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Matthew Moiczek.  Ban- officially forbid  Examples:

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1 Matthew Moiczek

2  Ban- officially forbid  Examples:

3  Closed-Minded  Protective  Modern Era= isn’t harmful or fatal to life

4  Wrestling for money  Scripted  Started out in carnivals (FF)  Considered an entertainment industry rather than a sports industry

5  Millions of fans  WWE- over 30 years  Hulkamania, etc.

6  Easy to get caught up in  WWE “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

7  Injury inducing and life threatening  “We should totally ban WWE for making our kids violent enough to try this”  ( )


9  The next slide shows some graphic violence from Pro Wrestling that I feel I should put a little warning slide about before showing it.  Just a bit of blood but I guess some people would be upset about it.


11  ‘Roid Rage= severe anger due to the drugs affecting the hormones of the body  Huge appearance  Speeds the heart up  “While the outcomes of the matches are pre- determined, the effort to put on those matches takes a huge toll on their bodies” (Cohen, Wrestling)


13  Severe heart problems  Wrestlers tend to become addicted to pain pills  Over 100 wrestlers have passed away before the age of 55

14  Born October 9, 1967  Passed away November 13, 2005  Had severe problems with drugs

15  Born May 21, 1967  Passed Away June 24, 2007  Killed his wife and son before committing suicide; had an enormous amount of drugs in his system


17  Concussions  Scars  Paralysis  Heart Problems

18  Pro Wrestlers  Hundreds of wrestling-related deaths  Parents  Protect their children  Eradicate this dangerous sport

19  Quite obviously, pro wrestling is displayed as an entertainment that we should all live without. But in reality the stance of banning wrestling is just as senseless as fighting a war for peace. Think about it, once we get rid of wrestling for being dangerous, then we might as well get rid of football, soccer, hockey, surfing, firearm events, rugby, fighting, and every other sport that has death or even injury associated with them. And along with that, we might as well take away the first amendment.

20 .. Have A Nice Day

21  1) Abenate, Michael. Speaking to the Notion of Banning Pro Wrestling in Any Way. Bleacher Report. 4 June Web. 1 September  2) Cohen, Eric. Chris Benoit. Web. 1 September  3) Cohen, Eric. Wrestling’s Dirty Little Secrets. Web. 1 September  4) Cohen, Eric. The Pro Wrestling Injury Report. 5 September Web. 7 September  5) Extreme Backyard Wrestling: Dangerous Trend Sweeping Suburbia. CBS News. 11 February Web. 1 September  6) Mueller, Chris. WWE Bans Blood, Chair Shots to Head, Sexiness, and Wrestling. Bleacher Report. 17 March Web 1 September 2011.

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