, and education to ensure the long term viability of the industry Members Producing Countries (India, Kenya, Sri Lanka) Importers Manufacturers Suppliers Retailers

3 History 2,737 BC Chinese Emperor Shen Nung 805 Buddhist monk brings tea to Japan 1422 Japanese tea ceremony

4 17th Century First advertisement for Tea appeared in 1658 "That excellent and by all Physitians approved China Drink called by the Chineans Tcha, by other nations Tay, alias Tea, is sold at the Sultaness Head, a cophee-house in Sweeti Rents."

5 17th Century The English East India Company’s first shipment of tea in 1669

6 17th Century Catherine of Braganza and King Charles ll

7 18th Century Tea became popular among lower class Cheaper tea was smuggled Some employers provided tea and a room for their workers Tea replaced alcohol at breakfast and continued as an after-dinner drink Tea became the symbol of the temperance movement

8 19th Century Anna, duchess of Bedford

9 The Victorian Tea Ceremony Porcelain and Linen companies started to manufacture tea sets, table cloths, napkins

10 19th Century High Tea was created to provide working classes with a robust meal Tea parties were created for allsorts of different occasions Tea gowns became popular comfortable and elegant

11 19th Century First Tea Room in 1864

12 Two Leaves and a Bud

13 Different Teas, Different Tastes Tea comes from Camellia sinensis plant Green tea ( un-oxidized ) steamed and dried (firing process) immediately after picking Black tea (Oxidized) allowed to wither and brown before firing Oolong tea (Semi-Oxidized) White tea Tea bud with almost no transformation Like fine wine, each tea carries its own distinctive flavours and aromas

14 Tea and Health  More than a refreshing, relaxing drink: Naturally-rich in antioxidants Calorie-free Low in caffeine No additives or preservatives

15 Teas Contain Polyphenols Green tea polyphenols: catechins Black tea polyphenols: theaflavins thearubigens


17 Tea and Caffeine TeaColaDark Chocolate Coffee 170 ml 34 mg 355 ml 37 mg 56 g 170 ml 99 mg 37 mg


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