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The Greatest Facts in Polish History 1st Independent Paratroop Brigade.

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1 The Greatest Facts in Polish History 1st Independent Paratroop Brigade

2 Who did it? The man who created this formation was general of Polish Army, Stanislaw Franciszek Sosabowski. He was born in 1892. He joined The Army in 1918. In 1923 he graduated The Higher War School, which was the greatest polish military academy. Since 1930 to 1936 he was teaching in it.

3 What made him to create this formation? General Sosabowski defended the capitol of Poland- Warsaw in the year 1939. After the capitulation, he started to create underground army, to fight with the Germans. After creating the basic structures of the organization, he made his way to Paris, to serve in rising in France Polish Army. He was put in lead of 4th Infantry Division.

4 The 1st Independent Paratroop Brigade After fighting in France, he got to Great Britain, in 1941. He created in Scotland the first Polish paratroop formation. The paratroopers were suppose to jump to Poland and fight there with the Germans. They never did.

5 Operation Market-Garden This operatin was the biggest paratroop operation in the history of world. It started in September of 1944. I dont know the exact number of men, but I know that the allies had to use 1293 carrier-planes, and 2277 carrier-gliders to transport them all. The sky was full of all kinds of aeroplanes.

6 Polish soldiers at the Market They have jumped into the action! From British airfields started 114 carriers. To Arnhem got only 72 of them. We have lost 7400 men (killed, wounded and missing), from 10300 that fought. They have landed in Driel, ocuppied by the Germans. After 5 days of heave sloughter, allies decided to retreat.

7 After the battle This was a terrible defeat. British Divisions have lost 80% of theyre squad. Polish lost only 23%. Today we know, that the operation was planned very badly. This mistake took away lives of thousends of well trainegd soldiers. For nothing!

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