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“Tea and Englishmen" Made by: Makarskov Ivan Form 11 A Tutor: Lobanova I.E.

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1 “Tea and Englishmen" Made by: Makarskov Ivan Form 11 A Tutor: Lobanova I.E.

2 Introduction English tea drinking traditions go inside the Queen Victoria times. At the beginning of the 19th century breakfast consisted of heavy meat food followed by ale. Water and milk was not popular among the population of the British Isles.

3 From the history By the time the tea import was increasing, the prizes reduced and tea became common in the morning food allowance. Now tea is served with toasts, porridge, scrambled eggs and bacon. You may drink tea at any time of the day because of its indispensible characteristics. Tea gives low load on heart and nervous system in contrast to coffee.

4 Invitation to Tea Party Tea Party is a whole ceremony. It begins with invitation. The guests are invited by phone or personal meeting if the party is unofficial. The invitations are send by mail on postcards or blanks if the party is official. In the invitation the time of the beginning and ending is pointed. So the guests come at any time. The invitations are send by a hostess only. They say tea parties are made by women only at European homes.

5 Traditional English snacks Englishmen respect the tastes of their guests. That’s why you will be offered different sorts of tea and snacks. You are to decide what to choose. While the tea is being prepared snacks are being served: milk, sugar, lemon, sandwiches. For dessert you may be offered different bisquits and scones, not too sweet.

6 Serving the table The table is served in such away so the guests shouldn’t feel any discomfort. The table is standing in a living-room, near the fire-place. It is covered with a white table-cloth (sometimes blue or beige). There are cups and saucers, a little teapot with tea or several teaports, a big kettle with boiling water, a tea-strainer, a milk jug, a sugar pot and a plate for lemon. The tea-set is white too. There are also tea spoons and forks and knives for each person.

7 Tea with milk It was mentioned about the useful characteristics of drinking tea with milk in 1660 for the first time. The old tradition says that you should put milk at first and add tea then so as not to damage the porcelain cups. Milk is added to the strong morning sorts of tea. Britishmen don't put milk in green tea and Chinese tea. They drink these sorts of tea with lemon. And they call it ''Russian tea''.

8 Classical English tea-set Classical English tea-set consists of 30 items: 12 cups with sausers, a milk jug, a sugar pot, a jam pot, a tea-tray, a tea-pot, a stand, a tin for tea keeping, a kettle for boiling water, a plate for sandwiches and a plate for lemon. English tea table wear has lengthened form in contrast to Russia and East countries. It is interesting to know that Englishmen were the first who made cups with a handle and a sauser so as not to hurt themselves with hot tea.

9 Tea-break Tea-break is a part of etiquette. Tea-break takes place at the official meetings, business meetings and negotiations. The Queen Victoria brought this rule into fashion. Different sorts of tea are being served. Tea is accompanied by different snacks, milk, lemon and sugar. The table is served in the presense of business partners. If there are several tea-breaks the snacks should be changed. It is an indispensible condition.

10 When is it time for tea? According to British tea etiquette tea is suitable at: -breakfast -lunch -after dinner ( 5 o' clock tea) -tea parties -during tea-breaks -small shops -trains -dancing parties -reception rooms -business and official negotiations -reception guests from tea drinking countries

11 British tea recepies English tea with flavourings. The hot tea is drawing with four pieces of cinnamon, a tea spoon of cloves and three tea spoons of a dried lemon. Serve with sugar. Scotish tea. A tea spoon of tea is poured over a hot milk. You may add honey mixed with one egg yolk.

12 Popular English tea Ahmad Tea “English Breakfast” is the most popular brend in Britain. “English Breakfast” is strong black tea with malt taste which is being served in the morning. This tea is mixed from Assam, Ceylon and African teas. There are other tea companies which make their own brend of “English Breakfast”. The tea of these companies has different taste and quality. “English Breakfast” from Ahmad Tea is classical English tea.

13 Idiomatic expressions I found out some idiomatic expressions with the word “tea”. To be ones cup of tea – to be something that one prefers or desires. -This spy novel is just my cup of tea. And vice versa: Its not my cup of tea. -Hip Hop is definitely not my cup of tea. Not for all the tea in China – you will never do that. -I wouldn’t wear these ugly jeans for all the tea in China. To be as good as a chocolate tea pot – to be completely useless -The new diet you've advised me is good as a chocolate tea pot.

14 Conclusion Working at my research I managed to study and learn English tea traditions based on linguistic, scientific and publicistic literature. I found out that Britishmen follow some rules of tea etiquette. These rules are not difficult, cold and stand - offishly. English tea etiquetle gives many possibilities to people not limiting their freedom and individuality. This is called Europian respect. Modern England is not the same as Victorian England but tea drinking remains the symbol of comfort, warmness and stability.

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