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Blood Pressure Monitoring. How do we measure it?

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1 Blood Pressure Monitoring

2 How do we measure it?

3 Estimate Auscultate Oscillation Invasive Vascular Unloading and Others

4 Estimate (Guess) Radial pulse: SBP >80 Femoral pulse: SBP > 70 Carotid pulse: SBP > 60mmhg

5 Estimate (Guess) Accuracy of the advanced trauma life support guidelines for predicting systolic blood pressure using carotid, femoral, and radial pulses: observational study. Charles D Deakin, J Lorraine Low

6 Auscultate


8 Oscillation


10 Useful for trends Can be in error in some situations: Hyper/hypotension Elderly with calcified arteries Atrial Fibrillation

11 Invasive: Intra-Arterial When to go deep: Hypotension/Shock Hypertensive Emergency Frequent ABG checks (paralysis) Hypothermia protocol Expectant (“you have to swell to heal”)

12 Intra-Arterial Catheter Where to stick it?

13 Hand Circulation

14 The Allen’s Test Edgar V. Allen

15 The Barbeau Test

16 How to Place an Arterial Line

17 How is Pressure Measured?

18 The Pressure Wave

19 Underdamped Waveform

20 Overdamped Waveform

21 The Fast Flush Test Record arterial waveform during several brief flushes Oscillations after the flush are a reflection of the resonance of the recording system and of the arterial pressure waveform…the actual physics is beyond me at this point. But normal, underdampened and overdampened waveforms all will give a stereotypical oscillation pattern:

22 The Fast Flush Test

23 Coming Full Circle New devices for measuring arterial pressure are in the works as we try to “devolve” back into non-invasive devices but still maintain the accuracy of an invasive catheter.

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