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Reducing development costs Code generation in IronSpeed Designer William Eastbury Simple Health & Beauty Limited.

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1 Reducing development costs Code generation in IronSpeed Designer William Eastbury Simple Health & Beauty Limited

2 Presentation Agenda 1. What’s this all about? 2. What is code generation? 3. What is IronSpeed Designer ? 4. Demo 1 : Sage Data Enquiry Screen 5. Demo 2 : Rudimentary Reports 6. Extending your application 7. What else can I use ? 8. Any Questions ?

3 What’s this all about ? Reducing the complexity of application and report delivery. Less cost spent on external contractors / third parties. You spend less time building and supporting these applications. Reducing the lead time of applications being delivered. Users get their applications quicker. Users get their applications with fewer bugs. Using a standard framework for applications. One common code base. Auto-Generated Documentation.

4 What is code generation? Code generation is basically using an established set of patterns and templates to deliver applications quickly. It delivers a common look and feel across applications. It is an advanced form of templating, nothing more. That said, it’s benefits are enormous in speeding up development.

5 What is IronSpeed Designer? IronSpeed Designer is a database-driven code and documentation generation and development environment. In based n-tier web application, the layers typically look something like the notes on the right. IronSpeed will generate ALL of the GREY layers for you automatically. Web UI Business Logic Data Access Logic Database

6 Demo 1: Sage Data Enquiry Screen So we know that we already have a Sage demo database. I’ve already downloaded, Installed and registered IronSpeed Designer : free edition from :- I’ve also installed framework 2.0 and installed the Microsoft Web Platform Installer from:- Let’s create a quick Sage Customer Enquiry screen …. From scheme.slclustm

7 Demo 2 : Rudimentary Reports Although IronSpeed can be integrated with any report package you choose to mention, it provides some quite nice features to generate quick on-the-fly reports. Let’s build a stock report off scheme.stockm

8 Extending your application IronSpeed generates a web application that can be extended safely using ‘safe’ code areas that will not be overwritten. These safe areas are generated using the concept of inheritance. Let’s extend our code slightly, for this I shall use the free product visual studio web developer express. This is a cut-down free version of visual studio for the web This can be installed with the MS Web Platform Installer

9 What else can I use? CSLA.NET Component-based, Scalable Logical Architecture NHibernate Object-Relational Mapping Hibernate Object-Relational Mapping For Java MyGeneration Template based code generator Roll your own Build your own Code Generator from templates But… IronSpeed is quickest and simplest to use.

10 How much does this cost? Apart from SQL Server and Windows, all of the software that I have used today is free, on a perpetual licence. Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express : Free Download IronSpeed Designer Free Edition : Free Download There are additional versions of IronSpeed that can be purchased for a cost, that enable more functionality. Additional page types (Workflow page, web report) PDF, Word and Excel exports Additional Themes Active Directory Integrated Security

11 Further Information FREE ‘Getting Started’ webinar Every Friday @ 4pm UK

12 Any Questions Thank you for your time, Ironspeed have kindly offered to answer any questions that I cannot answer (via my account manager). So please feel free to ask any further questions either now, or pick them up with me after the session. Any Questions ?

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