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Alan Garratt Invention - Innovation – Income WIPO Forum on Intellectual Property Cardiff 10 th and 11 th September 2008.

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1 Alan Garratt Invention - Innovation – Income WIPO Forum on Intellectual Property Cardiff 10 th and 11 th September 2008

2 nnovators ounselling dvisory ervice cotland Invention Innovation

3 Established 1999 Funded by The Scottish Government Impartial Non-commercial Confidential FREE Not a funding programme Does NOT do work of Patent Attorneys or other Professionals

4 What is ICASS? “Service that facilitates, the protection, development and commercialisation of innovative ideas originating in Scotland” Early stage Interven tion One to one

5 What does ICASS do? Counselling Talking through ideas Asking basic questions Putting ideas in context Commercialisation issues Advice Intellectual Property Product development Establishing IPR How to Protect IP Investigating originality Confidentiality Licensing Signposting

6 How is ICASS delivered? Nationally throughout Scotland 7 Specialist Advisors Over 34 locations

7 Enquiry Profile 1999 Lone Inventors Businesses Inventions 2008 Lone Inventors Businesses Inventions Business ideas Innovation Invention Innovation individuals business 80% 20% 40% 60%

8 Do all businesses Innovate? Do all businesses realise they Innovate?

9 System Product Research & Development New Technologies Product Design Manufacturing Processes Functionality Business Procedures Operational Methodologies Marketing Strategies HR Relationships Customer Relations Innovation in Business Most IP Least IP

10 Product System

11 Commercialisation Product System Product & System Support Support for Commercialisation

12 First stage technical support Yes ICASS Not ICASS Telephone Counsellor or Office Web access to central admin e-mail to Local Counsellor Direct Personal Contact Typical ICASS Client Journey Typical Enquiry Sources IndividualsBusinessesBusiness GatewayWebsite Enterprise NetworkLocal AuthoritiesAcademic InstitutesPatent Attorneys Enquiry Evaluation Refer back or Signpost on to most appropriate support ICASS Counsellor External First stage technical support Second Stage Support Needs Market Identification & Research Business Planning – Finance Advice Grant / Support Funding Product Design - Prototyping Mentoring Support External Provision of Second Stage Support

13 Innovation???? What? Doing something in a different, novel and better way, not obvious to others. Why? To get an advantage over competitors React to change Avoid being left behind or overtaken Survive How? Think out of the box Challenge the established When? Continuously BUT Keep an eye on the costs and benefits

14 costs income

15 costs income

16 Invention Source % FAIL to get to “First Sale” Odds of reaching “First Sale” (Odds of Profit is far less) University Inventors93%1 in 14 Independent Inventors93%1 in 14 Internal Company Ideas98.6%1 in 71 Promoters99.9%1 in 3,400 Less than 2% of Patents Make Money Sources: AUTM FY 2005 U.S. Licensing Survey Academy of Management Journal 2005, Vol 48, No 5, p 814 - 829 The Economic Journal, 113 (January 2003) pages 226-239

17 ICASS Enquiry Analysis Support for commercialisation Product & System Support 73% - product related 25% products in development 26% products developed for market

18 John Logie Baird awards for innovation Categories Impact Through Innovation Achievement in Innovation Public and Third Sector Entrepreneurial Spirit Young Inventor Package of Support Support workshops –All applicants –Regional winners Finalists –Showcase event –Advanced support workshops Category winners –Award money –Commercialisation workshops –Pitch to Business Angels Not just a gong – package of business support

19 Visual display to show energy usage Electricity, Water, Gas April 2006 approached ICASS April 2008 first production units available Awards include 2008 Female Inventor of the Year Prevention of midges entering buildings 2007 - Approached ICASS Advisor Prototype developed and trialed 2008 – product fully developed UK and USA Military interested Installed at various sites Innovation Award

20 IP tool of Innovation Flexible Innovative Meaningful Relevant Invention is part of Innovation NOT the SAME Business innovates to survive Work in harmony with support for commercialisation IP bodies do the same

21 ith nnovation rofitable utcome ithout nnovation otential bsolescence CASS

22 Thank you ICASS and Innovation Partners in Prosperity

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